New Tag Heuer Feature Allows Smartwatch Users To Display NFTs

Zinger Key Points
  • Tag Heuer announces the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, which allows the display of NFTs.
  • Venturing into Web3, Tag Heuer is looking to integrate virtual assets and their ownership into its consumer experience.

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer announced Wednesday it will integrate a NFT feature to display in their newest line of smartwatches, TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4.

What Happened: Despite the recent crash experienced by cryptocurrencies and NFTs, on June 15, Tag Heuer announced the release of TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4, a smartwatch line that allows consumers to display their NFTs.

The smartwatch facilitates verification of ownership for NFT holders. This feature was announced as the company's latest endeavour to enter the Web3 space.

The smartwatch allows smartphones to be connected to the watch’s lens, allowing the display of numerous NFTs.

Furthermore, the watch also offers connections to crypto wallets such as Ledger and Metamask, allowing stored NFTs to be displayed on the watch lens.

Why It's Important: As Web3 intertwines itself with multiple industries globally, it is crucial for luxury goods and service providers to venture into this space. Digital ownership and assets are at the forefront of today’s social interactions and material ownership.

Tag Heuer entering this space allows it to provide onsumers with a step into integrating their Web3 identities into their physical lives.

Showing digital assets via physical goods marks the convergence of real-life luxury sectors with the ownership of virtual assets and other elements of the Web3 landscape.

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