Women Are Showing Great Potential In Driving The Development Of Web 3

Women Are Showing Great Potential In Driving The Development Of Web 3

Victoria, Seychelles — Global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has released the Web 3 Career Market report exploring professional engagement in the decentralized internet sector. The report compassed 3,608 internet users aware of Web 3 across Twitter and LinkedIn.

The report compiled by KuCoin on professional involvement in Web 3 applied a grouping methodology based on professional engagement. The findings revealed that 16% of those surveyed are categorized as Web 3 professionals who have worked in Web 3-related sectors, including cryptocurrency, metaverse, NFT, DAO, DeFi, and DApp development. 59% of Web 3 professionals surveyed were revealed to be under the age of 30. Only 24% of them have worked full-time in the industry, while the majority worked part-time or as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Another 54% of the respondents are Web 3 enthusiasts who have never worked in Web3-related industries but are very or somewhat interested in it. Web 3 enthusiasts and Web3 professionals are equally interested in investments in Web 3, as the report revealed.

The majority believes that Web 3 leads to a decentralized new world and defines the future of the internet, going beyond crypto adoption. More than 60% of Web3 professionals stated that they have worked in NFT, cryptocurrency and metaverse sectors, with the latter being more popular than the NFT direction as a potential career choice among Web 3 enthusiasts, suggesting growth potentials of the metaverse-related sector as a career choice. 

On the department side, over 50% of Web 3 enthusiasts stated they are interested in pursuing careers related to Research & Strategy and Growth Marketing in Web 3. Product Management & Operations and Data Analysis also show strong potential for growth. 

53% of the surveyed Web 3 professionals stated they are content with their Web 3 careers. In comparison, 64% of those who have never worked in Web 3-related industries are interested in exploring Web 3-related careers, motivated by work location flexibility, space for personal growth and innovation, and the promising industry outlook. 

The report highlights those female Web3 professionals are generally more active career-wise than their male counterparts, unlike surveyed female Web3 enthusiasts, who are less prone to making Web3 investments than their male counterparts. 49% of female Web3 professionals have worked part-time or as freelancers in Web3-related industries and 33% have worked full-time. Although 27% of female Web3 professionals have been involved in starting Web3-related projects or businesses, the share is still lower than their male Web3 professionals, of whom 41% are self-reported Web3 entrepreneurs. 33% of female Web3 professionals have worked as engineers or developers in the industry, the same as their male counterparts. Only 22% of women Web 3 enthusiasts have expressed interest in the same function.

According to the report, male dominated Web3 workplaces erect challenges for women, 33% of whom mentioned the “bro” culture of Web3 as an impediment. The lack of proper educational resources was also a key barrier for women to engage in Web3. Regardless of challenges, 60% of female professionals recognize their unique value in facilitating better culture in Web3 workplaces and communities.


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