Infinity AR CEO: Google Glass Will Rule Augmented Reality Market At Launch

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Chief Executive Enon Landenberg thinks that
will rule the AR market when it is released next year. "I'm quite sure Google Glass will have most of the market because it's Google," Landenberg told Benzinga. "On the other hand, Meta Glasses is the most advanced technology because it's a dual-screen and more than that it's a sequel screen." Meta is one of many augmented reality projects that is attempting to
the way its users interact with real environments. "If you have Google Glass, you see the information on the top of your head and not in front of you," said Landenberg, whose company is developing an AR platform for a multitude of smart devices (glasses, TVs, smartphones, etc.). "On Meta Glasses you see the information in front of you, so you actually have another visual layer. "Today, most of the companies working on augmented reality only think of the visual layer. We are thinking of it in a wider way. If you are developing, you're actually adding a new layer to your day-to-day reality, and it can be another visual one, it can be a sound -- it can be anything that is there that wasn't there before."
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While Landenberg thinks that Google will reign supreme initially, he is confident that Meta's technology (or something like it) will grow rapidly. "I'm quite sure that technology similar to what Meta Glasses [have] is going to be the technology that will be most common in the next few years," he said.
New Dimensions Of Augmented Reality
Infinity AR hopes that its platform will serve all consumers, regardless of which smart device they choose to use. For example, when a user is driving to a meeting, he or she may not care about the meeting's actual location. The closest parking spot may be far more relevant. Infinity AR can guide the user to the nearest spot, saving valuable time in the arduous search for parking. In a demo video, the company shows that this kind of info could be delivered through a user's AR glasses while he or she is driving.
However, at least one woman has already
received a ticket
for driving while wearing Google Glass. There are no laws to prevent her from doing it again, but
that could change
in the near future.
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At home, Infinity AR will deliver an on-screen (TV pop-up) message to warn the user that he forgot to get gas. To compensate, Infinity AR's platform will automatically re-adjust the user's smartphone alarm clock and inform him that he will be awakened 15 minutes early. Infinity AR could also help entrepreneurs. When a startup exec meets with investors, Infinity AR can use Google Glass to deliver key information about each investor he approaches. Facebook, Twitter and other social media data will be presented, allowing the entrepreneur to make an introduction with a relevant icebreaker that's based on the investor's social media posts. Better still, tone detection will allow the user to know if investors are being honest. "When [an investor] tells you, 'That's really interesting, I will call you tomorrow,' by tone detection we will tell you if he's serious or [not]," said Landenberg.
User-Friendly AR
"I think the most important thing from our point of view is that we are really user-friendly," said Landenberg. "We are not going to change your reality, but we are going to change the way you experience your reality. We're going to help you in your day-to-day reality." Infinity AR plans to launch a closed beta for its AR platform within the next three and a half months. Disclosure:
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