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IDG Capital Vietnam Confirms Investment in METAIN to Lead NFT-Empowered Real Estate Trend in Vietnam

VANCOUVER, British Columbia., March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IDG Capital Vietnam - the leading Ventures capital with strong focus on high-quality technology startups confirms their investment in METAIN - the first co-investment platform based on blockchain and NFT technology in Vietnam. This partnership is expected to foster the development of NFT real estate and attract more global investors to invest in Vietnam proptech empowered by blockchain technology.

Real estate investment promises a very high ROI with the least risk among other investment types (e.g stocks, crypto, saving, open-ended funds, etc.); however, its characteristic creates high entry barriers for individual investors, including big investment capital and an inconvenient, time intensive multiple-transaction process.

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METAIN is the blockchain-empowered co-investment platform focusing in real estate, whose vision is to provide high-yield, transparent and secured investment opportunities to middle-income customers. The platform aims to grow the Vietnam real estate investment market and improve its accessibility using blockchain technology to complement, not replace, existing reliable approaches.

To guarantee its commitment of protecting individual investors, METAIN is following REIT regulation, partnering with high reputation firms for bank trustee service, tax and financial auditing and legal consulting. Those globally recognized partners would be announced shortly within the next month.

IDG Capital also shows their ambition to lead the NFT Real estate trend and reveal their plan to proactively engage with global investors to attract investment into the Vietnam real estate market. About the potential of METAIN, Mr. Duc Tran - General Partner at IDG Capital Vietnam said: "METAIN is the first blockchain startup that IDG Capital Vietnam invests in. Unlike other similar projects, METAIN team has a very smart approach in their choice of investment targets. Income-producing property is real estate you invest in to make money from current rental payments, appreciation in market price, or adding value with additional revenue streams. Last but not least, their aims are only around Central Business District properties whose evaluations are the most stable with an all-time uptrend, comparing to other options."

"With the high security, instantaneous settlement, transparent seamless transaction process blockchain, smart contract and NFT (Non-fungible token) technology is transforming the real estate industry and will become the key trend in the next decades. The next challenges would be how to protect investors' pennies with a reliable setup and how to grow these pennies via choosing right investment assets to acquire. And we believe that we are on the right track of that." said Mr. Nhan Tran, CEO of METAIN.

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