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The role that mobile operators and mobile communication standards, can potentially play in the market of consumer electronics strictly limited to the cost of WWAN module Embedded. Chipsets for Wi-Fi and other short-range communication technologies are to 2.50 $. The cost of the specification is often less than 1,00 $. For comparison, built-in 3G worth approximately 30-60 $, and with 4G cost even more and effectively reduce the price of the technology at highly competitive consumer electronics market is not yet possible.

If these prices are not falling, the mobile industry can just watch stagnation opportunities for M2M connected consumer electronics and adhere to the already established mobile broadband devices.

Technology of machine-to-machine on consumer electronics market are enormous commercial opportunities. Report sector research by the decisions of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications in the field of consumer electronics 2010-20 predicts that:

The installed databases M2M associated with consumer electronics in 2020 will exceed 4200 million By 2020 North America will become the third largest regional market in terms of the number of devices, that makes up 21% of the market. Europe is the largest market, representing 29% of the connected consumer electronics devices, and the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific region will represent 27% of the total number of devices.

White goods market will start to take M2M communication in the year of the same forecast as smart meters of active energy management is becoming more common. At the beginning of the rating of this forecast, however, dominates the number of connected devices Audio Visual sources (mainly Computers, game consoles and personal multimedia (mainly mobile game consoles).

Only the traffic generated by M2M applications in consumer electronics (and transferred global network by 2020 will exceed 700 exabytes annually. The vast majority of this traffic (99%) will be generated with the help of web-TV application, with the Internet radio generate the remaining traffic. Nevertheless, electronics applications by 2020 will generate only about 1.6 petabytes of mobile traffic. Most of this traffic is generated by multiple applications niches, including household Internet Information Devices, digital photo frames, digital cameras, and mobile console games. Tracking applications (for children and Pets) in 2020 will generate only приближунную figure to 0.5 petabytes traffic wireless broad areas.

The total volume M2M market-related consumer electronics by 2020 will increase with the approaching to the value of EUR 400 billion.

Consumer electronics 2010-20

Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity in consumer electronics 2010-20 shows an invaluable qualitative and quantitative analysis, opportunities for new technologies «relationship machine-to-machine in consumer electronics.

Forecast data includes a very granular 10-year market forecast for 54 countries and 6 regions. The forecast covers the number of connections, traffic and income for each of the eight definitions in health care, as well as groups of applications (Audio Visual sources, audio visual displays, personal media, consumer information, appliances, network equipment, and tracking applications, and "other"). They are divided into technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, short range, MAN, WAN and the fixed-satellite) and sectional mobile traffic.

The report examines the basic movement, direction and barriers to growth M2M in the field of consumer electronics and analysis of the key speaker of the market, including as MNOs, fixed communication operators, service providers and manufacturers can go on identification and realization of the address opportunities. Each application is considered individually, with the Outlook analysis and individual case studies.

Field of application:
It should be noted that this report focuses on the sector of consumer electronics, and does not consider applications of certain categories of devices defined outside of the consumer sector: for example, Internet or TV on the retailers are not considered.

It should also be noted that when determining the Machina research about M2M devices (connection of remote sensing, monitoring and Executive devices and associated devices aggregation), in the global forecast and analysis on 2010-20 years, the following devices are classified as mobile broadband device:

• Readers
• Graphics tablets
• Company
• Mobile phones with M2M devices

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