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'We Simplify Capital Markets;' SprinkleBit Delivers Holistic Solution For Trade Networking, Education, Execution

'We Simplify Capital Markets;' SprinkleBit Delivers Holistic Solution For Trade Networking, Education, Execution

Sprinkle Group SA, a place where traders and investors can learn, share ideas and trade, further innovated its product portfolio. SprinkleBrokerage’s principal, Eirik Nordgaard, spoke with Benzinga regarding the build out of a next generation trading and investing platform.

What Is It?

Sprinkle is a three-pronged financial solution built on the premise of simplifying capital markets.

The Firm’s Core Offerings Include

  • SprinkleBit: Financial education, social network, and stock market simulator
  • SprinkleBrokerage: Online stock trading
  • SprinkleXchange: Digital asset investment platform

According to Nordgaard, the SprinkleBit application is an entry point to the Sprinkle ecosystem; the solution allows users the opportunity to gain market experience prior to placing real capital at risk.

Additionally, the attached social network provides traders a feel for how other individuals are placing trades.

“It’s similar to Twitter or Facebook, but strictly for finance; we have an activity feed where you can post news articles and anything that’s interesting in relation to a company or macroeconomics. You can also see what real trades people are placing on SprinkleBrokerage,” added Nordgaard.

The next level -- SprinkleBrokerage -- is set up in a similar way to SprinkleBit; the reason being, it reduces confusion and increases comfort.

“SprinkleBrokerage mirrors the experience on SprinkleBit. It is a very seamless moving over from SprinkleBit to SprinkleBrokerage,” said Nordgaard.

According to Sprinkle, the only difference between the platforms is that SprinkleBrokerage allows traders to place real capital at risk.

The Differentiator

“There’s a lot of value in the data we collect from the crowd.”

According to Nordgaard, Sprinkle levels the playing field.

“We have something called a VPI score -- Value Prediction Index -- which basically ranks both stocks and investors from 0 to 100. For stocks, a score above 50 is a buy, while below 50 is a sell. Additionally, the higher value an individual user may have, the better of an investor they are considered to be.”

“If you’re coming in not knowing anything, there’s a huge benefit to seeing how more active or experienced people manage their portfolios.”

Next Steps

“Sole focus is to make investing easier for the the masses.”

Nordgaard told Benzinga, Sprinkle aims to make its various applications seamlessly work together.

“SprinkleBit users have the ability to open accounts directly on SprinkleXchange which supports trading of Crypto, GDR’s, and other alternative assets,” said Nordgaard.

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