Lisk Announces Launching Blockchain Grant Program

Blockchain technology is seemingly changing the worlds of finance, data, security, and more, but the path to its development reportedly remains largely inaccessible to developers.

Lisk says it is aiming to change that. By leveraging its software development kit (SDK) and its own blockchain, Lisk looks to empower JavaScript developers of any skill and familiarity with blockchain to start building serious blockchain applications. 

Lisk states that developers can leverage traditional programming languages like JavaScript and TypeScript to produce blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk network.  These applications are built on Lisk’s own blockchain network and cryptocurrency (LSK). In the future, these features will allow developers to expand their application’s use cases by introducing sidechains to the mainnet.

Lisk gives developers the tool to translate their blockchain ideas into their digital counterparts. Now, Lisk has furthered its commitment to blockchain accessibility through the generous Lisk Grant Program, with Lisk making up to $1.3 million in grants available to separate development teams from the shared prize pool.

The Lisk Grant Program

The Lisk Grant Program is offering milestone-based funding to support applications built with the Lisk software development kit and aimed at expanding the Lisk Ecosystem. The prize allocation pool for the Lisk Grant Program stands at $1.3 million and is distributed amongst projects with big ideas and a solid plan. 

There are four requirements to submit a successful application to the Lisk Grant Program: 

  • A founding team with at least two members, one of whom possesses experience as a JavaScript developer 
  • An intention to create serious real-world blockchain applications and raise further funds under a legal entity in the future
  • A description of all team members, a business plan and a pitch deck 
  • A blockchain application built with the latest Lisk SDK and open-source code 

To get to the prize allocation pool, applicants must go through four important milestones. These include setting up the project on Lisk, creating a minimum viable product, developing that product and, finally, launching the mainnet. For more details on this, visit the Lisk Grant Program. With each milestone, teams will also be required to publish a blog post relating to progress made. 

Lisk Grant Program Success Stories

Lisk’s network is rapidly expanding, thanks in large part to the Lisk Grant Program. Of the many applications, some have truly stood out and are beginning to produce tangible results.

  • Enevti - A decentralized social media NFT platform
  • idntty, An identity and public key infrastructure built with Lisk SDK.
  • Bazar, a Decentralized marketplace for sustainably sourced products.

For more inspiration on the kinds of projects causing a buzz at Lisk, check out the Lisk Ecosystem

How To Participate In The Lisk Grant Program

Great ideas for development are always welcomed at Lisk. The current wave of the Lisk Grant Program started on May 23 and will run until Aug. 21. Whether you are a JavaScript developer, blockchain investor or blockchain entrepreneur, the Lisk Ecosystem has everything you need to start building a serious blockchain application. 

Visit the Lisk Grant Program here and fill in the application form to see the Lisk magic for yourself!

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