The World's Best Staking Ecosystem Just Migrated to Polygon

WORLDWIDE - Axion - the cryptocurrency Certificate of Deposit (CD), famous for its 8% base fixed-rate APR with interest up to 47% and daily Bitcoin payouts - just completed a full migration from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon network, ushering in a new golden era of incredibly low fees and imminent NFT staking functionality.

On October 19th, the Axion development team paused the Ethereum contract and over the course of six hours transferred over $1.5M in Bitcoin, $1.2M in Ethereum, and the entire staking ecosystem data to the Polygon network, restoring the entire project in perfect sync. All of Axion’s stakes were upgraded to Axion v3, one of the most efficient and capable staking smart contract codes on the market today. This allows for an entirely new staking ecosystem to develop unhindered by Ethereum’s rising fees. On Polygon, staking, unstaking, buying in Axion’s unique Accelerator, NFT stake minting, and more cost pennies or fractions of a penny instead of the tens or hundreds of dollars in gas fees present on the Ethereum network.

Axion is now truly open for business for both crypto pros and newcomers alike, with virtually nonexistent fees and an ever-growing ecosystem made available to all stakers. There are many elements of the Axion Ecosystem that make this crypto unique from other staking tokens and yield farms, including:

  •   Passive income through daily liquid Bitcoin distributions. It’s a great way to automatically DCA into Bitcoin!

  •   8% fixed base APR with up to 48% APR

  •   Unique token Accelerator that buys & stakes in a single transaction

  •   Over 20,000 individual wallets with over 71% of total supply staked, with 41.1% staked 15 years, a cryptocurrency first!

  •   Stake Splitting - first-ever crypto CD to allow percentage split stakes for fractional upgrades & early withdrawals

  •   Curated cross-chain token Launchpad for 1-year stakers and up, with exclusive presales, IDOs, IEOs, and airdrops

  •   Integrated voting platform using stakes as validators so the community can vote on important token changes

  •   Stake naming stored on the blockchain

    Where Axion expects to shine is in its NFT ecosystem, which is about to launch. Axion has created another first in the crypto industry by giving users the ability to convert their stakes into unique NFTs. These NFTs feature generative art in the form of galaxies, with the user’s own stake data, such as amount staked, length of stake, global share rate, stake type, and more to control the procedural galaxy generator, minting entirely unique animated NFTs for each stake. Axion stakers will be able to collect these spiraling galaxies in the Axion Staking Portal where their investment will come to life in beautiful galactic-styled art. As Axion’s tokenomics mature, users will be able to sell their NFTs through the Axion Stake NFT marketplace, allowing others to purchase a user’s stake and inherit the stake and future Bitcoin distributions.

    With a hugely dedicated community, featuring 10,000+ on Discord and 5500+ on Telegram, a dedicated 24/7 support chat, 4 independent audits from top auditing companies, a roadmap covering a year’s worth of development, and more, Axion is primed and ready to break new ground in the crypto space; and, with pennies in gas fees for anyone to get started, Axion can really do it.

    To learn more and get started on your Axion journey, visit

    About the Axion NFT Store:

    When fully developed, the Axion NFT store will allow for purchasable NFTs in three classes: Utility, Visual, and Community. Axion has already minted three new NFTs on the Polygon network: Visual-class NFTs, like the Axion Supernova, are detected by the Staking Portal and change its color scheme and appearance, making Axion one of the first projects to use NFTs to visually change the look of a website itself. Utility class NFTs, like the OG-POLYGON, provide unique benefits to stakers including access to private discord channels and benefits in future Launches. Community class NFTs, such as the upcoming Diamond Stake NFT, immortalize community events in NFT form. Each NFT has a beautifully designed website (linked above) that showcases each NFT and the role it plays in the Axion ecosystem.

    About the Axion Accelerator:

    The Axion Accelerator is a unique investment tool that allows users to buy and stake in one convenient transaction. The Accelerator accepts 6 different token types on Polygon and gives users up to a 15% bonus on principal, including a convenient calculator to help

Estimate growth and passive bitcoin income on a stake. The Accelerator is the economic engine of the Axion ecosystem, enacting deflationary buybacks and freezes, bitcoin purchases, and supporting the Axion Development team all in one place.

About Axion:

Axion is building the world’s best staking ecosystem, powered by some incredible features and utility that separates it from all other staking tokens on the market. Axion’s goal is to create a steady growth portfolio for all investors and create and foster a staking community that believes in the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies. Axion is trying to make yield-farming look boring by comparison!

Axion started as the second-ever Certificate of Deposit (CD) staking token in November of 2020, and since then it has exploded in popularity with over 20,000 individual wallets staking over 71% of the total supply, and - in a crypto first! - 41% of the token has been locked away by over 5500 individual wallets for 15 years! This incredibly bullish show of faith in the project has now been amplified with Axion’s move to Polygon, opening up a whole dynamic NFT ecosystem and incredibly low gas fees (less than a few pennies for all transactions, with many transactions being in the hundredths of a penny), bringing along Axion’s famous daily Bitcoin dividends and fixed-rate APR to the network. These incredibly low fees allow Axion to be a viable investment opportunity for smaller investors or users in developing countries to participate in the ecosystem without requiring significant capital investment loss due to high gas fees.

The team is made up of worldwide talent, with members from the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, England, New Zealand, Africa, and more. Axion has proven itself time and time again over the last year of its development to thrive and continue to grow, no matter the obstacles set in its path.

In September, Axion announced the formation of the Axion Advisory Council, handpicked members of the community who form an oversight and advisory board to provide feedback on the development of Axion. These members include a US Olympic Athlete, a business owner in India, a newspaper publishing veteran, a French AAA video production company executive, a graduate student at Harvard, and more. These Council members provide crucial feedback and expertise to the diverse development team at Axion.

With a vibrant discord & telegram community, an ever-growing marketcap, and the potential to use its massive utility and features to grow exponentially, Axion is the long-term investor’s dream token.

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