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August 11, 2021
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If you’ve tried to keep track of all your financial assets, investments, cryptocurrencies, credit card debt, mortgages, auto loans, real estate etc. and their values in order to get an accurate net worth, then you know how difficult it can be to keep current.  Kubera is a revolutionary online service that lets you track all of your assets in one place.

Best For
  • Those who want an online only service
  • Investors to track assets
  • Tracks cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional investments.
  • Connects to over 20,000 different banks worldwide.
  • Values assets like your home, car and Internet domains.
  • “Dead man’s switch” feature lets you leave access to your beneficiary.
  • No mobile app currently available.

Kubera Ratings at a Glance

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Named after the Hindu God of wealth and billed as the world’s most modern portfolio tracker, Kubera lets you track all of your assets and investments in one place online. 

In addition to tracking the value of traditional assets like stocks and bonds, Kubera lets you track the value of cryptocurrencies, your internet domains, loans to family and friends, and personal hard assets like your home and automobiles. Kubera gives you a summary of all of your investments’ values in real time in an intuitive interface that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet. 

The online service connects to over 20,000 banks around the world using account aggregation technologies, which lets you monitor both your domestic and overseas cash holdings. You can also chart the progress of your investments and see how they’ve performed over time. Keep reading this Kubera review to find out more about this unique portfolio tracking service.   

History of Kubera

Kubera’s history begins with the 2018 sale of database tools app Webyog and popular email app Newton that were developed by the Kubera team. After being caught in a rip tide in Costa Rica and having to be rescued, Kubera founder and CEO Rohit Nadhani began listing all of his assets in Google Sheets on his way home. 

After listing all of his assets and their custodians, the task of summarizing and accurately obtaining values for all of his assets proved to be considerably more complicated than Nadhani previously thought. The list of his assets included cryptocurrencies, collectibles, precious metals, private investments, loans to family and friends, domain names and other digital assets. 

Nadhani found that while entering the data into Google Sheets was relatively easy, he wanted other features that the spreadsheet did not include. Key features Nadhani wanted was the ability to automatically update the value of the assets listed and some basic reporting that was then unavailable in other portfolio tracking services. 

Another feature he wanted is now incorporated into the Kubera online portfolio tracking service — a “share but not yet” control — that would give Nadhani’s family access to personal asset data if an unforeseen event occurred and he died or otherwise became unavailable.

Nadhani was also disappointed in the available portfolio tracker options for a number of reasons. The first was their less than user-friendly interfaces that made many applications clunky to operate. Nadhani wanted an interface that was smooth and a joy to use. Additional drawbacks he noted were the lack of meaningful sharing features and support for non traditional assets like cryptocurrencies. 

In addition, then-existing trackers mainly focused on features irrelevant to the user, and they annoyingly bombarded users with credit card offers and unneeded services. Another drawback was that some of these services would try to push clients to speak to financial advisors by indicating poor diversity in the user’s portfolio. Nadhani was even subjected to annoying phone calls from these so-called “advisors.”

After making his evaluations, Nadhani contacted his former colleagues, Manoj Marathayil and Umesh Gopinath. From there, the team worked on developing the Kubera personal net worth tracker and the startup was successfully launched on May 25, 2020. 


Kubera’s online portfolio tracker interface. Source: Kubera

Kubera Product Offerings

Kubera is a one product company that offers its state-of-the-art online portfolio and net worth tracking service. The interface has a streamlined, simple and clutter-free design that is easy to use and read. The service lets you connect and monitor all of your financial accounts, including bank and brokerage accounts, cryptocurrency exchanges and self-custody crypto wallets like Ledger, Trezor and Metamask.  

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Kubera supports decentralized finance (DeFi) assets on multiple chains like Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Solana and Cosmos.

The company itself relies on financial data aggregation services like Plaid and Yodlee to connect to over 20,000 banks around the world, including international accounts. Kubera also supports and values all currencies, including cryptocurrencies. 

Keep in mind that while Kubera can show you account information, it cannot make financial transactions on your behalf. 

Importantly, Kubera keeps all of your asset data confidential and does not sell it to third parties. The company also offers a White-Label service, which is a B2B solution that allows firms to roll out self-branded Kubera software to their clients. This is ideal for estate planners, financial professionals and banks that want to offer Kubera’s modern technology, intuitive interface and future-proof fin-tech features to their own clients. You can sign up for this service here.

One of Kubera’s best features is its estate and beneficiary management transfer system. This optional feature lets you install a “dead man’s switch” that gets triggered if you do not log in for 45 days and then fail to respond to multiple reminders in the event of an accident or other adverse event that might incapacitate you. 

If that happens, the service then automatically sends a portfolio information download link with your asset data to your designated beneficiary. If they do not respond after several reminders, it notifies a third party of your choosing to provide the beneficiary with assistance. 

Kubera Pricing

Kubera’s full subscription costs $15 per month or $150 per year, which can seem a bit pricey for smaller investors. On the plus side, the company makes its money from subscriptions, so you won’t see any ads, and your personal data remains private instead of being sold to marketing services. 

If you want to check out Kubera’s online portfolio tracking service without seriously committing, you can get a 14-day trial for $1. 

Kubera Mobile App

Currently, Kubera only offers a mobile app to iPhone users available in the Apple App store. Their app is not currently available to Android users.

Customer Service

Kubera’s Help Center shows a search box for its knowledge base and links to articles answering a series of frequently asked questions covering topics like how to connect to banks, brokers and cryptocurrency wallets. It also has buttons leading to several article sets for new users and for those interested in portfolio tracking and security.

The Help Center page also includes an email address, although no phone number, live chat or other immediate way of contacting the company’s help staff was apparent on Kubera’s website. Personal email support is 24/7, often getting a reply within minutes, which is why despite the lack of other modes of contact support, this customer service scores high. There is also a Talk to Us widget on the Kubera website and in the app where you can contact help quickly.

Kubera Overall Rating

Overall, Kubera has a lot going for it and ranks very well as an asset monitoring service, although the lack of a mobile app and its email-only customer support negatively affected its rating. While the company is currently working on providing a mobile app, its customer service could really use a phone number or live chat system to better help new and paying customers. 

Since the application only tracks your assets, however, that customer service issue is generally less relevant than it would be for a broker, bank or other financial institution where a transaction or issue may need immediate clarification or correction. 

Benefits of Kubera 

In addition to letting you review all of your financial accounts and value your major assets in one place, the Kubera online portfolio monitoring service is extremely easy to use and navigate. The web-based service also supports a wide range of crypto assets and exchanges, and it can even connect to self-custody crypto wallets. 

Although Kubera currently lacks a mobile app t, its estate management feature is a notable feature that can transmit your portfolio data to your named beneficiary if you become unresponsive. If you already use a portfolio tracker or if you’ve considered using one, then you can check out Kubera’s service using its 14-day trial subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How many assets does Kubera track?


Currently, Kubera tracks $12.10 billion in personal assets and $3.4 billion in institutional assets.

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