Best Dividend Income Trackers

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April 29, 2023

Growing your future financial security while you sleep is a great way to reap (and maximize) the benefits of being unconscious. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just beginning to reap the rewards of your financial moves, a dividend income tracker does the work of calculating for you, sparing you math, effort and time. A dividend income tracker carries deep value as both a convenient and intelligent tool that allows you to perform multiple core functions from quickly reinvesting dividends to calculating the full projected value of your annualized returns while comparing them against the market benchmark,

Diversification is a long-proven sound financial planning strategy, and implementing it can mean more data to keep track of, especially when holding varied accounts (IRA, 401K, brokerage and businesses with different tax structures.) Hear that crunch? It’s a dividend income tracker tabulating your numbers, optimizing your portfolio and priming your dividends to reach their highest possible yield.

Quick Look at the Best Dividend Income Trackers

Best Dividend Income Trackers

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Snowball Analytics

Snowball Analytics works well for beginners, professional investors and portfolio managers that need a quality solution for portfolio tracking. You gain several benefits, including: 

  • In-depth dividend reporting and analysis
  • Easy linking to your brokerage accounts 
  • Automatic updates
  • Performance tracking for all your tradable instruments

You can connect automatically with over 1,000 brokers worldwide in the U.S., U.K., Europe and Asia. You can look into pretty much any stock, ETF or mutual fund globally, review crypto performance and make use of a massive array of innovative tools that allow you to see historic and realtime data, informing your rebalancing efforts, allocation of current assets and benchmarking for future review.

You can also join the community on the site to learn more, share ideas and grow as an investor. It’s easy to import data, and even fund managers or financial advisors can utilize this platform to help their clients without spinning their wheels with manual calculations. In short, you can track trends, learn how to handle your portfolio and use Snowball as your one-stop shop for all the investment info you require.


  • Easy to set up an account
  • Useful fund managers and financial advisors
  • Tracks thousands of tradable assets


  • Professional pricing might seem a bit high


For those with multiple investment and brokerage accounts, Sharesight is a solid match, beautifully streamlining the dividend tracking process by consolidating all the information you need about all your holdings in one place. You can get started for free, forget about maintaining complex spreadsheets and collect quite a bit of useful data.

Yes, you can track your dividends, but you can also see the true performance of your portfolio, get regular updates, save time and add your first 10 holdings for free. Plus, some of its partners are the biggest accounting firms, brokers and data providers in the industry—so you know you’re in good hands.


  • Advanced reporting options
  • Unique tax reporting tools
  • Sharesight offers a free trial to test out its features so you can experience the platform tracking up to 10 holdings before committing to a plan
  • Cryptocurrency tracking


  • Only supports 8 major cryptocurrencies


The word basic has gotten a bad rap of late, but if your needs demand it, by definition it’s the perfect way to go. Ideally laid out for beginners and mobile traders, Robinhood is easy to use and understand platform takes precedence if temporary over limited trading options and account types.

Robinhood is also a good place to learn about your investments so that you can understand the markets better before spending more money. Think of this as your educational hub that also allows you to track your portfolio and dividends.


  • Interface is streamlined and new investor/user friendly
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency here
  • Mobile app is fully capable


  • Fewer trading analysis tools
  • Only taxable, non-retirement accounts are available


When you want to track your cryptocurrencies, you need a tracking platform that works with you instead of spitting information in your direction. Plus, you can track all your traditional investments on this platform from stocks and ETFs to mutual funds and more. Expertly designed, Kubera:

  • Connects to all your accounts
  • Values your assets like cars, homes, etc.

Kubera creates a personal balance sheet just for you so that you can see more than your investments. While net worth is often seen as a figure reserved for the ultra-rich, everyone has a net worth. You can review how many assets you actually have, assess how they can be used to your advantage, what is appreciating, what is depreciating, etc.

With all of this information, Kubera shows you the “big picture” of all your finances. Plus, you can take advantage of the $1 trial for 14 days, allowing you to test how the platform works for you.


