Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading Review

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Contributor, Benzinga
March 31, 2023
Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading
securely through Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading's website

It’s not often that a world-renowned expert decides to share her secrets with the rest of us, but that’s just what algo trader Valeriia Mishchenko offers you with her expertly crafted forex robot trading systems. You can choose from several Expert Advisors (EAs) trading systems at ValeryTrading, but one of the most exciting — Waka Waka EA — recently broke a record for the most consecutive months in profit. It registered 58+ profitable months in a row on a live account since being published in July of 2018, accruing account growth of over 6,350%. Want to get in on the action? Read here about the many benefits of Waka Waka EA and how to get an account now.

Best For
  • Advanced traders
  • Individuals familiar with MetaTrader EAs
  • Traders seeking consistent profits with a proven EA
  • 58+ consecutive months in profit and +6,350% account growth
  • +5 years verified live track record on live accounts through MyFxBook
  • 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • May be relatively expensive for some

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Experience

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading Offerings

Although ValeryTrading provides a wide selection of EAs including Night Hunter Pro, Evening Scalper Pro and Golden Pickaxe, Waka Waka’s EA takes the proverbial EA cake. Used on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, EAs help you improve your trading with algorithms to monitor and interact with the financial markets, in a fully automated way.

Waka Waka is considered the best EA thanks to its verifiable track record of over 61 consecutive profitable months. MyFXBook — a vocal and influential community of forex traders — publishes the history for you to check Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading’s claims. Waka Waka aims to provide stability and consistent profit, which makes it an excellent tool for more risk-sensitive individuals. This top EA focuses on slow and maintainable growth as opposed to potentially unstable aggressive short-term profits. By using real market mechanics to its advantage to make profit, Waka Waka keeps your capital safe, thanks to low drawdown made possible by different risk management configurations. This EA focuses on long-term stable growth rather than making quick profits, with over 20 years of real tick data with consistent top-notch results and intensive back-testing. 

To get started, you create an account, purchase the products you want and look for an email with installation files, risk management guide details and installation-related videos. You can use MT4 or MT5 with similar success. Most people prefer MT4, as more brokers support it, but Mishchenko recommends MT5 as a better tester.

With an EA, traders gain the freedom to auto-trade according to personal preferences such as risk tolerance and investment objectives. EAs help traders achieve long-term success without the hours of research and continual stress associated with manual trading. You can count on ValeryTrading for its exceptional product offerings and reliable customer service, and Waka Waka is the go-to platform for forex robot trading. 

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading Customer Service

The best customer service gives you lots of ways to connect with solutions to problems and advice for using a product. ValeryTading, with extensive, accessible customer service tools, nails it. You can get answers from all the conventional methods, including by email, contact page messaging, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram chat and interpersonal communication. 

Messages sent from the contact page are answered in 24 business hours or sooner. Expedited response time claims emphasize the company’s customer-centered service. The website has informative tools for traders who want to learn more about EAs and company specifics. The FAQs section covers commonly asked questions; the PDF guides provide more in-depth information; and the blog tells you about new product offering opportunities while shedding light on practical trading skills. 

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading Pricing

Pricing for product offerings such as Waka Waka is clearly displayed on the website. Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading charges a one-time payment for lifetime access to Waka Waka with continuous updates. 

You can save 10% if you buy Waka Waka right from the company website ($1,800) rather than in the MQL5 marketplace for $2,000. Prices are expected to increase once a certain amount of licenses are sold. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it without worry.

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading User Experience

When you see customer after customer echo the same sentiments about how Waka Waka consistently makes them money — and you can verify the truth of those statements on MQL5 marketplace, TrustPilot, YouTube and many other sites — you know you’ve found a winner. Sure, past performance doesn’t guarantee future success, but Mishchenko’s strategy has shown it is repeatable and reliable. Users rave about Waka Waka, and since you can try it for free yourself, it’s worth a go. 

User testimonials say it all, with a level of loyalty that can only come about when you consistently make your customers money: “The Waka Waka forex trading bot is a solid investment for those looking to automate their forex trading strategy. As with any product, you get what you pay for, and this bot delivers on its promises. I've made profits using this bot, and the support from ValeryTrading team has been exceptional. They are always quick to respond and offer helpful solutions to any issues that arise.” Take this review as one example of thousands of other delighted Waka Waka users to get an idea of the value this EA can bring to your trading strategy.

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading vs. Competitors

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading’s ability to create consistent profit allows it to stand out from the crowd. Competitors don’t have 300+ five-star verified reviews or 20+ exhaustive video testimonials from long-term clients crowing over their results. You’ll only get that with Waka Waka. 

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading Overall

Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading earns a score of 5 out of 5. The company has a remarkable product offering coupled with prompt customer service and an outstanding user experience. Customers spoke positively about the EA as well as their trading results. The reason you’re trading forex is to make money, and according to hundreds of specific, glowing, evidence-based testimonials, that’s just what Waka Waka EA by ValeryTrading does for you. 

Waka Waka speaks for itself given its outstanding track record and passionate customer reviews. For a long-term focused trader, the positive user experience and stable profits prove the worth of this exceptional EA.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much money can you make in the long term using EAs?


The amount that you can make using EAs depends on multiple factors such as your timeline and risk tolerance, but using a proven EA like Waka Waka ups your chances of success.


Do you need to use a VPS?


It is not necessary to use a VPS, and you can run Waka Waka on your home PC. However, most people won’t be comfortable running the PC 24/7, which is why most EA buyers use a VPS service to do that.

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