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June 3, 2024
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Vinovest is a platform that’s breaking down barriers of the once gatekept world of wine investments. Vinvovest makes investing in wine easily accessible by offering fully-managed wine portfolios designed with artificial intelligence and industry experts.

The platform manages the bulk of the wine investment process, from selecting, acquiring, insuring, securing and storing authenticated bottles. Investors are able to monitor their wine portfolio online and even access their wine supply in real life, anytime. Vinovest combines the knowledge of experienced sommeliers, wine directors at Michelin star restaurants, as well as leaders from giants like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Bytedance and more. The end goal is to offer investors access to fine wine investments that deliver the potential for solid returns and diversification.

Vinovest is a leading wine investment platform — and for good reason. Take a look at all the pros and cons to Vinovest, as well as all the factors that make this platform stand out in the world of wine investments.

  • Open to all investors (accredited and non-accredited alike)
  • Wine investments have low market correlation
  • Learn from wine experts and tech leaders
  • Provides fully-managed portfolios
  • Wine is insured, authenticated, stored and more
  • Transforms wine investments into liquid assets
  • Minimal information on how portfolios are constructed
  • Selling a portfolio can take several weeks to liquidate
  • Vinovest is a relatively new platform

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Wine Investment Options

Vinovest offers 3 different wine investment options. Investors can choose between Standard, Premium or Grand Cru portfolio plans. Here’s how they break down:

Standard Plan

Users gain access to algorithmically selected portfolios, 100% guaranteed authentic wines, world-class storage options, full insurance and more. 

Premium Plan

Users gain all the perks of the Standard Plan along with additional benefits, including a dedicated Portfolio Advisor, customized portfolio construction, access to wine futures and even exclusive invites to Vinovest wine tasting events. 

Grand Cru Plan

As the most exclusive Vinovest portfolio plan, this option includes all the benefits of the Premium Plan alongside additional perks including preferred access to the rare wine release, quarterly portfolio insight reports and access to Vinovest Advisory Councils. 

Customer Service

If you’re curious about wine investments or your portfolio, you can get in touch with Vinovest’s dedicated team of Portfolio Advisors. These experts are willing to chat about fine wine investing and answer questions you may have.

Vinovest also boasts an extensive, searchable database with articles and information on many different topics. You can get answers to common questions about how Vinovest works, investing, returns, liquidity, ownership, fees, minimums and taxes as well as how wine shipping and storage works. 

If you need more personalized assistance, get in touch with Vinovest’s customer service team by contacting support. You can send a message via Vinovest’s contact page or call +1 415-275-0965 between the hours of 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. At the moment, only Premium and Grand Cru users can contact a Portfolio Advisor directly. Standard portfolio users will have to call during operating hours or wait for an email response. 

Vinovest Customer Pricing

Vinovest pricing varies according to its 3 distinct portfolio plans. The Standard, Premium and Grand Cru Plans are priced at an annual fee of 2.85%, 2.5% and 2.25% respectively. Although this percentage is small, it’s important to keep in mind that most financial advisors typically charge between 1% to 2% of the total investment amount annually. That being said, the Vinovest fees cover insurance, authentication and storage.

In comparison, Vinovest’s pricing is on the pricier side, especially in comparison to traditional portfolio management. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Vinovest serves a niche market of alternative commodity investments. Therefore, its higher price is in part justified by the uniqueness of its fine wine investment offerings and the expert insight the platform provides. For these reasons, our Vinovest review gives the platform 3 stars for customer pricing.

Vinovest User Benefits

Wine investments can be a great way to diversify a portfolio and reap solid returns. Research suggests fine wine as an asset class has outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 25 years and can also be a great hedge against market downturns. During the 2008 economic recession, the Dow Jones plummeted over 50% while fine wine was down less than 9%. 

Wine investments have historically been reserved for more experienced investors; however, Vinovest is breaking down barriers by making investing in wine more accessible. 

Vinovest makes the process extremely simple and straightforward. Fully managed portfolios take out the guesswork of wine investing while educational resources and expert knowledge give investors additional confidence. 

The bulk of the work is handled by Vinovest behind the scenes. Everything from authentication, insurance, storage and more is taken care of. Plus, Vinovest’s worldwide market coupled with real-time data adds an extra layer of liquidity to a traditionally illiquid commodity market. That's why we give Vinovest 5 stars for user benefits in our Vinovest review.

Vinovest User Experience

Vinovest offers plenty of resources and tools to make wine investing easy and accessible. You start by selecting the type of portfolio plan you want and then inputting your risk levels and investment preferences. Vinovest works to generate a fully managed, customized portfolio tailored to your needs. 

From there, you can monitor your portfolio and manage your investments — buying, selling and adding funds as you see fit. Additionally, Vinovest offers educational resources and expert knowledge on wine investments. Premium and Grand Cru portfolio users even have access to their very own Portfolio Advisor. 

Investing with Vinovest is also more exciting than traditional stock investments. That’s because wine is a real-world commodity and users have access to their own bottles, as well as wine tasting events (Premium and Grand Cru users only). Our Vinovest review awards the platform 5 stars for user experience for the above reasons.

Vinovest vs. Competitors

Vinovest stands out from other wine investing platforms because of a multitude of easy-to-use features, tools and educational resources. Vinovest brings a personal connection to wine investment instead of a simple, traditional fund. Users can access educational resources and in-person advice from seasoned wine experts. 

Vinovest also makes investing in wine approachable —  there’s no gatekeeping or snobbery about wine. As a result, Vinovest is more than just a wine investment platform, it can also be thought of as a wine investment advisory. 

Vinovest Overall Rating

Overall, this Vinovest review gives the platform 5 stars. Vinovest boasts a variety of features that makes investing in wine accessible and easier than ever before. Vinovest’s fully-managed portfolios, as well as integrated authentication, insurance and storage features, break down some of the biggest barriers to wine investments. While Vinovest certainly stands out from the competition for its simplicity, accessibility and quality user tools, the platform is relatively young, which some users may not be comfortable with. 

Vinovest’s annual fees start at 2.25%, which is on the pricey side — especially when compared to traditional wealth management. Nonetheless, the platform offers state-of-the-art features as well as personalized wine investment expertise, which helps justify the costs, especially in this niche market. 

Vinovest is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the platform has solid customer support tools to deliver the best user experience. However, customer support is not available 24/7 and only Premium and Grand Cru members can access assistance from Portfolio Advisors. 

Overall, Vinovest is a noteworthy platform and stands apart from the competition by being easy-to-use, educational and feature-rich. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is investing in wine a good idea?


Wine investments can be a great way to diversify a portfolio, hedge against stock market fluctuations and reap returns. As with any type of investment, there is always an element of risk. Get in touch with Vinovest to learn more about the pros and cons of investing in fine wine.


How old is Vinovest?


Vinovest was launched in 2019 and is a relatively new platform.

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