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My Dream Came True, I Am Working With My Childhood Idol

My Dream Came True, I Am Working With My Childhood Idol

Sway House co-founder talks about media breakthroughs.

Today I am excited to announce the launch of my production company, CrossCheck Studios, in partnership with Unrealistic Ideas, a non-scripted production company co-founded by Mark Wahlberg, Archie Gips, and Steve Levinson. I’ve always been drawn to Mark’s career and am thoroughly intrigued and impressed by how it has spanned decades, industries, and genres while he has also managed to build successful brands along the way. He lets no boundary stop him and sets the sky as the limit, a true trailblazer. I am proud to now be working with Mark, Archie, and Steve on this passion project and am eager to learn from all of them as I continue to build the company and trailblaze together. I believe together, Mark and I can combine our demographics and expertise to create something really unique. Unrealistic Ideas has an amazing team and I am grateful to be partners with them.

In a time where the world is hungry for content, CrossCheck will aim to tell authentic, diverse, and engaging stories. We want to be the go-to production company for all things GenZ, with a focus on today’s content creators. Together, we will be focusing on producing quality, unscripted content. We already have a production slate in the works and have some exciting IP coming down the pike. My goal is to tell stories that I’m passionate about and that I feel the world needs to hear. Stories ranging from sports to mental health, to life as an influencer and beyond. I have really grown from being able to tell my own story through my large social media following and feel ready to take the next step with this larger platform. Our first release might be as soon as within the next 3 months.

Through this venture, this will be the first company I create as CEO, at 19 years old. I’m very much looking forward to taking this next step as an entrepreneur, having already been a co-founder of several companies, holding stakes in several more, serving as an advisor, and acting as Triller’s Chief Strategy Officer.

I’ve always known I would do something different with my life than the normal 9 to 5. As I’ve grown and my career has evolved, I’ve realized that whatever I’m doing I always seek to lead by example and act as a trailblazer for the next generation. This is where my passion for content creation began and why I seek to share this passion with other craters and open up opportunities for them.

I’ve set my bar high and won’t rest until I’ve won 2 Emmys and my first Oscar.

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