ACS Laboratory Achieves Top 5% in the U.S. for Cannabis/Hemp Testing in 2019

ACS Laboratory received 21 Emerald Test Badges for excellence in hemp and cannabis quality testing in 2019; ACS has garnered more recognition for quality than any other laboratory in the Southeastern United States

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2020 / Cannabis and Hemp/CBD companies rely on accurate laboratory test results to market their products. Cannabis/Hemp companies seek medical-grade laboratories like ACS for reproducibility, accuracy and transparency. ACS now holds 21 Emerald Test Badges for potency and safety/contaminant testing.


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Emerald Scientific developed the Emerald Test, an Inter-Laboratory Comparison proficiency test, to bring a level of consistency and standardization in cannabis found in established industries such as environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water and petrochemical.

"The Emerald Test established the Emerald Badge Program so that labs like ACS, that continually strive to provide accurate test results, have a tool through which they can demonstrate their success and commitment to good science and quality assurance to the consumer," said Wes Burk, President, Emerald Scientific.

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"We are proud to work with Emerald Scientific to create a standard for reliable cannabis testing where one did not exist, yet is so needed today. Unfortunately, we've seen too many cannabis/hemp companies turn to ACS Laboratory for testing after receiving inconsistent results from previous labs," said Roger Brown, President of ACS Laboratory. "We are proud to be the leader in an ever-changing industry with highly complex matrices."

In 2019, ACS Laboratory received 21 Emerald Test Badges that included potency tests for flower, extracts, oils and edibles, along with analysis of microbes, heavy metals, water activity and pesticides. Additionally, ACS received Emerald Test Badges for residual solvents, molds, microbials and foreign materials in hemp oil and flower. Most notably, ACS received an award for measuring cannabinoid potency in beverages. This is one of the most difficult tests to perform due to tiny particle size and low potency in beverages.

"One of our biggest differences is that we truly understand the science of cannabis and hemp. We are one of the only DEA-registered, ISO-accredited, CLIA certified facilities with the equipment and experience to measure water soluble cannabinoids. Many laboratories do not have the tools nor the experience to provide accurate potency results for cannabis beverages," said Roger Brown, President of ACS Laboratory. "In 2020, we expect to keep breaking records as the most trusted testing laboratory in the eastern USA and beyond."

In addition to its strong scientific background, ACS is leading the cannabis testing industry through innovation. It was one of the first laboratories to develop a vitamin E acetate test after news about vape-related illnesses broke. ACS is also an innovator in testing specialized pesticides like glyphosate, diquat and paraquat. The laboratory's ability to meet market demand for credible, reproducible and accurate testing is personified by its dedication to innovation along with award-winning results.

About ACS Laboratory: ACS Laboratory is the largest ISO certified, DEA registered, CLIA certified hemp/cbd and cannabis testing facility in the United States. It is a clinical-grade operation that has been continuously refining testing methods for 10+ years. The team at ACS Laboratory is committed to elevating the hemp and cannabis industry by creating high standards and by providing a reliable, consistent laboratory for companies to test their products.

Watch this short video on the Laboratory. Visit to learn about all of the compliant testing services. Follow our growing social channels on Facebook and Instagram for relevant information and insights on both the Hemp and Cannabis Industries.

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