Best SR-22 Insurance in Texas

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Contributor, Benzinga
February 24, 2020

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If you need SR-22 to get car insurance in the Lone Star State, you’re probably not alone. This insurance requirement is sometimes necessary after a citation for driving with a suspended license, DUI or an at-fault collision. Getting an affordable insurance policy with an SR-22 in Texas could be difficult, but it might pay off in the end.

Benzinga examined the quotes a 40-year-old married female driving a 2015 Ford Taurus with a DUI on her record in the past 1-3 years might expect from SR-22 insurance in Texas.

CompanyMonthly Premium

Best SR-22 Car Insurance in Texas:

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Best Auto Insurance Providers for SR-22 Coverage

Don’t let the blotches on your record take away your driving privileges. Here are the best SR-22 insurance Texas companies reviewed by Benzinga. 

1. Best Overall: Mercury

With a network of more than 8,000 insurance agents in 11 states, Mercury is a great choice for drivers with lower credit scores, teens and high-risk drivers with less-than-perfect driving records. The carrier strikes the right balance of reliability and price to offer competitive rates and good customer service.

Although you won’t get the longest list of discounts, Mercury offers a few opportunities for savings. These include savings for anti-theft devices, owning multiple cars, having multiple policies and paying your annual premium upfront. Claims support is available 24/7 if you need to file a claim. The company can also arrange for roadside assistance if you’re stuck due to a mechanical failure or accident.

You can request a no-obligation quote by providing your ZIP code.

Dairyland Auto
securely through Dairyland Auto's website

2. Cheapest: Dairyland

Dairyland offers not only the lowest monthly premium rates but also provides coverage if you have poor driving or credit history. The carrier also offers nonowner car insurance if you regularly drive rental cars. Owning multiple cars and defensive driving could earn you discounts to lower your premium rates.

Dairyland works with customers through its national call centers and website. You can also obtain a quote instantly through their website or by calling in. The company provides low down payment options in addition to claims service available 24/7 by phone.

Infinity Auto
securely through Infinity Auto's website

3. Best for Customer Incentives: Infinity

Infinity takes pride in providing coverage to SR-22 drivers at incredibly affordable rates. 

Another great incentive is a free membership to the company’s Infinity DriverClub. This program grants you free 24/7 roadside assistance, as well as exclusive discounts on towing services, refueling, tire changes, lockouts and jumpstarts.

You can save on premiums if you pay the entire policy amount upfront. And if you’re already covered elsewhere, you could shave 15% on your policy by joining Infinity. Infinity provides Spanish language translation on its website, and phone support also has a Spanish option.

4. Best for State Minimum Requirements: Gainsco

Gainsco meets the state minimum requirements with a no-frills policy. Bilingual customer service is available if you’re a Spanish speaker, and Gainsco offers a mobile app. There are 4 options to make payments — online, by phone, mail or by visiting an agent.

Gainsco policies are sold through its network of independent agents in 11 states. Just call its national call center to find an agent near you. And if you’re looking to earn more savings, Gainsco has discounts for nearly all its customers. Premium cuts come along with proof of previous insurance, owning a home or allowing automatic payments for your premiums.

Gainsco also offers an easy cancellation process if you need to terminate your insurance policy.

securely through Hallmark's website

5. Best for Special Inclusions: Hallmark

Do you have an international driver’s license, foreign ID/passport or a matriculas ID? Hallmark is a great choice if you’re looking for special inclusion. The company also provides coverage options if you’re a driver with an extensive claims history. It has an easy-to-navigate online portal to request policy changes, view your policy information and set up automatic payments.

If you need roadside assistance, Hallmark pays for labor and towing to get your car to the nearest service center. Bundle policies, insure multiple cars or show a history of insurance coverage to receive competitive discounts.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 is typically needed to maintain or reinstate your driving privileges after some traffic-related violations. It isn’t considered car insurance itself but rather a document sent by your insurance company to the state (on paper or electronically) to confirm that you have an active policy that meets the required state minimum liability requirements. It is also referred to as a certificate of financial responsibility.  

