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Crypto Startup Crypterium Offers To Buy A Stake Of The Company Through Seedrs

January 27, 2021 10:34 am
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Crypterium, a leading fintech startup specializing in a variety of crypto solutions tailored for the masses, has opened up a chance for its fans and other interested investors to own a stake in the company through Seedrs. The offer allows participants to be part of the startup and can be accessed by opening an account on Seedrs and accessing the Crypterium portal to make pre-registrations for the exclusive private sale.  

Seedrs offers budding companies an alternative way to raise funds where individuals who believe in a project can invest as much or as little as they like and share the project’s success. This funding aligns with Crypterium’s goals of bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance by offering quality financial products accessible to a broader audience.

The Next Step In The Evolution of Crypterium

The management team at the helm of the company feel it’s the next step in the evolution of the platform, which despite a tumultuous 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, managed to see a 300% increase in transactions and ten-fold growth in its monthly profits with an outstanding turnover of more than 150 million euros.

Over the past year, the platform’s main product, the Crypterium Wallet, managed to double the number of users, and now it’s servicing over 350,000 individuals in over 170 countries. Additionally, the company was able to secure its place in the B2B arena as the world’s first full-service ready-made crypto solution.

Speaking on the latest development, Steven Parker, the CEO of Crypterium, implied that the private sale was a chance for both retail and institutional investors to benefit from the growing force of the digital assets market. “Since its foundation in 2018, Crypterium has established itself as an undeniable leader in the crypto banking sector. The ability to sell equity through Seedrs presents a remarkable opportunity for both retail and institutional investors alike to leverage the growing force of the digital assets market together with an industry-leading player.”

To be allowed to use Seedrs as a launchpad for its closed private equity sale, Crypterium had to go through rigorous checks where the U.K.-based platform had to establish whether the startup was complying with the highest standards when it came to infrastructure, security, and legal compliance. After all, Seedrs has a reputation to protect, having helped top platforms like Oval, Revolut, CapitalRise, and many others raise funds this way.  

The Funds Should Boost The Company’s Reach

Austin Kimm, Chief Operation Officer at Crypterium, was ecstatic following the admission. He added, “being accepted on Seedrs is a landmark not only for Crypterium but for the entire cryptocurrency industry. We’re confident our initiative will additionally encourage other solid companies and applications in this ever-evolving industry also to raise money to further expand their reach and contribute to mass adoption.”  

The funds raised through the private sale will be used to expand the reach of Crypterium globally through various products such as improvements to the Crypterium VISA program that will aid in developing and launching crypto card services for specific markets like China and the USA. The money will also help with scaling and improving market penetration of the company’s B2B services, which is great since already there are around 100 retail business applications that are eager to work with this service.

Additionally, the company intends to boost its transaction volumes to hit over $1 billion per year by engaging in active user acquisition campaigns with the goal of securing over 5 million customers. And most importantly, acquiring new licenses that will allow the platform to serve more jurisdictions.

Over the past two years, the startup has made giant steps, and the additional funds will help the platform cast a wider net where it can potentially impact the lives of millions worldwide. The fundraising isn’t expected to be profitable only for equity investors, but it’s expected to boost the growth of CRPT, which serves as a utility token on Crypterium due to increased transaction volumes.

CRPT is an ERC-20 token used to facilitate various activities within the Crypterium ecosystem, such as fueling crypto to fiat operations and collecting fees. To ensure the sustainability and stability of the entire ecosystem, the token’s burning takes place regularly.


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