Tao Calligraphy NFT Collection Reaches $10 Million in Sales

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What Happened: An NFT Tao calligraphy collection created by Transformative artist Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha in partnership with ViciNFT reached $10 million in sales after auctioning 5,000 NFT, representing an important milestone for the company and traditional arts in the NFT space. Sold out in 2021, the collection ranked among the top 40 on OpenSea. Resales are now sitting at a price around 50% higher than in presale. 

As part of the company’s mission to create “NFTs for the common good,” $1 million will be donated to charitable causes in addition to the planting of tree saplings to offset the environmental impact of the transactions.

The NFTs in the collection contains digital images of the Tao Ye Chang Sheng (Ultimate Source blesses career or business to flourish) Tao Calligraphy created by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha, as well as a video that depicts the creation process using the famed one-stroke technique that has resulted in his world-class prestige. The Tao Ye Chang Sheng Tao Calligraphy carries unique Source love, light, frequency, vibration, and most positive information, energy, and matter, which can transform various aspects of life & help flourishing.

The auction counted with participation from the speaker, author, and entrepreneur David Meltzer, a vocal believer and proclaimer in the spiritual teachings of Dr & Master Sha. Mr. Meltzer has hosted several live streams and ran events in partnership with Master Sha, which has helped thousands of people in the western hemisphere get familiar with traditional Chinese teachings.

Why It Matters: Several forms of traditional art have been lost to the pass of time over the past centuries, a process exacerbated by digitization and globalization. This has resulted in a lack of intergenerational sharing which has prevented millenary knowledge from reaching the youngest generation. With Tao Calligraphy being at risk of following this trend, efforts like those of Master Sha have become essential for the survival of the art, especially when considering he is the only holder of a lineage that goes back to the masters of the royal court of China’s emperors.

As NFTs become more popular among art collectors, debate on the effects that NFTs will have on traditional art has continued to ensue. The appearance of NFT projects that show the potential synergy between traditional art and NFTs will prove essential towards the mass adoption of NFTs by collectors who have taken a proactive stance towards them.

The environmentally conscious business model followed by ViciNFT is also of importance here, as it is not only addressing the environmental concerns highlighted by media outlets like Wired but also creating new opportunities for artists who might be unfamiliar or incapable of minting and distributing their NFTs. This is because the company operates as a “concierge service” that facilitates the entirety of the process by taking care of every step, ranging from the design to the distribution. By offering such a service, ViciNFT and other projects could bring thousands of new artists (especially traditional artists) to the world of NFT, further boosting innovation.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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