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New DeFi Platform Is Focused On Store Of Value Products

March 3, 2021 10:30 am
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The macroeconomic environment of 2021 is characterized by uncertainty and volatility. Dollar production rates are at an all-time high and the traditional financial markets seem uncertain and shaky.

During a time such as this, uninvested wealth can be seen as a risk. Inflationary forces threaten to devalue one’s holdings and the usual channels for storing value are saturated; overvalued.
Cryptocurrency investment is gaining traction across the world. Institutional investment flows are increasing, and top businesses have begun to hold bitcoin and other digital assets on their balance sheets. Accessing these assets is considered difficult for those inexperienced in the space, leading to many refusing to even begin the venture.

Enter the Digital Reserve

The Digital reserve is a vault platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, and an exclusive part of the Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) ecosystem. By depositing the native currency DRC into the Digital Reserve, users gain instant and secure exposure to a curated basket of the Store of Value (SoV) assets. It is a secure and convenient solution for high net-worth investors to get instant exposure to well-balanced portfolios of both traditional and digital SoV assets.

The blockchain-based platform instantly transfers user’s DRC funds into holdings of bitcoin, tokenized gold, ethereum or tokenized and interest-bearing USD*. Depending on a user’s risk aversion, they can choose to hold more conservative allocations or those with a potentially higher yield. The user’s deposited USD value is recorded and represented by a proof of deposit (PoD) – also minted onto the blockchain. This PoD carries with it the value of the associated deposit and thus can be used as collateral for lending in the near future.

The Digital Reserve smart contract has been audited by a reputable blockchain development firm with no critical or serious issues found. More information can be found here.

*current allocations. Further Digital Reserve Vaults allocations are to be decided by the DRC community through democratic governance proposals, powered by on-chain voting mechanics.

What is DRC?

DRC, Digital Reserve Currency, is designed as a potential digital store of value. 100% of the fixed 1 billion total supply of DRC tokens has been issued directly to the secondary market and hence is deflationary. The DRC ecosystem is community-controlled; an entirely decentralized governance structure with no managerial effort demonstrates adherence and awareness of the securities laws requirements and gestures towards DRC’s potential regulatory compliance.
With no ICO raise and no central authority, the DRC ecosystem is completely transparent and reliable. The DRC token is also the exclusive key to the Digital Reserve platform; the only access to DeFi’s most decentralized capital preservation ecosystem.

Whilst bitcoin is currently accepted as a potential digital store of value, the exploding cryptocurrency space needs alternatives. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Digital Reserve Currency offers those with foresight early exposure to a potential decentralized store of value for institutions and the masses alike.

Join the community and engage in focused discussion on the DRC Twitter.


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