Lucrosus Capital and its Flagship $LUCA Token

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Lucrosus Capital is the first gamified decentralized venture capital in the world having secured its niche providing institutional opportunities for investment to individual investors. The company’s goal entails redefining investment through integrating value-adding blockchain provisions onto venture capital. The company promotes the creation of successful projects on the blockchain due to its faith in the technology’s ability to shape the future.

$LUCA Token and its Utilities

With a vision focused on the crypto market, Lucrosus capital brings venture fund projects to the world. One such project is $LUCA, an esteemed utility token at the heart of the company and poised to benefit investors and developers alike. With a token supply of 1,000,000,000, the token decentralizes Venture Capital, thereby offering multiple unique opportunities. 

By holding the $LUCA token, a user is able to actively or passively take part in all of the company’s projects. Among the other token utilities include:

Shared allocation program 

Token users can take part in Lucrosus Capital’s Shared Allocation Program. Based on the tier a token holder falls under, they receive part of investment allocation in projects that Lucrosus Capital has invested in.

Buy-back program

A sizable portion of profits is used in buying back tokens from the open market. This should positively affect the price of the $LUCA token.


Token users can easily choose which investments they want to pursue in the future. They would also plan for buy-back schedules and other events. 


When you stake your $LUCA token, in addition to multiplying your tokens, you get more voting rights as well as more allocation. 

Access to top tier research

Expert study documents developed by Lucrosus Capital’s team of developers are made fully available to all $LUCA token users. 

Personal connection with representatives of the project

Accessibility to private meetings with project developers for all ventures Lucrosus Capital has invested in. 

Token Distribution

Out of the 1,000,000,000 $LUCA token supply, the distribution will take the following narrative:


Percentage (%)

Public sale


Private sale















Lucrosus Capital’s Shared Allocation Program

Normally, small investors do not have any opportunities for getting allocations within blockchain-based projects especially when these projects are still budding. Micro investors either have to be well-moneyed or affiliated with powerful people in the system. These are the only chances they need to get reasonable prices on token sales.

We have also seen most cryptocurrency-based funds prefer giving out money and waiting for the fruits passively. In most cases, this is a challenge to developers particularly when they see non-monetary contributions to be important for project development. These issues are best answered under the company’s $LUCA project. 

Lucrosus Capital’s shared allocation program is its key selling point. Under this program, part of the allocation collected from the invested project passes to $LUCA token holders. How much a holder is able to invest hinges upon the tier wherein they fall. 

Tier categorization is proportionately determined by how many $LUCA tokens a holder possesses. Such that:


Number of $LUCA tokens

Allocation (%)

Description on distribution


Over  5,000,000 million


Equal for every member


Over  1,000,000 million


Equal for every member


Over 300,000


Equal for every member


Over 100,000




Over 25,000




In gamification for distribution, some people from individual tiers will merit a specific size in allocation. There will also be 200 and 300 members to win prizes for those in the Arganti and Cuprum tiers respectively. 

How to Buy $LUCA Token

Having announced the start date of their public sale to be on January 17, those who want $LUCA tokens can buy them on the Lucrosus Capital website. The first step is opening an account before you proceed. The token sale is split into one hundred different phases with a 1% increment per sale from the initial $0.026 of the first phase.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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