An SR-22 is required when you are convicted of a traffic offense or involved in a car accident and can’t show financial responsibility — that is, you can’t prove you’ll be able to pay for the damages you may have caused. You may also need SR-22 coverage if you’re booked for any of these driving violations:

  • A DUI or DWI
  • Driving without insurance coverage
  • Negligent or reckless driving 
  • Suspended or revoked license
  • At-fault accidents
  • Too many traffic offenses within a short period

An SR-22 could be state-ordered or court-ordered. If it is state-ordered, you’ll get a notice of this requirement from your state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If it is court-ordered, you’ll be notified during the ruling.

Most insurance companies charge you for the SR-22 certificate. Although this varies by state, you will typically incur a processing fee of $15 to $35. Some insurance carriers won’t insure you if you require an SR-22 or may add extra charges to your policy due to the SR-22 requirement. In Texas, you have to maintain continuous insurance coverage with an SR-22 for about 2 to 5 years, depending on the reason for conviction.

If your SR-22 lapses, your insurance provider must contact the state DMV, which could result in the loss of your driver’s license or other consequences. Making timely payments will prevent a policy from canceling.  

Shop around and compare quotes to learn more about car insurance in Texas.

Laws Specific to SR-22 Insurance in Texas

In Texas, an SR-22 certificate is required to verify you’re maintaining the required motor vehicle liability insurance. This can be issued by most insurance companies to certify that you possess the minimum liability insurance as per the Texas Transportation Code.

The state minimum insurance coverage amounts in Texas are:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury per person in an accident
  • $60,000 for bodily injury if 2 or more are injured in an accident
  • $25,000 for destruction or damage of other people’s property in a crash

You are required to file an SR-22 with the DMV if your driving privileges have been suspended because of a car crash or a civil judgment filed against you.

You must maintain coverage for 2 years after a rendered judgment or from the date of your conviction. Talk to your insurance provider or local agent to obtain an SR-22. If you’re not a vehicle owner, ask your agent about a Texas nonowner SR-22 policy.

Your vehicle registration and driving privilege may be suspended if:

  • You’re required to maintain and file a valid SR-22 and have none on file with the state DMV
  • The SR-22 on file has been terminated, canceled or lapsed 
  • A new SR-22 isn’t been filed before the initial policy cancellation 

Texas has 3 types of SR-22 insurance:

  • Owner SR-22 insurance: If you own or drive your own car, this is the standard-issue policy along with your SR-22 form.
  • Nonowner SR-22 insurance: This applies to you if you don’t own a car but rent or borrow one to drive occasionally. It is cheaper but also covers less than the standard SR-22 policy.
  • Owner/nonowner: This combination form applies to you if you have a vehicle but still rent or borrow one.

In Texas, an insurance policy or card will not be accepted in place of an SR-22 certificate.

Reinstate Your Driving Privileges Today

Don’t let that revoked or suspended license take away your driving privileges. Get quotes from the top SR-22 Texas insurance providers and weigh your options to find the best fit. 

Each state has its own SR-22 coverage requirements, which are subject to change. If you are not conversant with these requirements, contact your state’s Department of Insurance. 

Don’t commit to a policy before reading and understanding all its requirements. Find an affordable policy today — get a quote from any of our top SR-22 insurance providers in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Should I have just the minimum amount of car insurance required by my state?


It’s a good idea to purchase more than the state minimum of any type of insurance. State minimums are set relatively low to keep insurance affordable, but in the case of an accident, you can deplete your minimums quickly with expensive medical and property damage costs. Once your bills extend past the minimums, you’ll personally be liable for additional costs and damage. Get the coverage that makes sense for you here.


Q: How does my personal credit play a role?


Insurance carriers run credit scores to help determine policy premiums. Your insurance rates will likely be lower if you have an excellent credit score. On the other hand, your insurance rates may be higher if you have a poor credit score. Insurance companies believe credit scores are an indicator of whether you’ll make your insurance payments on time and credit scores combined with other data can be predictive of risk. Check out the best companies for all credit scores now.


Q: What kind of discounts are usually available?


The most common discounts available are multi-policy and auto-pay, but every company is different. Other discounts that are widely available are loyalty, good student and anti-theft device discounts. See our top providers with the best discounts and get a unique quote.