Investing App Alinea Launches Cryptocurrency Capabilities

Alinea announced the launch of cryptocurrency capabilities.

The development comes as the smart investing app targeted at younger generations looks to align users’ diverse preferences with a wider array of investment opportunities.

In addition, Alinea is changing its revenue model, offering $0 commission for cryptocurrency investing while charging 1% on spreads. Presently, users in 49 states will have access to 20 cryptocurrencies.

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Going forward, Alinea’s mission is to educate investors and to offer them emerging, high-growth potential investment opportunities.

“Our vision is to make sure you can make a financial profit but also not have to compromise your values,” co-founder Anam Lakhani told Benzinga last year.

“The next generation of investors want autonomy over their investment choices and I think we’ve started to evolve from this model of trusting individuals or institutions to handle our money,” she emphasized.

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