Why Naked Short Selling Is The Greatest Risk To All Stock Investors

Why Naked Short Selling Is The Greatest Risk To All Stock Investors

By Dennis O'Neill

Naked Shorts is the biggest risk and greatest scam ever known to man in the stock and associated markets. Now in most financial markets around the world, they have been regulated out of the market or highly restricted. They now own, control, and dominate the SEC regulating body in the USA. This means they are free to attack any company large or small without any worry of consequences. This means they can sell an unlimited amount of stock on any given company without having to have a proper borrowing of shares.

Now how can this be? In all its infinite wisdom, the SEC wrote the trading regulations in such a loose way that they allow for unlimited shorting with zero borrowing against shares as long as you are a market maker. This means every scumbag lowlife sets up deals to trade as a market maker. The caveat is that they are supposed to be covered within 30 days. Check the SEC records of ever having enforced this. Out of tens of thousands of times, it has never happened. So what can you conclude from this? It's more obvious than a smoking gun at a crime scene. On top of that, these companies receive a non-stop barrage of the most offensive, insulting, lies-driven slander ever known to man to disenfranchise or make as many investors sell ASAP helping the naked short. Still No SEC investigations. Just good reporting.

Now if you promote stock in any way, shape, or form you will have an army of SEC people conducting the most invasive investigation ever to completely drain the company of vital resources as they are trying to fight the illegal short. Don't ever call the SEC to complain of an illegal short. They will send an army after you screaming that there is something wrong with the company. You will spend weeks to months defending yourself. Talk about a attack after being attacked for reporting the attackers

The SEC illegal short team is a couple of early 2o yr old's that will tell you that it is impossible to illegally short a stock which means illegal shorts are legal and there will never be any enforcement of them but if you try to break the illegal short you can expect the SEC showing up on your doorstep launching a massive investigation into the company. I have been doing this for over 30 yrs and I have spoken to people working at the SEC and left after speaking to people who currently and have in the past were responsible for enforcing the law in this area. It is beyond scary. They are not allowed to stop illegal shorts or mention that they are real. The SEC and their corruption at its highest degree should pay for all the losses incurred by their bribery and corruption. There is a mountain of evidence to prove this starting with over 1000 companies in the past decade that were attacked nonstop with insults, lies, and propaganda mostly by the editors/non-disclosed authors of such articles from Seeking Alpha. Now if I can figure this out without a billion-dollar-plus budget, we firmly know smart people can't be this dumb which means only 1 thing. THEY ARE CORRUPT. SUPER SCARY

At the end of the day the SEC people at the top are nominated by the large banks that know they will do and say exactly what they want. If not, you are out and they get some shameless person to take your place. This is why 75% of the enforcement budget is on low market companies and all the billion to 100's of billion-dollar crimes are committed by the large banks with virtually zero consequences. The Justice Department has to step in and clean up this mess. Until then don’t buy smallcap or microcap stocks unless they are profitable or are fully funded to profitability.   If you would like to report financial fraud, please contact the FBI at 202.324.3000 or online at https://tips.fbi.gov.


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