Cannabis Sales On The Rise In 11 US Markets: 4.6% To $1.69 Billion In One Month

Cannabis Sales On The Rise In 11 US Markets: 4.6% To $1.69 Billion In One Month

According to the leading cannabis data firm BDSA, marijuana sales increased 4.6% sequentially in July. On a per-day basis, sales increased 1.2% from June.

Sales across the 11 markets totaled $1.69 billion during the month.

Eastern Markets

In July, year-over-year (YoY) growth in eastern markets ranged from -13.5% in Pennsylvania to 27.2% in Florida.

Sales in the Sunshine State increased 0.8% sequentially to $193.8 million, up 27.2% YOY. Flower sales grew 23%, pre-rolls increased 11%, edibles gained 17% and concentrates expanded 39%.

Meanwhile, sales in Pennsylvania grew 0.5% in July to $95.3 million, down 13.5% YOY, flower sales declined 11% year-over-year, concentrates fell 16% and edibles 8%.

Building on previously published data released by the state of Illinois, showing that sales grew 6% from June and increased 1.6% from July 2021, BDSA reported sales of $164.6 million were up 6% sequentially and 0.6% YOY. Compared to 2021, flower sales declined 3%, pre-rolls grew 31%, edibles fell 5%, and concentrates increased 2%.

In Michigan, BDSA estimated sales of $209.9 million, up 12% sequentially and 20.5% from a year ago based on state figures. Flower sales increased 24%, while concentrates grew 28%. Pre-rolls grew 45% and edibles declined 4% YOY.

In Massachusetts, sales grew 9% sequentially and 5.2% YOY to $158.5 million. Flower and edibles sales expanded 7% and pre-rolls 8% while concentrates were flat compared to last year. Maryland sales increased 2.5% from June to $42 million, down 10.7% YOY. Flower sales decreased 8%, pre-rolls fell 9%, and concentrates 18%, while edibles were down 3% YOY.

Western Markets

In July, year-over-year growth ranged from -23.1% in Colorado to -10.1% in California.
Colorado sales increased 6.7% in July compared to June, down 23.1% YOY to $156.2 million. Flower sales were down 25%, pre-rolls declined 21%, while concentrates fell 20% and edibles declined 24% YOY in the Centennial State. In California, cannabis sales increased 2.2% sequentially, to $409.6 million, falling 10.1% YOY. Flower sales were down 19%. Also, edibles and concentrates fell 6% from a year ago during July. Pre-rolls grew 6%.

In Oregon, sales grew 2% from June to $84.4 million, down 18.4% YOY. Flower sales were down 31%, edibles grew 8%, pre-rolls declined 3%, and concentrates 17%.

Combined sales of $107.5 million in Arizona were up 1.4% from June and down 10.5% compared to July 2021. Medical sales of $43.6 million were up 2% sequentially and down 33% from a year ago. Adult-use sales of $63.9 million gained 1% from June and 15% YOY. Flower sales were down 25% from a year ago, while pre-rolls grew 38%. Concentrates fell 8% and edibles gained 5%. Finally, in Nevada, sales increased 6.9% sequentially, falling 14% YOY to $70.9 million. Flower sales dropped 21% YOY, edibles decreased 18% and pre-rolls 9%.

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