Boosting Web3 Project Growth On Avalanche And Beyond: The xHashtag Solution

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The cryptosphere is booming and scores of Web3 projects are mushrooming every now and then. While these projects may have a unique prospect, reaching out to the masses is pretty challenging. Even if they do manage to do that and acquire a huge community, lack of funds to scale up or develop their product/service would mean an abrupt end to their project.

So how do Web3 projects fix this? Enter xHashtag!

Built on Solana and having transitioned now to support Avalanche as well, xHashtag is a 360° Web3 Incubator, Launchpad, and Accelerator that focuses on two major aspects:

  1. Community Boosting through targeted, incentivized campaigns
  2. High APY Launchpad, bootstrapping necessary liquidity and treasury

Incentivizing Communities

Community and fans are essential for any business – and crypto is no different. Having loyal followers can help boost the reputation of crypto projects. As your project ambassadors, fans bring in more people, thus improving the adoption of your product/service.

Realizing this, xHashtag leverages incentivization to unlock community growth. Through mechanisms such as threshold-based project $token reward payout to prevent mercenary incentivization, xHashtag ensures high ROI for the project, while also coaxing community members into loyal ambassadors for the project in due time.e

In the past, they have successfully demonstrated the efficacy of incentivization, with their first-ever campaign helping the Web3 project earn a massive community acceleration of 3800% pre-launch. This speaks volumes about how Web3 projects can benefit from a community boost at the time of their launch.

Sustainable Project Launches

Crypto projects launches have evolved over time, based on prevalent market dynamics and trends. Previously relevant launch strategies aren’t necessarily relevant now, which necessitates adapting to newer launch mechanisms.

When crypto-tech had just surfaced, projects had to bootstrap to collect funds for launch. Post a few projects gaining popularity, Venture Capitalists began to back project launches. Off late, this has been augmented by IDOs, which facilitate hype generation.

These Initial Offerings (IxOs) are hugely successful for 3 key reasons: Marketing, Anti-Bots, and Fundraising. However, one shortcoming that prompts a lookout for an augmented launch strategy is that of liquidity dumping. The lure of quick profits could prompt early investors who have received the token for a discount to potentially offload a large number of tokens, causing harm to retail investors as well as the project.

The initial distribution phase is similar to IxO launches, ensuring initial liquidity, marketing buzz, and growth through KOLs, with the near-zero market float at the time of launch.

In the next upward phase, single asset staking is introduced, alongside halving support for the previously high APY till a lower level as per the project’s comfort. Now, the project token’s utility kicks in, thus helping sustain good levels.

xHashtag also introduces bonding, where discounted tokens are offered to willing buyers in exchange for LP tokens or stable coins, thus boosting the project’s treasury.

A high APY launch gives everyone a level playing field without discriminating between early investors and new investors, and xHashtag facilitates this by means of being a High-Yield Launchpad.

Multiple problems, one solution!

As a 360-degree Web3 incubator, launchpad and accelerator, xHashtag solves most problems nascent Web3 projects face such as liquidity, treasury and community. This takes a major load off Web3 projects, allowing them to focus on building their product rather than spending time on these essential yet auxiliary elements.

As Monica Durga, CEO, xHashtag puts it: “We’re building a solid growth trajectory for nascent Web3 projects, helping them scale up rapidly yet sustainably. The focus is on all-around growth, in line with their expectations and ideals.”

Their native token $XTAG is currently trading on KuCoin,, and Raydium. They are also in the advanced stages of bridging $XTAG to other popular chains as a part of their multichain expansion plans, while their testnet is already live on Avalanche Fuji.

The future of Web3 is bright and xHashtag hopes to dominate this sphere.

This content should not be interpreted as investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a volatile market; do your independent research and only invest what you can afford to lose. New token launches and small market capitalization coins are inherently more risky than large cap cryptocurrencies. These tokens are subject to larger liquidity and market risks.

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