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Introducing FACINGS: The NFT Collection Publishing Platform Helping Brands Launch What Collectors Want

May 12, 2021 1:03 pm
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Introducing FACINGS: The NFT Collection Publishing Platform Helping Brands Launch What Collectors Want



DETROIT, Michigan — FACINGS, a software-as-a-service startup bootstrapped by employee-owned blockchain services company EOS DETROIT, is officially announced to the world.

FACINGS is the easiest way for publishers and artists to leverage Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a new digital medium for monetizing content and engaging with audiences. FACINGS' platform enables full-service NFT collection publishing, where unparalleled quality control and user experience means launching what collectors want.

“As the world rushes into NFTs, the technology and tools do not exist to empower artists and publishers to imbue their own custom campaigns with the benefits of NFTs. Lack of technical know-how, lack-luster user experience, bad quality control, rigid payment options, and high minting fees stand in their way,” says Robert Konsdorf, co-founder and CEO of FACINGS.

FACINGS has every tool publishers and artists need to unlock the potential of NFTs in their marketing and launch strategies, all in one easy to use platform and at an affordable price.

Over the last year non-fungible tokens have grown exponentially in popularity, usage, and value, representing a new medium for creative commerce, brand engagement and monetization of creative labor. NFTs have huge potential to evolve rights management, automate royalty distribution, and at their core, change the nature of ownership in the digital world, acting as a vehicle for physical goods on demand. FACINGS is poised to expand the market for NFTs by bridging the usability gap for both publishers and collectors.

As leading NFT companies including CryptoSlam, SuperRare, Nifty’s, and Lazy grab the attention of prominent investors and entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban's VC entity Radical Investments, FACINGS is positioned as the go-to NFT collection publishing platform for collections seeking to stand out from the rest. EOS DETROIT has pledged $250,000 in seed capital to assist FACINGS in bringing its open beta to market.

FACINGS will begin launching campaigns on behalf of select beta customers on a rolling timeline starting in May 2021. To be notified of these events, sign up on the FACINGS collector mailing list on facings.io. Stay tuned for Lars Kommienezuspadt’s Dark Pinup: Act I on May 19, Cryptowriter's Finney Chapter 1: Finney’s Arrival, and many more collections launching with FACINGS on WAX in Summer 2021.

Please direct any follow up inquiries for interviews, investment opportunities, and potential collaboration to Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner via hello@facings.io.

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