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Gold Advocate Peter Schiff Criticizes Mark Cuban And Kevin O'Leary For Turning Positive On Bitcoin

March 4, 2021 6:09 pm
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Gold Advocate Peter Schiff Criticizes Mark Cuban And Kevin O'Leary For Turning Positive On Bitcoin

Prominent gold advocate and Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff has criticized billionaire investors Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary for turning positive on Bitcoin.

What Happened: “Bubbles typically peak when rational investors capitulate,” said Schiff on Twitter, calling them the newest skeptics to “join the cult.”

Schiff’s criticism comes after Kevin O’Leary announced he would be allocating 3% of his portfolio to the digital asset while also looking at investing in the most energy-efficient Bitcoin mining companies.

Earlier this week, Mark Cuban commented on some of Schiff’s most recent remarks saying, “Gold is dead Peter. Move on.”

Why It Matters: Schiff has often criticized Bitcoin as an asset class, calling it inferior to gold as a store of value.

His most recent comments on Twitter invited criticism from Mark Cuban, who commented that gold is hyped just as much as cryptocurrencies.

“As tech continues to get better/cheaper/faster there will be new applications and maybe even something that supersedes what we know as crypto today. But gold won't ever change. Which is why it will die as a SOV (Store of Value),” said Cuban on Twitter.

According to Schiff, the fact that gold won’t ever change is part of its appeal to investors.

Jeffrey Gundlach, a well-known gold bull, commented earlier today that Bitcoin is up over 467% in the past 12 months while gold is down by 11% for the same period.

According to him, dispersions of this size between asset classes often come before reversions to the mean.

Price Action: After a volatile week, the market-leading cryptocurrency was trading at $48,171 at the time of writing. Earlier this week, Bitcoin recorded a low of $43,867 and a high of $52,535.

Image: Dmitry Demidko via Unsplash

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