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March 10, 2021
Invest with CARL
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CARL is a unique quantitative investment platform where you can invest in hedge funds. The platform provides quantitative investment strategies whose goals are to outperform common markets and minimize downturns, so lower risk and higher return targets professionally managed. It offers diversification options you’ve likely never had access to before, providing portfolio protections used by institutions and the uber-wealthy for years.

Unlike the uber-wealthy, CARL investments have real-time performance statistics and liquidity right at your fingertips, no lock ups. This means you know your performance and can make adjustments easily. There’s also automatic monthly rebalancing if you want to just let your CARL portfolio grow.

This is a ground-breaking partnership between CARL and multiple hedge funds. By the end of 2021, will be able to choose from over a dozen strategies and construct customized portfolios. With CARL’s help, investors can diversify like never before, protecting capital in all types of markets. You’ll have access to easily-understood tools to build an investment portfolio with low inter-fund correlation, high risk-adjusted returns and low correlation to equity markets. Certainly not your average platform, this one packs quite the unique opportunity punch we haven’t really seen before.

Best For
  • Investors looking for options to outperform common markets
  • Investors looking for options to outperform common markets
  • Investors needing liquidity
  • Investors looking for a hedge fund investment strategies
  • Value investors with a long-term time horizon, i.e., those looking for predictable, low-volatility, high-returns investment strategy
  • Reliable liquidity and transparency
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Low minimum investment
  • CARL is a new investment service, so they’ve launched with just a few powerful investment options

Invest with CARL Ratings at a Glance

CARL is opening the door for a whole new generation of investors to take advantage of strategies previously available only to the wealthiest of investors. Invest like the uber-wealthy, invest with CARL through the mobile app which provides access to sophisticated, professionally managed, quantitative hedge funds whose goals are to outperform and manage risk better than common markets.

CARL helps accredited investors build, manage and protect their portfolios with diversified strategies they likely have never had access to before. For investors seeking more options uncorrelated to the rest of their portfolio, CARL is a one-stop-shop for a series of professionally managed funds. The number of available funds will grow by about one a month up to about 30, all having gone through institution-level due diligence. CARL’s got your back!

With the usual targeted returns at 15% to 25% per year, CARL is about to change the game for accredited investors.

Invest With CARL History

CARL was founded in 2018 after regulation changes in how hedge funds can be communicated with accredited investors, essentially allowing CARL to digitally offer these professionally invested opportunities. CARL is named after Carl Gauss, one of the most distinguished mathematicians in history. CARL is like investing alongside managers using a scientific and numbers-based approach to seeing the best investments, while also processing more data than possible by any human.

The CARL platform uses advanced quantitative investment strategies steeped in scientific methodologies intent on both outperforming common markets and maintaining a lower risk-profile than those markets. That is, they each have the goals of lifting their heights and taking the edge off, or eliminating, their lows. In various markets and all market conditions.

CARL is an investment service for the best data-driven investment strategies. With many years of backtesting data, investors can now search and backtest investment strategies side-by-side and get their own real-time report on how their portfolio would have performed if they had invested in those strategies during the selected periods. That’s data power.

Markets are becoming increasingly global, and even the best investors depend on a team of highly skilled analysts to help them correctly find discrepancies in the market. CARL is now a one-stop-shop where you can play along with many of these top traders and investors.

CARL is a safe place where investors can learn and invest in some of the best quant hedge fund investment strategies available with some of the best in the business.

CARL Services

  • Create a diversified portfolio of quantitative investment strategies
  • Access hedge fund strategies and managers for less than the usual $1M
  • Safely rebalance a portfolio without reducing its returns
  • Analyze portfolios with historical data
  • Monthly liquidity, no lock ups
  • Use CARL's advanced technology to tailor portfolios to any risk or return appetite
  • Advanced portfolio management tools

CARL Pricing

The minimum investment is $20,000, with the traditional 2% management and 20% performance fees (performance fee is only payable if the return is greater than 5%). It’s incredible CARL has been able to create this new level of hedge fund market without increasing fees.

Benefits of CARL

  • Access to professional hedge fund investment strategies
  • Highly qualified portfolio managers and world-class financial research
  • Powerful software to help manage your portfolio
  • Minimums at just $20,000 (previously $1M) in as little as 15 minutes
  • Enjoy high liquidity with no lockup periods and no front load fees
  • Automatic diversification because of a large number of underlying instruments
  • Low fees
  • Full backtesting results available in its mobile application
  • Real-time performance data right in the mobile app, easy analysis
  • Diversification options you’ve likely never had access to before

CARL Customer Service

CARL.Inc is a market leader in investor relations service, earning an A+ rating from Its team of experienced professionals consistently goes above and beyond for customers. Leveraging the hospitality customer service trend, it has invested a lot in building its customer delight culture.

CARL Overall Rating

CARL is proving to be an exciting option for investors, especially given its generous minimum investment threshold of $20,000. Bringing such sophisticated investments to retail investors truly changes the portfolio game. How to diversify and risk-adjust a portfolio will never be the same. It's no wonder this is one of the best platforms for quant hedge funds.

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