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October 22, 2021
Pocket Option
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Pocket Option is an online trading app for binary options and forex. The web-platform, smartphone app and MetaTrader 5 software provide you access to over 100 different assets. It is legal and regulated in 22 countries, offering a diverse range of assets and providing useful tools for you to make informed investment decisions.

Best For
  • Investors interested in options trading and forex
  • Professionals and novice traders
  • Investors looking to learn
  • Over 100 assets including cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities
  • Yield of up to 95%
  • Free demo account with $10,000
  • Free program; minimum deposit of $50
  • Secure and safe platform with 24/7 trading
  • Multi-language support and cash-back program
  • Regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC) rather than a country's own regulators

Pocket Option Ratings at a Glance

You can obtain a fair understanding of the trading assets on the web-platform. It's a straightforward and user-friendly trading platform that has useful instructions as well as tutorials to help new traders.  Beginners should be able to get the hang of it in no time. 

pocket option interface
Source: Pocket Option

It is not difficult to grasp how to trade with Pocket Option. When you trade options, you have 3 alternatives: win, lose or get your money back if the market does not move. As a trader, you make a price projection. Special analytics capabilities — charts, drawing tools and indicators — are available through Pocket Option. You can add market news to your analysis. 

It’s simple to begin trading on the platform:

  • Select your asset and come up with a trading strategy.
  • Make a price prediction.
  • Choose when you want to buy.
  • Invest based on your research and thoughts about potential market moves.
  • Wait till the selection is complete.
  • Win a high rate of return on investment (up to 95%) or lose your money.

Pocket Option also has a high payoff percentage of up to 128%. This rate, as you might guess, varies depending on the exchanged item, the amount of the deal and other considerations. Because the minimum payment for winning trades is 50%, you can expect winning trades to pay somewhere between 50% and 128%. The majority of winning transactions pay out between 60% and 100%, which is highly competitive and makes Pocket Option a fair broker.

Pocket Option Customer Service

According to TrustPilot, 60% of people rated it good while another 12% thought it was fantastic, which justifies a 5-star rating. Phone, email and live chat customer service is readily available. You'll be able to send emails to several departments, contact a toll-free number or start a live chat. You can also use a contact form to send a message directly. During tests, queries were answered swiftly and properly via all channels of communication. Pocket Option has an active presence on the main social media connections, so you can contact it openly on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms. 

Pocket Option Pricing

Pocket Option is well-known in the binary options market for its large rewards. The smallest percentage you can make on a winning trade is 50%, although the average is much greater. You may generally expect a payoff of between 80% and 100% for successful high/low predictions. You can earn rewards of up to 218%, which is unheard of in options trading. Even the most renowned binary options firms only promise returns of up to 200%. Keep in mind that other forms of binary options trading — such as ladder/pair options or high/low trading — often provide higher rewards. This feature gives it a 5-star rating for customer pricing, based on comparisons with its competitors.

If you're just getting started with Pocket Option, 15-second high/low options trades may be helpful, and they can potentially make money in a matter of minutes. When trading high/low options, however, you must be cautious since too many unsuccessful trades can soon put you out of business. 

When you establish a live account with Pocket Option, you receive a 50% deposit bonus on your first investment. Pocket Option offers a range of assets with over 130 for you to choose from. Assets are divided into 5 categories, which include forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

Pocket Option Mobile App

The mobile app is free and allows users to access all aspects of trading on stock and commodity exchanges on smartphones and tablets. It provides access to financial markets with the most accurate quotes without requotes or delays. It provides training materials, daily analysis, trading signals, built-in indicators and trading methods — essential information and analytical help that traders need.

Its investment app is a perfect way of getting real-time data. Forex signals are a great technique to obtain market movement advice on the internet and follow the mood of the market in real time. PocketOption pros share trading signals at no cost to you:

  • Daily indications for 12 currency pairings and 10 trading tools in English
  • Entry and exit signals updated in real time 
  • Daily signals from currency pairs, indexes and commodities

Based on these actionable tips, the mobile apps get a 4.5 star rating. 

