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GrowGen And The Future Of Cannabis Cultivation Supplies

GrowGen And The Future Of Cannabis Cultivation Supplies

Michael Salaman, the president and co-founder of Grow Generation, sat down for an interview ahead of the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, which is underway in Miami Beach. 

How has the cannabis industry transformed following new regulations and legalization?

Legalization and regulation have created a more structured marketplace to operate within. Like any emerging market, growth is followed by consolidation, which we see in the more mature markets like Colorado and Washington. For GrowGeneration, legalization is our expansion path for new and acquired hydroponic supply operations, fueling our consistent year-over-year growth of over 100 percent. 

How does GrowGeneration fit into the industry? What are your products?

GrowGen has developed a national supply chain to deliver all the cultivators’ grow supplies "just in time." With operations in all of the legal adult-use states — 20 points of presence that include distribution, warehousing, sales and marketing — we are a critical part of the supply chain for thousands of licensed commercial operators.

How do commercial sales within the cannabis industry differ from those in other markets?

As a B2B distributor of grow supplies, within a highly competitive industry, GrowGen focuses on customer service, consultive selling, best pricing and a one-stop shopping solution. As a new and evolving industry, commercial selling in the cannabis space, requires more service and personal attention than other markets ,as systems and procedures are just now being invented and implemented.

How does the volatile market affect commercialization?

The market volatility creates uncertainty and like all markets disrupts the implementation and timing of capital projects, large buildouts and expansion plans.

Where do you anticipate the industry will be in 10 years?

Medically, similar to the nutraceutical business: widely distributed at all drug stores and other wellness channels. Adult-use [will be] regulated like liquor, licensed and sold through the dispensary system being developed today.

Why should investors attend the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference?

To come hear what GrowGen has to say and network among our industry leaders.

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