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Protecting Business Intellectual Property Explains Arezu Sabreze


Surfing the web is like going into a gold mine of information which is so tempting to copy anything you chose to. The idea that somebody can copy you after so much hard work in setting up your business can be frustrating. So what can you do to protect yourself? I asked Arezu Sabreze, an entrepreneur who also comes from a Legal background, about how businesses can protect themselves.

"You can't stop anyone from copying your business as an idea is not subject to IP protection. However, there are other ways you can stop others from copying you depending on what you do in a technical legal sense. Does your business revolve around an invention and so a patent would give some level of protection? Or is your business built on brand that is so distinct which needs trademark protection? The most import considerations you have to make are firstly, whether legal protection is needed before launching your business, such as is the case in a patent. If going public before protection is not important then you have to wear your business hat rather than your legal hat by looking at the liklihood fo someone wanting to copy you, which is most likely if you show some success. So when you do reach near enough to success, and you feel that maybe your brand is becoming more recognised, then it will be worth exploring other forms of intellectual property protections here in the UK and abroad so that you know you will safeguard your appeal of the commercial market in your business."

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