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LONDON , Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Epillo Health Systems OÜ is a company focused on consumer health and fitness solutions, founded in 2020. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, IoT, artificial intelligence and Web 3.0, the Epillo Health group aims to reduce the healthcare barriers and provide quality care, increase efficiency and access to care, and improve patient satisfaction to redefine the next era of healthcare and blockchain industry.


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On October 30 th 2022, the company will offer an exclusive early bird sale of the EPILLO token. This is an opportunity to enter the diverse and futuristic Epillo ecosystem and contribute to their future developments at a staggering discounted price.

Soon after the formation, the company set-up its medical research wing and conducted its research on Blockchain based drug-drug interactions and drug-food interactions to reduce the adverse drug effects (ADEs) arising in the society due to multiplicity of drugs and food items being consumed in daily life. After conducting its research, in January 2021, the company filed a Patent of its technology – A Digital Therapeutics software based out of "System And Method for Blockchain Based Digital Therapeutic Devices To Predict Food-Drug Constituent Interaction". This technology assists in providing a drug interaction management tool with respect to drug-dietary interactions to help curbing ADEs, less effective medication & low drug-adherence rates. On 23.06.2022, the patent filed by the company received its initial publication vide publication no. WO 2022/132205 and was gazetted by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. On 12.03.2021, Sagacious IP, an International Consultancy, specializing in the Intellectual Property spectrum and valuations of companies, appraised the patent at a valuation of $ 150 million. Now, since the patent received its first publication from WIPO in June 2022, the valuation is expected to go up to $ 250 million in the running quarter.

Further, Epillo HealthHUB - Asia's first health, medicine and nutrition retail center was established in April 2022. This retail center offers a unique combination of a Pharmacy, Doctor Consultation, Lab Testing including detailed Genomic testing, over the counter health, fitness & wellness products along with a in-house Health-food brand, namely Freshwey. This health, medicine and nutrition wellness centre stores all the data in the form of Electronic Health Records through the mobile application – Epillo Health Mate. The HealthHUB also provides its users to avail online doctor consultation services from their home.

While the sister concern company was establishing this 'all of healthcare under one roof' center, Epillo Health Systems OÜ, began its research and development in the spectrum of blockchain based Internet of Things (IoT) in August 2022. was formed to represent the Blockchain vertical of Epillo Health Systems wherein the cutting-edge blockchain technology has been harnessed to develop a disruptive IoT wearable range – Fitmint Wear. The company embarked this journey through a first-of-its-kind blockchain based smartwatch - Fitmint Wear Pro coupled with the companion decentralized mobile application with features like NFT authentication, storing health data on chain, decentralized finance, NFT marketplace, health and fitness product marketplace, staking and swapping platform.

The company aims to govern this entire Epillo ecosystem through their project token – EPILLO, wherever permissible.


Epillo Health Token (EPILLO) is the native token of Epillo Health Systems. Developed using next generation smart contract standard ERC-1155, the token will be deployed on the Polygon smart chain, an Ethereum scaling blockchain. By the end of the year, the company expects the EPILLO token to be available on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges. Additionally,  the token will also be available for customers of the Fitmint Wear, a next generation wearable device from which users will be able to mint the token as an incentivisation mechanism to become more physically active. The total supply of the token is capped at 5 billion.

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As previously mentioned, one of the biggest use cases the token will have is to incentivise users of the Fitmint Wear to become more physically active through the gamification of workouts. Through this mechanism, the more calories you burn, the more EPILLO you will generate. However, this is not the only intended use for the token.  The goal of the token is to create a sustainable economy by offering multiple utilities in the entire Epillo Ecosystem (consumer healthcare, health-tech and digital health, health food and beverages, and blockchain health and fitness). EPILLO will have multiple uses, including but not limited to:

  • Purchase and powering of the Web 3.0 smartwatch.
  • Availing global health consultation and digital health services.
  • Access to gameplay in Fitmint Wear.
  • Gene/DNA testing.
  • Health and fitness e-commerce marketplace.
  • Minting NFTs and access to NFT marketplace.
  • Staking and swapping.
  • Redemption against health-food offerings.
  • Medical fundraising in the research projects.
  • Investments in retail health stores and much more!


With an established base in the Healthcare industry for building an entire ecosystem through state of the art technologies in the best industries, the Epillo Health Token (EPILLO) has the potential to be the " Bitcoin of the healthcare" and fitness industry. The first pre-sale of the EPILLO token will begin on " October 30th, 2022 at 12 PM GMT". For this first stage, the company expects to sell 10% of the total supply at a discounted price of $ 0.55 i.e., at a staggering discount of 33% from its premium price. Furthermore, for the benefit of the community and the investors, the EPILLO coins sold during the private sale will have a two months vesting period and the remaining will be released to the wallets 25 % each month thereafter, once this period expires. Once the private and public sale finishes, the company will initiate the listing on exchanges in December 2022 and simultaneously the Token Generation Event will take place.

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Discover the power of "triple-threat stocks" today!

Legendary investor, Tim Melvin, unearths unlooked "triple-threat stocks" in his Yield Report. Want a shot at handsome opportunities in both a bear and bull market? See if you qualify for the Yield Report. Access for only $0.99 here right NOW!

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