2 Energy ETFs For Professional And Retail Traders


There are energy ETFs that are good tools for both professional and retail traders. Two of them are the Direxion Daily Energy Bull 2x Shares ERX ETF and the Direxion Daily Energy Bear 2x Shares ERY ETF.

These ETFs track the index that is composed of various energy commodities. They also use leverage.

ERX is designed to move twice as much as the index does. For example, if the index gains 1%, ERX should be up about 2%.

Conversely, ERY is designed to move twice inversely or opposite what the index does. This is used by traders who think the index is going lower. If the index falls by 1%, ERY should be up about 2%.

It’s a great time to be a commodities trader. The recent volatility in oil has led to huge profits for some. These two ETFs can be valuable tools to gain exposure to the energy industry.

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Direxion Daily Energy Bull 2X Shares ETF (ERX)

Direxion Daily Energy Bear 2X Shares ETF (ERY)

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