Pocket Option User Benefits

PocketOption is rated 5 stars for its user benefits and features. Users access over 150 trading products, including currency pairings, commodities and stock exchanges throughout the world. It gets a 4.5 star rating for user benefits:

  • Free demo account with simulated investments to assist you in learning the platform and honing your trading abilities
  • Chances to earn up to 96% with a minimum deposit, ongoing incentives and a risk-free option for investments
  • Social trading and the opportunity to imitate successful deals made by professional traders
  • Easy and quick money transfers to and from your trading account using a variety of payment systems, bank cards and other methods

Pocket Option User Experience

The app and website are super-intuitive, and the demo account enables you to learn and implement strategies instantly. In addition to benefiting from in-app features, you can trade a range of assets at the click of a button. Add this to its 5-star customer service, and it gets a user experience rating of 4.5 stars. 

Pocket Option vs. Competitors

PocketOption offers personal support and online assistance, unlike apps such as eToro which only offer online support. It publishes documentation and live online training to ensure that users benefit from expert knowledge to support their investment decisions. You can earn up to 128% on your initial investment, while the maximum payout for IQ Option and IQCent are estimated at 91% and 95%. 

Pocket Option Overall

Pocket Option deserves its 4.5 rating thanks to its intuitive platform and app as well as its commendable customer service that caters to your needs 24/7. It allows users to trade a significant number of different assets and provides a range of free tools such as social trading and analytical charts to support trading decisions. Its low minimum deposit, low trading fees and high payouts justify this rating.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Pocket Option legal in the U.S.?


Pocket Option is legal in the U.S. and is regulated by the IFMRCC, an independent regulator for online broker companies. Companies are certified upon meeting a set of criteria. 


How much money can you make on Pocket Option?


Returns depend on how much money you initially invested on the platform and whether your trades turn out to be profitable. However, you can earn up to 128% on investments, which is significantly greater than the 90% to 100% from other platforms. 

User Reviews

Sharon Edward

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I was scammed. Getting back my refund was possible with the help of, kindly contact him if you are having issues withdrawing your money from your investment broker.



Worst Experience

Vasyl Smith

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Their contest and tournament is real bullshit. You will never get your money or any prize. It was such a mistake for me to invest my funds here they just stole them and never respond you back



Peteris Gurtins

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

This does not really help me to boost my finances. Especially with laggy iOS app that caused me several trades that I have lost! DO NO RECOMMEND


Eddy Kartans


winston gary

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

My Mom got scammed of all her savings by a Chinese crypto trader she came in contact with on social media account and the scammer went away with all her savings, we involved who then help to get back the funds from scammers

Don p

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I use this platform to trade with. It’s by far the best trading option out there for traders due to the fact the withdrawal and deposit system is incredible along with the trading interface itself. The charts and indicators make trading easier for anyone

Don P

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I use this platform by Trading and it’s very reliable to say the least

Sarah floralyn

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Very good trading platform. Market profits are high. They are regular. They pay special attention to the user. user23017716


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Pocket option is the best. Support is always helpful and kind. Pocket option bonuses are 2nd to none. I really like the look and feel of the site. Deposit/withdraw no issuesuser20545380

Yousry Saleh Hassan

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Pocket option is the best trading platform I've ever used , very helpful customer support team , very useful tools for best trading experience and more important issue is the fast withdrawals and prompt replies for any case , keep excellent job up.

Abubakar Idris Hashimu

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Pocket option is the best broker I have ever come across have best customer service many deposit and withdrawals payment methods my pocket user i d is user 27048514

Marianna AMoir

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I can recommend it as the best broker, this week upload new quick trading mode with excellent services and high payouts.Pocket option has fast payments methods and one of the best support services.

Marianna AMoir

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Excellent platform, generous deposit bonus .Plus the new quick trading mode make the pocket option one of the best broker for 2022.Fast payments progress (deposit/withdrawal) and fantastic support service available 24/7 always ready to help you.

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