Dallas Real Estate Investing

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July 14, 2020

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More than 3.5 million people call Dallas home. Investing in Dallas real estate is a real opportunity for you to earn better returns. From single-family homes to luxurious condominiums, Dallas has plenty of properties that can be profitable long-term real estate investments

Why Invest in Dallas?

  • Dallas has a high employment rate. The city creates more than 500,000 jobs per year.
  • Over 22 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Dallas including AT&T, Exxon Mobil and American Airlines Group.
  • Dallas has a low crime rate. Safer neighborhoods improve the value of real estate.
  • Dallas has an affordable average rental rate of $1,925 per month. 

Dallas Real Estate Market Forecast

Take a look at what the real estate professionals have to say about hot locations in Dallas, Texas. 

Victory Park

  • Average rental price: $1,831 per month
  • Average property price: $653,257

Victory Park is a 75-acre planned community in Dallas. It is right around the corner from American Airlines Center, the main entertainment platform that hosts sporting events, concerts and shows. 

You can find multi-family homes and high-rise condos in the vicinity. Victory Park is within walking distance of Uptown Dallas. The location is thriving with fine-dining restaurants, parks and clubs.   

Lake Highlands

  • Average rental price: $1,139 per month
  • Average property price: $338,257

Lake Highlands is located close to the city center of Dallas. It has a good mix of single-family luxury homes and modern apartments. The cost of living is comparatively lower in this part of town. 

The University of Dallas and White Rock Lake are central locations in Lake Highlands. The place is packed with schools, shopping malls and art galleries. The Facebook Data Center worth $1 billion is a major financial hub and many of its employees reside in Lake Highlands. 

Bryan Place

  • Average rental price: $1,525 per month
  • Average property price: $313,244

Bryan Place has a range of rustic and modern homes. The Baylor University Medical Center is 1 of the busiest places in Dallas. A majority of the rental income comes from its students.   

Due to its high occupancy rates, it can be hard to find rental properties or houses for sales in Bryan Place. You can catch many of its residents enjoying a stroll in Exall Park.  

Main Street District

  • Average rental price: $1,259 per month
  • Average property price: $297,607

The Main Street District is the backbone of downtown Dallas. It is the bridge between corporate offices and entertainment venues in the city. You have easy access to public amenities, making it 1 of the safest places to invest. 

There’s no lack of amenities in the Main Street District. It houses some of the safest neighborhoods in Dallas. The Pegasus Plaza draws a lot of people and is a key location for up-and-coming businesses.


  • Average rental price: $1,070 per month
  • Average property price: $527,141

Munger is 1 of the most aesthetically-pleasing parts of Dallas. You can find a large collection of prairie-style homes. It is recognized by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. 

It has a low vacancy rate and a staggering 77% population of rental residents. Properties are slightly more expensive, but the real estate investments can earn you more consistent returns. 

Farmer’s Market 

  • Average rental price: $2,060 per month
  • Average property price: $429,000

Local farmers and small businesses are thriving in the Farmer’s Market. Investing in apartments and condos in this part of Dallas can earn you a higher yield of rental income.  

The size of the real estate properties can range anywhere from 5 to 70 acres. The Dallas International School District is also close to the Farmer’s Market. 


  • Average rental price: $920 per month
  • Average property price: $399,000

Lockwood is part of the greenbelt in Dallas. It is filled with trees and luscious landscapes. It also has a wide range of fast food restaurants and retail outlets in the area. 

Cedar Hill

  • Average rental price: $1,800 per month
  • Average property price: $425,000

Cedar Hill is located in the southwest part of Dallas. It has over 45,000 residents and features artsy homes, apartments and lofts. Most people can be seen enjoying nature in Cedar Hill State Park and Joe Pool Lake. 

Victorian cottages and mansions are a common sight in Cedar Hill. The newly-commissioned Dallas Police Headquarters has helped curb the crime rate in the city. 

North East

  • Average rental Income: $2,360 per month
  • Average property price: $299,000

North East is an excellent choice for real estate investors as it offers some of the best rental rates in Dallas. It is home to Fair Park, a 227-acre property with museums, performance venues and a major sports stadium. 

The Southern Methodist University is in North East and is a central location for youth gatherings. The NorthPark Center is a famous shopping mall in the vicinity.

Investing Passively in Dallas

Passive real estate investing lets you pool your money into real estate firms that in turn develop and manage properties. These properties can include residential houses, commercial spaces, hospitals, malls and hotels. 

Putting your money behind Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) companies is a widely-used trading strategy. These companies let you directly invest in real estate stocks and provide you with regular dividends from the rents collected. 

You can earn a substantial income through passive real estate investing without the hassles of maintaining properties on your own. The fixed rate of return also helps you manage your expenses more effectively. 

Best Passive Real Estate Investing Platforms

Real estate investing platforms allow you to own shares in multi-million dollar properties across locations in the U.S. You can browse through dozens of prime properties and compare reviews and returns before investing. 

Unlike real estate stocks, these crowdfunding platforms guarantee a fixed rate of return. You may have to deposit a minimum amount of money to open an account on these platforms. Some of these applications such as Diversyfund let you invest in real estate without charging you a fee. 

Double Your Returns with Dallas Real Estate

The stable returns you can earn from real estate investments make it the perfect choice for long-term strategies. You can track the performance of these properties in real-time and make amends when necessary. The higher return rate on real estate investments makes it a far better alternative to traditional stocks and bonds. Start with our guide to double your returns with Dallas real estate investments. 

Accelerate Your Wealth

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