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May 21, 2021
Moneta Markets
Overall Rating:
securely through Moneta Markets's website

Moneta Markets allows users to trade on primary financial instruments that include forex, share CFDs, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies through their custom web and mobile platforms. However, due to CFTC regulations that make it impossible for US citizens to trade with offshore brokers, the platform is unavailable for US traders.

Best For
  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced traders
  • Scalpers, swingers and long-term traders
  • Traders looking for an all-in-one trading platform.
  • Islamic traders looking for a swap-free trading platform.
  • 3 platforms: MT4, MetaTrader app and next-gen ProTrader
  • Wide range of financial instruments
  • Outstanding analytical and educational tools
  • Very competitive low spreads
  • 50% deposit bonus on $500+ live trading account
  • $0 deposit fees
  • It does not require any download
  • Unavailable for US clients
  • Offshore regulators may not guarantee adequate protection

Moneta Markets Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Mobile App
User Experience
User Benefits
Overall Rating

Moneta Markets is an authorized and regulated forex and CFD broker with both web and app trading platforms, plus the popular MT4 platform and app. In addition to it's highly efficient ProTrader platform, the broker offers leverage of up to 1:500 for forex with a minimum deposit of $50 and $0 deposit fees. Lower leverage exists for other financial instruments. 

In addition, the broker offers a bonus for deposits and provides users with many analytical trading tools and educational materials. Other great features include an economic calendar, forex trading calculators, a selection of video tutorials and more.

Moneta Markets, founded in 2018, was a relatively new addition to the Vantage International Group Limited (VIG), authorized and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Currently, Moneta is no longer part of the Vantage Group.

Through Moneta Markets, the company is able to leverage its long-term experience in the financial sector to provide easy access to the market to its global retail clients. With over 70,000+ active clients and monthly trade volumes over $100 billion, it won't be wrong to argue that the company delivers the best of services to its customers. 

Moneta Markets Services

Investment Offerings

Moneta Markets has an extensive range of investment products that traders can leverage and earn good returns. These include: 

  • 45+ FX pairs, including the most popular pairs like EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, etc.  
  • 15 largest global indices markets including the SP500, FTSE, DAX, NIKKEI, HANG SENG and more. 
  • 15 global most traded and liquid commodity markets including Oil, Gas, Gold, etc. 
  • 135+ global share CFDs that grant you access to big companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. 
  • 4 of the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. However, cryptocurrency trading is available only through CFDs. This means it is currently not possible to trade the underlying asset.

Trading Platforms

Moneta Markets provides users with three trading platforms. The MetaTrader platform suite (MT4), MetaTrader app and the ProTrader app.


The ProTrader from Moneta is powered by TradingView, offering access to hundreds of popular indicators and technical analysis tools like trendlines, charts, chart patterns, Fibonacci retracements, and much more.

MT4 and MetaTrader App

Moneta Markets recently introduced the MT4 platform and app; these platforms provide users with market trading tools and advanced charting features. It also offers users automated trading services and has built-in support.  The MT4 platform and app are best suited for active forex traders and provide a more comprehensive and downloadable option to the broker's proprietary web-based solution. There is also MT4 built for native Mac platforms for Mac users.

Research and Trading Tools

Third-party research content is available on the Moneta platform. The trading platform also offers daily in-house articles, trade ideas and video content from the Moneta TV series. Moneta Markets users can access a lot of third-party research tools, like Trading Central. In addition, as a Moneta Markets client, you are granted access to varieties of trading tools to enable you to make good decisions during a trade.

From giving you insight into what is moving the needles in the global markets to providing real-time live trading signals, these tools give you an edge over traders using other brokers. Some of the essential tools include: 

  • Market Sentiment Tool—this enables you to gauge other traders sentiments by showing you the percentage of traders going long or short.
  • Economic Calendar—by updating you with news and events impacting the global markets, the economic calendar puts you in a better position to make more informed decisions in your daily trades. However, you need to have a live trading account with at least $500 to access the economic calendar.
  • Daily Technical Analysis Tool—the analysis covered by this tool encompasses all the financial instruments traded on the Moneta Markets platforms. The tool can grant you insight into a potential trading opportunity. 
  • Featured Ideas—This tool helps you personalize your trade ideas in real-time. You can tweak or filter your trade idea by indicator, candlestick patterns, or time-frames to get the best setup that suits your trading style. Like the economic calendar, you also need to have a live trading account with at least $500 to access the featured ideas. 
  • Market Buzz—this tool can help you pinpoint what drives the global market through real-time news coverage, media content, and prize events across global markets. With the AI buzz meter, you can see the real-time volume of social media chatters and news about your assets of interest. Armed with this information, you are  better equipped to make trade decisions. 
  • Forex Calculator—this tool can help you find the key prize level for money management in real-time and based on live market price. 
  • Moneta Markets Education—Education tools are available to help you make informed trading by improving your trading knowledge.
  • Market Masters—this tool grants you access to essential forex trading tutorial videos, an introduction to fundamental and technical analysis and more. You also need to have a live trading account with at least $500 to access the complete 100+ tutorial videos. 

