Final Auction For The Queen Elizabeth II Ethereum NFT Tribute Project Is Live

Zinger Key Points
  • QueenE announces that the 73rd Ethereum NFT will be the last to be auctioned.
  • The project hinted at a forthcoming "Gen2" collection, without revealing details.

After the long-reigning Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away, an Ethereum ETH/USD NFT project that produced hundreds of pieces of memorial art in the previous two months is now hosting its final auction for the collection.

Early in July, QueenE started hosting auctions for a single Ethereum NFT image made in Queen Elizabeth's honor.

Fabio Sevá, the author of Web3, and the unidentified mladen.eth apparently worked together to establish the project, which had the goal of regularly releasing new procedurally produced works for the length of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

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Project Format Inspired by NFT Project Nouns

The concept took inspiration from NounsDAO, a cutting-edge NFT project that allows buyers into an exclusive club by auctioning a single Ethereum-based profile photo each day. QueenE looked at this idea and added a royal touch by making low-resolution photographs of Queen Elizabeth II available.

The QueenE auctions used to take place every several hours, but now they only occur once a day.

The 73rd NFT Is the Final One

After learning of Queen Elizabeth's death yesterday night at the age of 96, the project stated that the current auction — for the 73rd Ethereum NFT in the collection — would be the final one held as a part of the original collection.

"Once portraits of the Queen, every day... ending today. Rest in Ethereum, forever," the project's profile on Twitter declared.

The last QueenE Gen1 NFT is presently being bid on for 0.5 ETH, or around $825, and the auction is set to end tomorrow morning (Saturday) around 4 a.m. ET.

The most expensive ETH sale price of any item was paid for the collection's QueenE #23, which sold for 1.9 ETH on July 27. At the time, it was worth $3,275.

The QueenE NFTs have seen a rise in secondary sales since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. At the moment, the floor price at OpenSea is 0.88 ETH, or around $1,450.

Photo: QueenE NFT via QueenE


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