Amélie Tremblay's 4-Step Playbook For Becoming A Model: 'Anyone Can Do It Now'

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  • There’s probably never been a better time to get involved in modeling.
  • Tremblay recommends visiting a site called “They’ll show you legitimate modeling agencies" to choose from.

There’s probably never been a better time to get involved in modeling.

“The industry has changed so much since the pandemic,” explained Amélie Tremblay in an interview. “There is increased diversity – height, size and color – across the board.”

The 26-year-old French Canadian has modeled full-time for over a decade. She said times were different when she started. Her shot at modeling came when some of her Facebook posts caught the attention of industry insiders. “A Montreal-based photographer saw them and had me meet an agency. Soon after, I was modeling across the globe. Places like South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, the UK, and Turkey.”

With each modeling experience, Tremblay earned new perspectives that helped her “grow faster” and develop an interest in entrepreneurial-type activities in film and fashion. “I have turned into a self-starter working with the likes of Calvin Klein, the W Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.”

To learn more about how aspiring talents can break into Tremblay’s creative world of fashion and modeling, read on.

A Model’s Life In Short

“It’s an escape through which you get exposed to diversity and evolve,” Tremblay said.

Benzinga engaged the young creative across a variety of topics, including the power which may come from modeling. In short, there is not much hierarchy. Models are seen as equals, she said. “It’s not easy,” Tremblay acknowledged. “You have to commit to working relentlessly, and take a lot of rejection. It’s par for the course. You’ll work with much older and experienced models.”

Still, the comparison between the benefits Tremblay received from attending university, for example, to that of modeling, isn’t just, she says. Modeling has allowed Tremblay “to grow up far more quickly and look at the world very differently, … helping increase creativity,” and her network.

Step 1: Here’s Where To Start

Borrowing from the introduction, the industry has changed, and “anyone can do it now.”

Tremblay said that getting scouted – “which is the best” – as she did, is difficult. The chances are it won’t happen. Therefore, she recommends visiting a site called

“They’ll show you legitimate modeling agencies in every city across the world. I wouldn’t look at any other agencies, beyond what is shown, because stuff can get dark quickly.”

Then, Tremblay noted, aspiring models should send emails to the listed agencies with photos of themselves. Important, though, is to not wear makeup or fix your hair.

“Be natural and wear something tight-fitting. Take full-length photos, as well as ones of your face. Get all the angles and send that with your age, height, and where you’re from.”

Responses are usually quick, she added.

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Step 2: Be Ready For Rejection

Modeling is akin to having a job interview every single day for years, Tremblay said. Take it too seriously, and you may burn out or lose passion.

“You can’t take anything seriously or personally,” she advised aspiring models. “You’re likely to go on hundreds of castings, and you’ll get way more people saying no than yes.”

And, no matter what sex, shape, or size you may be, there will be criticism. Quickly, “wipe it off and search for better-fitting brands. Protect your self-esteem at all costs,” Tremblay said.

Step 3: Develop Other Interests

Traveling across the world can be lonely and tiresome. Have other interests beyond modeling, Tremblay put forth. “It’s important to find what makes you feel alive. Passions are so important because they can turn into an escape or, if you’re strategic enough, a career.”

When the pandemic hit, Tremblay realized she wanted to make changes in her life. She sought to develop her skills in art, sewing, sculpting, and video editing.

“I started making videos and would edit them,” she said. “Quickly I found that I had a knack for it and I shared my work.” The videos were well received and, soon, Tremblay found herself editing projects for big-name brands and film stars. It helped her modeling career as well. “My social media pages on Instagram and TikTok took off as I posted for brands which would re-use my content.”

Step 4: Accelerating Your Career

Taking the initiative to get in front of publications across the globe helped Tremblay accelerate her career trajectory early on. Given that early heavy lifting, she added, it’s “easier to maintain” now, as she looks to settle in the U.S. for a time with her fiancé.

“An extension I take in growing my career sustainably includes engaging in other pursuits, such as starting a business and clothing brand. I want myself, and advise readers too, to really hone in on those other passions you envision being happy doing at 35 years old.”

Check out Amélie Tremblay on Instagram @amelietremb and her website. Her portfolio is listed at The Lions, a modeling agency company, as well.

Cover photo by Mario Kroes.

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