  • Tracks crypto along with traditional investments
  • Connects with over 20,000 banks
  • “Dead man’s switch” feature sends your details to beneficiaries in the event of your passing


  • No mobile app currently available

Personal Capital

A wide range of investments demands fluid and intuitive easy trackability. Personal Capital is just the app for that. Optimized for customized tracking of time-sensitive projects and goals and features an array of tools to help you with risk assessment, budgeting and optimization, Blending AI with human services, commissions stay low, allowing clients to enjoy personalized advice from real people. 

When you use the Personal Capital app or site, you can increase your chances of retiring with success. Adjust your goals as needed, compare plans, schedule big expenses that will come up in the future, etc. Personal Capital also looks at how diversified you are, calculates your net worth and shares news items that will shape how you manage your investments.


  • Great for online financial, investment and retirement planning. Full range of services including investing and portfolio construction, upwards of 500 college plans, home financing, 401 (k) accounts.
  • Panoramic view of your finances that you can see 24/7


  • High-ish minimum balance for investment management services not an option for all investors
  • Portfolio requires a value of $200,000- $1 million for estate legacy and tax services, along with portfolio customization to be available


High-frequency high-activity traders are likely to frequently and extensively use Finblox’s real-time assessment tools which self-modify and change to reflect current portfolio conditions. Billed as a complete toolbox for investors, Finbox allows you to access updated information on 100,000 different companies on over 100 exchanges. There are millions of data points to choose from, low prices and market data licensed directly from S&P Global Market Intelligence.


  • Great for the professional investor


  • High investment required $100,000

Dividend Tracker and Building a Portfolio

Online quotes are key information when it comes to building your portfolio tracker. Besides providing in-the-moment critical data, online quotes simultaneously establish a timeline and provide a next-step jumpoff point to help you see where best to reinvest. Remember, tracking dividends is about more than current income—you want to track dividends so that you can see how much income you can guarantee for yourself in the future.

Review the Investments in Your Portfolio

You can begin tracking your holdings going back to your first buy and sell trades or work from your holdings’ current opening balances. Take advantage of a dividend income trackers flexible features. Whatever works, works!

Dividends and Taxes

Capital gains tax rates normally determine qualified dividend taxes. In 2020, your investment is tax-free if your annual taxable income falls below $40,000 for single people filing separately, $53,601 for head of household filers, and $80,001 for the married filing jointly or those filing as widowers. Those whose earnings surpass from $40,0000 to $496,000 depending on individual circumstances and conditions, pay a 20 percent tax rate. In some circumstances the 3.8 Net Investment Income Tax may also apply to qualified dividends 

Future Income Reports 

A dividend income tracker that can project your future income based on factors in your portfolio is a valuable tool to have.  Consistency is critical to wise and successful investing. The right moves to successfully play the long game optimize the short game. 

Diversification of Stocks

A diverse portfolio is key in helping to offset the risks of investing in only one or limited areas while maximizing the potential for current and future returns. Even if you’re doing well by concentrating your investments into a single area, a mix of stocks and bonds makes a higher overall yield more likely and will help you endure fluctuations and a leaner market with mitigated damage to your overall wealth. Balance generally offers the best protection against market fluctuation. 

Compounding Dividend Income

Time, time and more time may be the most powerful asset when it comes to building your assets. The earlier you start, the higher the likelihood you’ll be able to generate enough income to live on in retirement.  A dividend income tracker positions you to compound interest and direct your investments strategically, intuitively, and conveniently. 

From seasoned investor, beginner or somewhere in between, a dividend income tracker is an invaluable and handy ally that can make all the difference in helping you capitalize on your capital.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you keep track of dividends?


Click on the platform that offers what you want. Set up, connect and consolidate your accounts and start tracking!


Can you live off dividend income?


If your capital is large enough to earn enough in dividend percentages,definitely! Divide your current/desired income or desired income by the dividend percentage to see where your finances stand.