HoneyWood: A Play-and-Earn Game On The Blockchain

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HoneyWood is a game that promises captivating gameplay. It is a play-and-earn game that is open to all ages and backgrounds. Players build a farm, breed bees for honey, and battle against other players. Additionally, players can actively earn cryptocurrency on it. HoneyWood is built on a separate blockchain with low fees and high capacity for the best gaming experience. It offers PvP and PvE modes, farming mechanics, staking, and highly original NFTs.

The game development began in August 2021, becoming one of the first play-and-earn project. The Cosmos and Tendermint technologies, which the Interchain Foundation backs, are used to create the game. Moneta Today- a cross-chain ecosystem made the development possible by investing in it. 

The various ecosystems backing the game give it access to several applications. The project is currently in phase one of its roadmap and is beta-testing the game. While the game's release is planned for the 13th of May, 2022, the initial game offering (IGO) is set to take place in June 2022. After the release, HoneyWood will feature a laboratory and a market with NFT characters endowed with unique gaming properties.

The first version of the HoneyWood game will feature PvP and PvE modes using the Match3 mechanics. The PvE mode will allow players to battle the computer (bots) to improve their gaming skills and master the mechanics. This mode requires no commission fees and offers no rewards either. It is created for those who are less familiar with the mechanics.

The PvP mode allows bears to fight against each other. Bears can earn HoneyCoins for defeating other bears in the PvP arena. The 7x7 playing field has various tokens that bears can arrange to build their score.

Each game consists of four rounds, and each bear has two moves with an opportunity to make extra moves. Both bears must deposit HoneyCoins to engage in a PvP battle. The higher the player's rank, the higher the amount required to play in PvP mode.

The bees will have multiple functions and utilities in HoneyWood. However, they will act as the base forms for future bees. The game will feature a game store and marketplace. The game store will support buying game items in exchange for HoneyCoins, while the marketplace will enable trading between bears. Items that can be traded include apiaries, trees, decorations, bees, and field tiles. Some exclusive items would require CONE in exchange.

HoneyWood, the Two Currency Ecosystem

HoneyWood is powered by two native coins- HoneyCoin and CONE. Both coins will be listed on exchange platforms in Q3 and Q4 2022, respectively. They are not smart contract tokens, and each has its advantage and is suited for different gaming strategies.

All players require HoneyCoin to operate in HoneyWood. It can be used to trade items, expand farm assets, and battle with other bears in the match3 arena. Although the game is free, HoneyCoin is needed to play the PvP mode. 10% of the revenue generated from HoneyCoin sales will be returned to Moneta Today ecosystem.

About 287,966,667 HoneyCoins would be released initially at the cost of $0.02. However, new coins will be generated when bears farm during gameplay. The game economy will maintain a stable supply of HoneyСoin by implementing stabilized internal mechanics and preset system parameters.

CONE is a utility coin for staking and governance. It can be minted when bears plant new trees. CONE can be staked to earn passive income or used to participate in creating game policies. Over 19,000,000 CONEs will be made available when it is listed. The number of coins will grow slowly. Players will receive 1 CONE for any 10 HoneyCoins spent on planting trees.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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