Meet The Regtech Company Backed By Uber's First Developer


The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards are a yearly showcase of the best and brightest in fintech. In preparation for its biggest installment yet in May 2018, we're profiling the companies competing for the BZ Awards.

Our next feature is on iComply ICO.

What does your company do? What unique problem does it solve?

Matthew Unger, CEO and Founder: iComply Investor Services (iComplyICO) is a regulatory technology company focused on digital identification, legal workflows and compliance automation for both initial issuance and secondary trading of tokenized assets (security and utility). We interact beyond blockchain and our technology can be used by traditional and decentralized companies alike. iComply is the world’s only offering for both primary and secondary trading compliance solutions, differentiating itself from other related services by acting primarily as an information-tracking ecosystem. This “prefacto” compliance protocol can screen and restrict non-compliant transactions while enabling all ICO market stakeholders to collaborate in the compliant creation and maintenance of ICOs.

Who are your customers?
We work mostly with small and medium-sized enterprises. One of our first customers was a Canadian real-estate developer. 80 percent of our client base comes from traditional companies in manufacturing, real estate, mining, and information services; the other 20 percent are high-speculation tech companies. iComply Investor Services is also developing partnerships with hundreds of accountants, lawyers, regulators, compliance officers, assurance personnel, and ICO consultants worldwide.
How long have you been in business?
I came up with the concept for iComply in an MIT FinTech course in early 2016; the company itself was founded September 11, 2017.
Where are you located?
We are located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Who is your company's leadership? What kind of experience do they have?
Our Leadership Team: 
Matthew Unger, CEO
Matt Masiar, Chief Technology Officer
Qayyum Rajan, Chief Data Officer
Matthias Kucharska-Huelsmann, Systems Architect
Piotr Piasecki, Chief Blockchain Officer
Zarah Tinholt, Corporate Relations
Check out our whole team and their robust experience, along with our advisory board members, on our website! 
Who are your investors, if any?
Most notably, Praveen Mandal, MIT Fellow and serial entrepreneur, and Conrad Whelan, the original developer and one of the original founders of Uber.
Is there anything else Benzinga should know about your company?
We've been featured on Bloomberg Law, Forbes, BetaKit, CryptoInsider, Business in Vancouver, and a host of other publications, showcased in print, online articles, and on several local and international podcasts.
Our 'Prefacto Compliance Protocol' is the world’s first and only offering for both primary and secondary trading for blockchain-agnostic compliance solutions.
To check out companies like iComply for yourself, grab a ticket to the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards May 15-16 in New York.

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