Moneta Markets Pricing

There are three main account options available on Moneta Markets platforms, and charges depend on which one among them you choose. These account options include ECN, STP and the Moneta Prime account. The Moneta Prime and STP are commission-free, while the ECN charges a commission but has a tighter spread, from 0.0 pips across the majors.

In trading, the tighter the spread, the better value. For example: If the bid price is 1.26739 and the ask price is 1.26749 for the GBP/USD currency pair. Subtracting 1.26739 from 1.26749, equals 0.0001 which is a spread of 1.0. This is because the spread is determined by the last large number in the price quote.

Moneta Markets also provides demo and Islamic trading accounts. The demo account is a valuable means of playing around with the market to get a general idea of what trading is about as a beginner. However, the demo account expires after 30 days, but by then, you would have gained a great experience. 

Moneta Markets Customer Service

Moneta Markets offers multilingual support 24 hours a day, for 5 days a week via telephone, email ( and live chat channels (located at the bottom right corner). Users across platforms expressed great satisfaction with the customer support team. This lays credence to their professionalism and speed with which they attend to customer's problems.

Moneta Markets Mobile App

The Moneta Markets mobile app enables round-the-clock trading. The app offers the same trading features on the web platform; these include—  45 technical indicators, 6 chart types and the built-in Client Portal,. The app comes in 10 different languages and is designed to suit both beginners and experienced traders. The mobile app supports IOS and Android devices. Mobile app users, however, pointed out the need to sync features across platforms.

Moneta Markets User Experience

Across platforms, reviews are overwhelmingly positive as users expressed great satisfaction at the quality of service, ease of use, smart web and app interface.

Moneta Markets User Benefits

The platform benefits users in the following way:

  • Round-the-clock customer support —traders can access 24 hours multilingual support 5 days a week. The customer support team can also assist users remotely through TeamViewer.
  • The DupliTrade feature allows users with account deposits of $2000 to copy a portfolio of proprietary traders. To try this, choose which trader(s) you prefer to follow based on their parameters, such as preferred instruments and trading style. The person's trades will be duplicated on the web platform.
  • Access to MetaTrader marketplace where they can take advantage of the additional trading tools and automated trading strategies provided.
  • Bonuses and promotions —the platform currently offers a 50% deposit bonus for a minimum of $500. Users can also share referral links and earn referral bonuses.

Moneta Markets Security

Although offshore regulators may not guarantee the protection of client's funds and therefore cannot be wholly trusted. Especially considering that they don't require strict supervision and background check for registering financial companies, unlike reputed regulators like US CFTC and UK FCA.

Also Moneta Markets’ client funds are held in a segregated account with NAB (National Australian Bank) to guarantee maximum security. In addition, clients' accounts have negative balance protection guaranteed that the negative balance doesn't result from trade abuse. Moneta Markets also carry out regular third-party audits and there is comprehensive indemnity insurance. As for the App, the MetaTrader has a two-factor authentication feature and comes with standard SSL encryption. All these combine to guarantee your funds' safety. 

Moneta Markets Overall Rating

Moneta Markets offers traders over 1000+ financial instruments to trade. Users can access loads of both in-house and third-party videos suitable for different traders. Signup on the web platform is hassle-free and the app is very user-friendly. However, Moneta Markets WebTrader has a lot more features than AppTrader. Also, trading tools are not directly integrated. Hence there is a need to synchronize features across web and mobile platforms. Although the platform gives users access to extensive third-party resources, there is a lack of in-depth articles for users' education.

Moneta Markets vs. Competitors

Moneta Markets has a reasonable deposit minimum of $50, however that said competitors like Tifia Market, has a $10 minimum.  While the trading platform is available to all mobile and desktop devices with an internet connection, some features are missing in the AppTrader version. Trading tools are not directly integrated. Alternative apps like Saxo Bank and TD Ameritrade have a more unified experience across multiple devices where even trendlines sync on mobile devices. The addition of these features would be an improvement.

Moneta Markets Tutorial

Users can watch daily market briefings and tutorials either on their Youtube channel under the Moneta TV series and Trading Central or on Moneta Markets.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I open multiple trading accounts at Moneta Markets?


Yes, it is possible to create additional trading accounts within the ProTrader platform. Just login if you have an existing account and on your profile click Manage account and finally, click ‘open additional account.’


Is Moneta Markets safe?


Although regulated offshore, your fund is held in a segregated account in NAB, which guarantees its safety.


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User Reviews

Eric Smith

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Finally I have been able to retrieve all my lost funds of about $100, 000, which I never believed I would get again from an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital for over 3 months now, and denied my access to my trading account. I’m so glad th


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

AM GLAD ABOUT THE SUCCESS STORY I GAINNED FROM FINANCE CHARGE BACK,A bunch of scammers. Stay away. They got my funds and were playing games for days. Until, I got some people involved(Finance charge back via google). Customer service non existent.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

AM GLAD ABOUT THE SUCCESS STORY I GAINNED FROM FINANCE CHARGE BACK,A bunch of scammers. Stay away. They got my funds and were playing games for days. Until, I got some people involved(Finance charge back via google). Customer service non existent.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

A bunch of scammers. Stay away. They got my funds and were playing games for days. Until, I got some people involved(Finance charge back via google). Customer service non existent. They have a guy on chat and whenever you talk about an issue his robotic r

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