CoPeace Introduces Equity Crowdfunding Offering To Fund Impact Initiatives


CoPeace, a holding company that invests in companies demonstrating a positive impact and strong fiscal health, formally announced it launched an equity crowdfunding offering, allowing investors the opportunity to invest in solutions that mend societal and environmental problems.

What Does It Mean? For a minimum investment of $360, investors can gain exposure to socially impactful organizations.

“Today is an exciting day for CoPeace, as we launch our Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering to enable investment in not only our company, but ultimately in companies that are actually combating world problems with measurable impact,” said CoPeace CEO Craig Jonas.

Through the crowdfunding initiative, CoPeace fills a massive gap that exists in the competitive landscape of impact investing. Prior to the development, no services existed for everyday consumers to invest in impact initiatives without an understanding of the industry, financial literacy, and personal wealth.

“There is a common misconception that profits and positive impact are mutually exclusive. The current global capitalism structure prioritizes profits over people and planet,” added Jonas. “CoPeace is offering a different option, one in which the environment and society are on equal footing with profits. As such, we believe we can help change capitalism and the world for the better.”

To learn more about making an impact with your portfolio, click here.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels. 

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