Paving The Way To Crypto 4.0: An Interview With Dacxi's Global Head Of Product

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Cryptocurrency’s introduction in 2008 was a truly seismic event in finance. Challenging the very foundations that underpin the world of banks and Wall Street, Bitcoin marked a new era in wealth generation, maintenance, and distribution.

Crypto’s most notorious edge over FIAT is its democratic nature. Its decentralization is at the very heart of its innovation, and it means anyone, anywhere in the world can participate. With crypto, the opportunity is truly universal. So far, crypto has evolved in waves called Crypto 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, each of which has broadened the industry and led to mainstream adoption of crypto as a decentralized financial revolution. But what’s next?

Right now, the industry is on the brink of Crypto 4.0. This brand new era in crypto promises to sweep out the old-world order and unleash blockchain technology’s limitless global potential. 

Singapore-headquartered global WealthTech company, Dacxi, aims to be at the frontline of Crypto 4.0. Since launching in 2017, Dacxi has firmly established itself as a global crypto wealth platform, and with the upcoming development of the Dacxi Chain, it plans to launch the world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding system, designed to redefine the process of innovation funding and wealth distribution.

The Dacxi Chain is powered by Dacxi Coin – Dacxi’s native cryptocurrency, which will pay for fees on the Dacxi Chain and allow for global investments to be made simply and seamlessly. The Dacxi Chain is a natural next step in Dacxi’s plan to bring the potential of tokenization technology straight to the public. Together, the Dacxi Chain and Dacxi Coin are paving the way into the new Crypto 4.0 era. Naturally, I wanted to learn more. So I reached out to Dacxi’s Global Head of Product, Fernando Pacheco, to discuss the company’s mission to change the future of wealth management. 

1. The democracy of the modern financial system has long been in question. How does the Dacxi platform respond to that?

Investing can be complex, difficult, and overwhelming – and this is particularly true of crypto and the growing digital assets economy. The complexities can prove a major barrier for everyday would-be investors, restricting investment opportunities to those with high-level technical skills. Dacxi is simplifying the investment process, and in doing so, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. 

There’s still a wide range of asset classes that are challenging for retail investors to participate in – whether due to high entry requirements, availability for wholesale investors only, lack of liquidity, challenging cross-border processes, and lack of education.

Tokenization will solve many of these issues. An increasing number of tokenization projects are already underway across bonds, property, carbon credits, equities, and more. As a multi-asset class wealth platform, Dacxi will bring a selection of these tokenized investments to our customers, whether through our own Dacxi Coin or third-party tokens. This will open the door to a new world of investment opportunities for everyday people – no matter who they are, or where they’re based. 

2. Dacxi makes a promise of redefining the crowdfunding process through decentralization. Tell me about that.

Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to access capital to grow their business, especially in the early stages. This is particularly true when they’re located in markets with less developed financial ecosystems. On the other side, investors aren’t aware of all the opportunities available to invest in fast-growing businesses, particularly those operating outside of their own market. With the Dacxi Chain, Dacxi is bridging this gap between businesses and investors. By tokenizing the crowdfunding process, the Dacxi Chain (powered by the Dacxi Coin) will remove the barriers typically involved in trying to invest cross-border.

3. The Dacxi Ecosystem already consists of the Dacxi Chain and Dacxi Coin. What are the other crucial components to be added in 2022?

Aside from developments in Dacxi Coin and the Dacxi Chain, 2022 will be another exciting year of delivering on our ambitions. We’re focussed on four key areas to drive growth: Product expansion, enhancing the customer experience across the Dacxi ecosystem, geographical expansion, and finally continuing to grow our team around the world.

4. What ethical goals does Dacxi pursue, and how do those contribute to the overall prosperity of society?

One of our biggest goals is to enable the democratization of the financial system. This also involves bringing investment capital opportunities to less developed markets. The world’s developing markets have no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit. For example, according to the London Business School’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2021/2022, some of the highest levels of total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity come from countries in Central and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. But even so, these markets typically don’t have the same access to capital that more developed markets enjoy. By breaking down geographical barriers, the Dacxi Chain will bring these developing countries a new level of access to investment capital. The resulting wave of innovative ideas won’t just contribute to the prosperity of society – they have the potential to genuinely change the world.

Sustainability is another focus area for Dacxi. Sustainability is one of the most critical topics of our time, and it’s particularly relevant for the cryptocurrency sector – which has been heavily criticized for its huge energy consumption and consequent carbon emissions.

Dacxi is part of the Crypto Climate Accord's list of supporters and signatories, which aims to migrate the entire market to renewable, non-polluting sources of energy.

We’re also taking steps to become carbon neutral across our entire business as soon as possible. 

5. How has the crypto space evolved since Dacxi first entered it? How has its evolution helped shape Dacxi’s product portfolio?

The cryptocurrency sector’s remarkable growth is widely documented, and this has made it even more confusing to new entrants. With thousands of projects to review and select from – many of which have no underlying business case – making wise investment choices is more difficult than ever. This only makes Dacxi’s mission more important. We provide our clients with a carefully curated portfolio of investable assets that will hopefully stand the test of time and have promising underlying use cases. We also provide ongoing education and support for our clients, to help them keep pace with the ever-evolving world of crypto.

6. How is Dacxi working on growing its global presence?

Dacxi is steadily building a global crypto wealth network, leveraging our strong existing presence in Singapore, UK, Estonia, Australia, NZ, and Brazil. As we see growing interest in crypto from traditional investment and wealth management platforms, they will naturally seek out partners with the expertise to help them build capability and a clientele in the sector.

As a pioneer in Crypto Wealth, Dacxi is well-positioned to support these potential partners with an off-the-shelf investment platform, necessary regulatory and compliance infrastructure, and educational content. This means we can support both our partners and clients with the knowledge needed to confidently invest in the sector.

Dacxi will also continue to look at potential markets to expand into – particularly those that offer the right mix of crypto adoption, appropriate regulatory frameworks, and a business-friendly location with a thriving tech ecosystem.

7. How will the soon-to-launch Dacxi Venture Exchanges help strengthen Dacxi’s existing products?

The Dacxi world is an ecosystem, where everything is connected and complements each other. Our Dacxi LEARN educational content helps our customers invest with more confidence. Our curated portfolio ensures we’re only offering assets with medium to long-term potential. Our community focus helps our customers engage with each other and the Dacxi team. Every element of our ecosystem has its own role to play, and each relies on the other to create a seamless and supportive experience for our clients.

8. What’s next on Dacxi’s horizon?

The digital assets market is evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s important we stay nimble and can adapt rapidly to new opportunities as they surface. So aside from all the exciting initiatives already highlighted, there are plenty more in the pipeline.

As we see the crypto sector mature, and consolidation occurs, investors will continue to look at it as an increasingly important component of their medium to a long-term investment portfolio. This means the convergence between the crypto and wealth management sectors is inevitable, and as a pioneer in the Crypto Wealth segment, Dacxi is well-positioned for future growth.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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