Low-Cost Pot Stocks To Consider, According To SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals CEO Mike Sassano

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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Ltd. co-founder and CEO Michael Sassano recently spoke to Benzinga about a particular value buy that's piqued his interest.

He also touched on recent market fluctuations, the global marketplace's development and what it means to investors.

Sol Global Piquing Interest

Sassano calls Sol Global Invts Corp. (OTC:SOLCF) his top value pick of all the options on the board. Highlighting the holding company's liquid assets, he sees the stock as being primed for redeployment in the sector.

In early February, Sol's largest core investment, Verano Holdings Corp (OTC:VRNOF), executed its go-public transaction by completing a definitive merger agreement that combines a reverse takeover of Majesta Minerals Inc. The deal also included Verano's previously announced merger with Alternative Medical Enterprises, LLC in Florida and Arizona.

"To have that amount of cash or that amount of liquid is just beyond belief," said Sassano. "They are just completely liquid and ready for the next tranche of what to invest in."

Sassano is confident in Sol despite possible lawsuits. The company is currently dealing with a case involving MMCap, the Canada-based buyer of its $50 million debenture and shares to Verano.

Despite the suit possibly thwarting would-be investors, Sassano remains confident in the company, calling the case "complete crap."

He called the lawsuit a "drag" on the stock but expected Sol to become more vocal on the matter, allowing investors to re-focus on its value.

Confidence also remained despite trafficking accusations against Verano, alleging it shipped product from Illinois to Arkansas.

Despite the lawsuit, Sassano considers Sol a value buy for its Florida liquidity. Even if the case reached its worst, he forecasted that Verano's management team would be removed without the company folding.

Focused On Emerging Markets

The recent market fluctuations are an "excellent" sign, according to Sassano. Believing the current trend shows reality in the market, he believes investors are now pausing to assess their positions.

"I think this is a necessary part of the market," Sassano stated.

Overall, he remains confident that cannabis will continue its upward trajectory.

Sassano advises that would-be investors look towards emerging markets in the U.S. and Europe rather than in Canada.

Stating that U.S. companies and MSOs are stronger than Canadian counterparts, Sassano wonders why a top American company would sell to a Canadian venture at this time.

"They're stuck in a very little, small pond right now," he stated, positing that an entry into the U.S. market will be difficult for Canadian brands.

Sassano categorizes cannabis operators into tiers, basing placement on position and market caps. He doesn't see the top two tier operators wanting to be bought by Canadian ventures.

Using Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:JUSHF) as an example of a company unlikely to sell, he cited the company as a growing regional player with an aggressive management team. Sassano had similar views about Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (OTCQX:PLNHF).

Still, he noted that tier three stocks, like Sol Global, are worth investment consideration.

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