This Company Developed Assay For Fast In-House Testing Of Hop Latent Viroid

This Company Developed Assay For Fast In-House Testing Of Hop Latent Viroid

Purple City Labs, a plant molecular biology company developing germplasm and technologies for the management of breeding programs and nurseries, is rolling out a reverse transcription- loop mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) based assay for testing and surveillance of hop latent viroid.

Hop latent viroid is the principal viral agent affecting cannabis plants, it has the propensity to spread quickly through a nursery via tools. Infected plants often appear asymptomatic in a vegetative state only to show symptoms once flowering. It can cause catastrophic damage to a facility with cannabinoid levels and yields reduced by more than 30%.

The assay was custom developed for Purple City Genetics, a California cannabis breeding company, after they had a disappointing experience with outside testing labs.

The OnSight testing platform uses a crude sample preparation, which significantly cuts down cost and time compared to RT-PCR testing. A trained operator is able to test hundreds of samples with same-day results. The current sensitivity of the molecular reaction, expected to increase in future versions, has been quantified at 375 copies of viroid per microliter. Purple City Labs conducted a number of proficiency tests comparing OnSight with six other commercially available assays, finding it to be as accurate.

Purple City Labs conducted a successful pilot study to test the feasibility of adapting the system in other facilities, and over a dozen nurseries, cultivators and labs in the US and Canada are early adopters. The molecular assay is part of a package where PCL scientists advise customers on best practices in their facility, the appropriate equipment needed to run OnSight assays and provide comprehensive training to execute the assay.

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