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The Most Expensive Properties In The World

The Most Expensive Properties In The World

Got a cool million bucks laying around? Looking to buy property in an exotic location? If so, this article is geared toward you. But for those who don't have a million bucks, this will still be of interest, too. Statista used data from Knight Frank and detailed what one million dollars can buy across the world.

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Needless to say, there are a few cities synonymous with being expensive. Monaco, London, New York City and Tokyo all come to mind. But what about exotic cities that offer the most bang-for-the-buck?

Here is a list of the number of square meters of prime property $1 million will buy in some of the most exotic cities in the world:

  • São Paulo, Brazil — 176 square meters.
  • Cape Town, South Africa — 209 square meters.
  • Dubai, U.A.E. — 162 square meters.
  • Melbourne, Australia — 110 square meters.
  • Istanbul, Turkey — 102 square meters.
  • Mumbai, India — 99 square meters.
  • Tokyo, Japan — 91 square meters.
  • Berlin, Germany — 87 square meters.
  • Miami, USA — 79 square meters.
  • Los Angeles, USA — 61 square meters.
  • Sydney, Australia — 59 square meters.
  • Beijing, China — 58 square meters.
  • Paris, France — 55 square meters.
  • Shanghai, China — 46 square meters.
  • Singapore — 43 square meters.
  • Geneva, Switzerland — 42 square meters.
  • London, England — 30 square meters.
  • New York City, USA — 26 square meters.
  • Hong Kong — 20 square meters.
  • Monaco — 17 square meters.

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