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June 8, 2021

A newcomer to the realm of brokers, Webull is well known for offering investors extended trading hours, commission-free investing and more options to contact customer service. However, the platform may not appeal to every type of investor. If you’re unsatisfied with Webull, our guide to Webull alternatives will help you invest with confidence. 

Best Webull Alternatives: 

What is Webull?

Webull is a relatively new broker known for its free commissions and wide range of educational and support tools. Like other brokers on the market, Webull allows users to buy and sell shares of stocks, American depository receipts (ADRs), ETFs and options contracts. Webull has taken cues from competitors like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade, combining powerful investing tools with commission-free trading.

Though Webull was only introduced in 2017, the broker has already made waves throughout the investing world. Some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you invest through Webull include:

  • Commission-free investing: No account minimums, no commissions on stock buy and sell orders and even free options trading, it’s difficult to find a trading platform that offers more free options than Webull.
  • Extended investing hours: Many brokers allow retail investors to trade only during the standard market hours of 9:30 a.m. EST to 4 p.m. EST. Webull offers investors full access to trading during the pre-market hours 4 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. EST and the after-hours trading session of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST. This provides retail investors with more access to investing sessions that move the market outside of major trading hours.
  • 24/7 customer service: If you’re a new investor, it can be helpful to know that you have a customer service team standing by to help you navigate trading issues. Webull’s customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with connectivity and investing issues.

While Webull offers a host of benefits that both new and seasoned investors love, this platform isn’t for everyone. Many Webull alternatives offer enhanced educational options alongside free trading. 

Why Webull Might Not Be Right for You

With so many brokers offering trading capabilities online, you no longer need to settle for a broker that doesn’t offer you access to all of the features and securities you need. If any of the following features are important to you, Webull might not be the best platform for you.

  • Access to long-term investment securities: Though Webull does an amazing job offering securities that active investors frequently trade, it doesn’t offer access to mutual funds or bonds. Despite the fact that the broker offers long-term investing accounts (like traditional and Roth IRAs), without access to these investments, you might have a limited selection of long-term opportunities.
  • Limited access to additional securities: Though Webull makes it easy to invest in stocks, ETFs and options without paying an expensive commission, it doesn’t offer access to futures trading. It also offers limited support for cryptocurrencies — investors can only buy and sell major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum though Webull. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive source to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Webull might not be the best option for you.
  • A platform aimed towards beginners: Webull offers investors access to a wide range of analysis tools, including Level 2 investment data and an advanced charting platform, new investors might find these features overwhelming. Additionally, Webull offers only limited access to educational tools that you can use to learn about the market. If you’ve never traded or invested before, you may want to choose a platform that offers a more comprehensive learning and education center. 

Best Alternatives to Webull

Looking to get started with investing or transfer your account from Webull? Consider a few of our favorite alternative brokers below.  

Best For
  • Active and Global Traders
Securely through Interactive Brokers’ website

Best for Global Capacity: Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers stands out from the pack when it comes to resolute lowest-cost access the widest global range of products and markets. The first among online brokers to trading as low as The first among online brokers to trading as low as The first among online brokers to trading as low as $0 commissions for US stocks & ETFs, Interactive Brokers is also Benzinga’s #1-rated broker for Mutual Funds, Bond, International, Short Trading and more commissions for US stocks & ETFs, Interactive Brokers is also Benzinga’s #1-rated broker for Mutual Funds, Bond, International, Short Trading and more commissions for US stocks & ETFs, Interactive Brokers is also Benzinga’s #1-rated broker for Mutual Funds, Bond, International, Short Trading and more. IB clients earn extra income from their fully owned shares via their Stock Yield Enhancement Program, and they enjoy enhanced pricing via IB’s SmartRouting technology.

Plus, Interactive Brokers provides the absolute lowest margin loan rates in the industry. It’s no wonder that active traders & investors from over 200 countries and territories invest globally in Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Bonds, and Funds from a single integrated account at the lowest cost across Interactive Brokers award-winning platforms.

Best For
  • Beginners
securely through Robinhood's website

Best for Simple Trading: Robinhood

One of the first investing platforms aimed at beginner investors, Robinhood offers new traders an intuitive and inviting way to explore the market and get started with their first trades. Swipe, tap and flick through some of the most popular investment opportunities on the platform and place a trade in as little as a few seconds.

In addition to a simple and straightforward platform, Robinhood also offers a few unique opportunities to learn about the market and the types of orders you can use to buy and sell stocks.

For example, Robinhood offers an excellent introduction to options trading and the types of options orders you can place with its in-app guide. Though Robinhood offers access to fewer securities than Webull, its easy-to-master app and desktop platform can be welcoming for completely new investors. 

Best For
  • Futures Trading
securely through TradeStation's website

Best for Futures Trading: TradeStation

Futures contracts allow you to invest in predictive price movements of commodities, precious metals, bonds and other types of assets. TradeStation is one of our favorite platforms for futures trading, with comprehensive analysis tools and a wealth of platforms to choose from.

Though TradeStation doesn’t currently offer free trading for futures contracts, the broker makes it easy to learn more about the market and invest in this security type not offered by many other retail trading platforms.

TradeStation also boasts a massive selection of educational tools, as well as basic cryptocurrency trading and access to options, ETFs, stocks and more.  

Best For
  • Active Traders
securely through Moomoo's website

Best for App Trading: Moomoo

If you’re a trader who does most of their investing on mobile, you’re probably used to your platform sacrificing features or offering you a mobile app that’s difficult to navigate. When you choose Moomoo, you won’t need to use a watered-down platform to invest from your phone. Moomoo specializes in offering investors an intuitive yet powerful platform for both desktop and mobile users.

Moomoo’s app delivers traders tools like free Level 2 market data, advanced charting options, screening tools and custom push notifications to help them get the most out of their mobile investments. 

Best For
  • Coinbase Learn
securely through Coinbase's website

Best for Cryptocurrency Trading: Coinbase

If you’re looking for the widest possible selection of cryptocurrency investments, Coinbase could be the right investing platform for you. Though Coinbase doesn’t offer access to traditional markets like the stock and bond market, it offers one of the most comprehensive selections of cryptocurrencies on the market.

From major crypto projects like Bitcoin to stablecoins to aspiring altcoins like Chainlink, Coinbase makes it easy to learn more about some of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies and invest with ease.

Coinbase also allows you to get started cryptocurrency trading for free with its Coinbase Earn program. Simply watch a few educational videos about some of Coinbase’s major token offerings and take a quiz on the projects’ histories and functionalities. For each answer you get correct, you’ll earn a bit of crypto. 

Invest with Confidence

No matter if you decide to invest in stocks through Webull or futures contracts through TradeStation, it’s important to take the time to compare platforms before you decide which trading platform you’d like to use. Be sure to compare news and education resources, commissions and pricing and market access before you open an account. This will help ensure that you don’t need to maintain multiple accounts to have access to all of the investments and tools you need.