GSC Brought Hype Into Weed Culture, But These 7 Strains Are Driving It Forward

By Weedmaps' Dante Jordan, provided exclusively to Benzinga Cannabis.

GSC is one of the most famous cannabis strains worldwide. There's not a single dispensary that doesn't carry some form of its genetics. And even past the dollars, what makes this strain special is its influence on modern weed culture. 

Initially known as Girl Scout Cookies, GSC was bred sometime around 2012 by the Bay Area's famed Cookie Family, also known as Cookie Fam Genetics, a collective that includes well-known breeders like Berner, Jigga, and Sherbinskis, amongst others. The group spent most of its time in the shadows, so a lot of their genetics are secret, but it is believed that GSC is a cross of an OG Kush and a Durban Poison. The result is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a potent high that makes many consumers feel relaxed, euphoric, and happy. 

GSC's impact has allowed its group of breeders to create iconic brands. Berner's Cookies brand is the most influential — simply put, without GSC, there would be no Cookies. 

Brands like Cookies, Sherbinskis, and Los Angeles-based Jungle Boys carved out a section within weed culture centered around hype and expectation. The hype is seeing a new Cookies product, like the Runtz or Lemonnade product lines, and thinking “Man, is it really as fire as everyone's saying?!” The expectation is that it should be, based on the GSC legacy. 

The story of Cookies' influence on weed and rap culture begins with GSC, when in 2010 Berner “turned on Wiz Khalifa, then a little known rapper, to the now uber-famous strain GSC,” as written by fellow Weedmaps News contributor Lindsay MaHarry. “Ten years later, and what started with a single GSC strain has now become Cookies, one of the biggest brands in cannabis.”  

"Very few strains reach such an exalted place" Aaron Justis, CEO of Buds & Roses, told David Bienenstock for Vice in 2015. "[GSC] is perhaps one of the top five strains of all time, and the biggest new strain since OG Kush and Sour Diesel."

Over the years, GSC has won several High Times Cannabis Cups including first place for Best Hybrid at the 2013 Southern California Cannabis Cup. And like OG Kush before it, GSC influence has led to a new generation of strains that push weed culture and tastes into the future.

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7 strains that came from GSC Strains

Thin Mint

Cannabis strain phenotypes have the exact same genetics, but for whatever reason, the genetics produced seeds/plants/children with different physical and chemical characteristics. Think about it in terms of you and your sister: y'all have the same parents, but completely different personalities; that's GSC and its phenotypes.

Thin Mint, sometimes called Thin Mint GSC, is the most popular GSC phenotype. It produces a minty aroma with a sweet cookie dough taste from its frosty dark green and purple flowers.

It's top reported effects are relaxed, aroused, and uplifted, versus GSC's effects of relaxed, euphoric, and happy. Thin Mint is also thought to be the GSC strain used to create the renowned Sunset Sherbert.

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Platinum GSC

Platinum GSC is another popular phenotype of GSC. Or at least it's thought to be a phenotype of GSC, as its genetics remain unconfirmed. Some think it has the same GSC parents of OG Kush and Durban Poison; others believe there was a third strain tossed into the hybrid mix. 

Like the original GSC, Platinum GSC has the familiar strong aroma of sweet earthiness, however it usually has a little bit more of a fruity flavor than its big sister. 

This strain's top reported effects are hungry, relaxed, and creative, so if you're looking to smoke while you kick back in deep thought, Platinum GSC could be the one for you.

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OG Kush Breath

OG Kush Breath, also called OGKB for short, is another GSC strain with a murky history and unconfirmed genetics. Some believe it is the third lesser-known Cookies phenotype; others believe it is Cookies crossed with Cookies. Though we can't declare its genetics for certain, we do know that the plant leans toward the Sativa side of hybrids.

OGKB has a vast array of flavors. Some simple like the floral and earthy profile that's most apparent, some complex like those hashy undertones that are tough to describe to less experienced cannabis consumers.

With its much smaller reputation than the preceding strains, there isn't too much information about the effects you get from smoking this strain. But if it is a GSC phenotype, or a GSC backcross, then the effects will most likely be potent and relaxing, though you'd have to try it to know for sure.

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Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant strain that has had a strong run over the past couple of years, being crossed with damn near everything out there. The results gave us popular strains like Peanut Butter BreathSlurricane, and Dolato, also known as Do-Si-Lato (Dosi-Lato). 

Do-Si-Dos was bred by crossing OG Kush Breath with Face Off OG. The buds are usually going to be thick, dense, and purple-accented with white trichomes everywhere. In addition to its aesthetics, Do-Si's sweet grapey and hashy flavors make this plant a real treat for cannabis enthusiasts, especially those that like dabs.

The top reported effects of Do-Si-Dos are relaxed, creative, and happy and its potent high instantly lets you know the next few hours will probably be spent doing as little as possible. Get too comfortable and it might be night night time. 

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When it comes to strains from Cookies hybrids, there aren't too many that have gained the acclaim of Sunset Sherbert, sometimes simply known as Sherbert

Mr. Sherbinski bred the strain by crossing GSC with his Pink Panties. It has a traditional earthiness of GSC, how the strain is named for its fruity flavor that makes the experience like smoking a fruit cocktail.

With euphoric, giggly, and happy being its top reported effects, Sherbert tends to be less potent than the traditional GSC strains.

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Animal Cookies

Sometimes known as Animal Crackers, Animal Cookies is a cross of GSC and Fire OG, the parent strain of WiFi OG. It has a cherry cookie flavor and is usually very potent, making most consumers feel happy, relaxed, and uplifted.

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Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies that has taken the world by storm. 

Named for having a sweet dessert-like taste, Gelato kicks out a fruity and gassy aroma and flavor that takes your senses on a ride. The high is potent as hell too, with the strain's top reported effects being: relaxed, uplifted, and happy.

There are many popular Gelato phenotypes including Gelato #33 (Larry Bird), and Sherbinski's Gelato line: Gelato #41 (Bacio Gelato), Gelato #43 (Gello Gelato), Gelato #47 (Mochi Gelato), and Gelato #49 (Acai Berry Gelato).

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