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March 14, 2024
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securely through CoinStats's website

CoinStats provides powerful and unique insights into users’ crypto portfolios. The site offers several features, including transaction analytics, instant notifications and fast trading. Users can connect their favorite wallets and exchanges within minutes and begin using the platform.

The site also offers up-to-date news to keep traders informed. This news is created by the CoinStats team and can help traders make better investments with a more thorough knowledge of the markets. CoinStats also collects news from over 40 sources to provide a powerful information service for its users.

Best For
  • Crypto traders using several exchanges
  • Conducting advanced crypto research
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Military-grade encryption of crypto assets
  • Earn up to 20% APY by staking
  • Allows traders to simplify their crypto portfolios
  • Live cryptocurrency price data
  • Premium features require a paid subscription
  • Advanced features can be confusing for some beginners

CoinStats Ratings at a Glance

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CoinStats Product Offerings

CoinStats provides users with an analytics feature that enables access to comprehensive insights on their trading activities. This tool aids in analyzing past trades and making strategic decisions for future trading endeavors.

Users are also given access to extremely accurate pricing data for more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies. The platform supports 300 wallets and exchanges, 100 blockchains and 1,000+ DeFi protocols. CoinStats even offers a heatmap to show the state of the entire crypto market. 

Users can utilize the up-to-date prices to trade cryptocurrency. When you connect an exchange, you can trade cryptocurrency directly from CoinStats. Plus, you can directly purchase crypto from CoinStats by connecting a debit card to your trading account.

Recently, CoinStats launched its AI-powered Exit Strategy feature, which enables users to set selling prices for their cryptocurrencies. With its notification system and AI Suggest tool for Bull Market Price Estimation, users can make informed decision and take timely action.

CoinStats offers a variety of features to support crypto traders. With these powerful data tools, users have easy access to useful information to power trades. 

CoinStats Customer Service

CoinStats offers a transparent and informative customer service program. The support team can be reached via email, phone and chat messages. The site offers more than 80 articles to address common questions. On the off chance you cannot find the answer in an article, the support team is happy to help resolve any issues.

Users can also request new features to be added to the site. This allows users to have a say in where the app goes. These requests are reviewed regularly and are often implemented in new versions of the app. 

CoinStats also offers a refund policy for those who purchase a subscription from the website. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact the support team within 30 days to receive a refund.

The only issue with the customer support team is it’s not available 24/7, which is often a standard for customer support. However, the team communicate when it will be back in the office and able to answer questions. 

CoinStats Pricing

While CoinStats offers many powerful features for free, users can get the most out of the app through a Premium subscription. While subscriptions cost money, it may be worth it depending on your intended use of the platform. Users can even pay for their subscriptions in crypto. 

The Premium feature allows for unlimited exchange and wallet connections, up to 100,000 transactions, smart NFT alerts, 0% swapping and trading fees and unlimited access to the app’s data. The Premium subscription costs $15.99 per month. You can save more with the yearly plan, which is $7.49 per month. You can enjoy a 7-day free trial to explore its features and see if it suits your needs.

CoinStats also offers packages for a group of people. Users can contact support to see the deals offered for large group subscriptions.  

While the subscriptions provide the best experience with the app, they do come with a price tag. This is one of the few downsides to the service, but most users of the platform feel that the small subscription price is well worth it.

CoinStats Mobile App

CoinStats offers a mobile app for iOS, Android and boasts Apple watch compatibility. The mobile app is sleek, and users can easily navigate to find their favorite cryptocurrencies. You can also add widgets to your home screen. This allows for easy access to accurate pricing data for any of the 20,000+ cryptocurrencies offered on the app.

Users can access all features from the website in the mobile app. However, this can make the app feel a little cluttered with so much information on a small screen. While this may be an issue for some, CoinStats does a decent job of consolidating the website into an app. All relevant information is still accessible, though not quite as easily as on the full website. 


CoinStats User Benefits

CoinStats provides several powerful tools for their users, including a strong portfolio management dashboard, military-grade encryption and staking

CoinStats takes security seriously and provides its military-grade encryption service to all users. The platform also takes measures to guard against both internal and external threats. CoinStats takes these advanced security measures to give all users peace of mind when using the app.

Users can also stake their crypto investments and earn up to 20% APY. This is possible through the CoinStats wallet. The wallet serves as a tool to access decentralized finance (DeFi) features. Users can sign up for a wallet in less than 30 seconds.

CoinStats User Experience

CoinStats provides a unique service where users can view all of their crypto holdings in a single place. This allows users to consolidate their crypto holdings and better track their overall investments. This is possible through an easy-to-navigate and sleek interface. 

CoinStats is an everyday platform and can be a useful tool for any crypto trader. 

CoinStats vs. Competitors

CoinStats provides unrivaled data and analytics for its users. This data is extremely powerful and can be used to inform trades and correct mistakes. 

CoinStats also provides up-to-date pricing and alerts to allow traders to quickly hop on a trend in the markets or inform new trades. CoinStats offers alerts with a unique specificity that is rarely seen in the crypto space.

CoinStats is also among the only apps that support multiple digital wallets and can consolidate crypto holdings. As more blockchains and more exchanges are being used, this can be a handy way to keep track of all your crypto investments. 

  • CoinStats
    Best For:
    Enhanced Security Measures
    securely through CoinStats's website
  • Coinbase
    Best For:
    Active Crypto Traders
    securely through Coinbase's website

    Sum of median estimated savings and rewards earned, per user in 2021 across multiple Coinbase programs (excluding sweepstakes). This amount includes fee waivers from Coinbase One (excluding the subscription cost), rewards from Coinbase Card, and staking rewards. ³Crypto rewards is an optional Coinbase offer. Upon purchase of USDC, you will be automatically opted in to rewards. If you’d like to opt out or learn more about rewards, you can click here. The rewards rate is subject to change and can vary by region. Customers will be able to see the latest applicable rates directly within their accounts.

  • eToro
    Best For:
    Social Investing
    securely through eToro's website

    Cryptocurrency is offered by eToro USA LLC (“the MSB”) (NMLS: 1769299) and is not FDIC or SIPC insured. Investing involves risk.

    eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

CoinStats Overall Rating

CoinStats offers a variety of features that set it apart in the crypto world. The pricing data, user analytics and profit and loss calculators are unrivaled and can help users power new trades or learn from past mistakes. 

The only downside to the platform is that users have to pay in order to receive all the features the app offers. However, the price is reasonable and can even be paid in crypto.  

CoinStats Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


How safe is CoinStats?


CoinStats is extremely safe, using multiple military-grade security measures to ensure that user investments are protected. 


How do you use CoinStats?


To use CoinStats, create an account on its website or mobile app. After you have an account, you can connect your wallets and exchanges. Then you can view your entire crypto portfolio in just 1 location. 


Can you withdraw from CoinStats?


Yes, you can withdraw funds from CoinStats by connecting your cryptocurrency exchange account and transferring the funds to your bank account or another wallet.


User Reviews

Bobby Gene Bradford

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Check profits

David Smith

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Please contact me by phone regarding a wallet tied to this email address. Australia 0408893451

Darrian Ussery

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Love it simplest easy to use and hold all of mine

John Vernon Kearns

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Having difficulty with login,

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