Perceptrader AI Review

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August 2, 2023
Perceptrader AI
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements recently, firmly establishing itself as a fundamental aspect of modern technological progress. The impact of such unprecedented strides has become evident in the financial and investment sector. For instance, via machine learning (MA), Expert Advisors (EAs) can rapidly analyze vast market data, identify correlated patterns and use mathematical analysis to predict price movements. EAs can leverage artificial neural networks (ANN) to learn from training data and enhance their accuracy over time, using past asset prices, trading volumes and technical indicators, making them a powerful tool for forex trading.

Advanced algorithmic trading software that delivers impressive performance has also become widespread. Perceptrader AI provides a robust solution for investors and traders seeking to enhance their investments and maximize profitability by using AI technology in trading. Founded by forex EA and algo-trading system developer Valeriia Mishchenko, Perceptrader AI is an advanced grid trading system that uses AI, including deep learning algorithms and ANNs, to analyze vast market data rapidly and identify high-potential trading opportunities for exploitation.

It is based on the successful long-term trading strategy of Waka Waka EA and seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, providing traders with intelligent decision-making capabilities through accurate forecasts. Perceptrader AI is designed to capitalize on existing market inefficiencies and uses real market mechanics for profitable trading. Its customizable built-in risk settings mean you can adjust your risk appetite (from low to high risk), maintaining control over your invested capital. Read on for a comprehensive review of this cutting-edge forex bot, its pros and cons and how it differs from similar AI investing tools.

Best For
  • Active forex traders and long-term investors seeking to enhance their trading strategies with AI-driven insights
  • Forex traders or investors with limited time for active trading seeking for automated trading to optimize efficiency
  • Scalpers, swing traders, day traders and long-term forex investors seeking diverse risk levels and personalized trading approaches
  • Forex traders or investors seeking optimized forecast accuracy and data-driven decision-making in trading via integration with ChatGPT and Google's Bard
  • Those looking for robust AI EAs operating based on proven strategies (Waka Waka) to help them exploit market inefficiency and maximize profits
  • Incorporates all the latest advancements in AI technology, meaning optimum performance improvements
  • Integrate seamlessly with ChatGPT and Google's Bard for accurate forecasts
  • Leverages real market mechanics or dynamics to maximize profits
  • Low drawdown via diverse risk management configurations
  • Constantly updated with the latest innovations in financial markets trading
  • Intensively backtested with 20+ years of real tick data, delivering a consistently outstanding result
  • Access to a custom forex trading optimized cloud server, ensuring continuous 24/7 operation of the EA for your convenience
  • 24/7 personalized custom support, including remote configuration via AnyDesk
  • Exclusive membership in the Telegram Group community facilitating learning through interaction with diverse traders
  • Full access to all MT4/MT5 files plus the best EA settings
  • Detailed setup guide including instructions, graphics and recommendations
  • 48 consecutive months of profitability, verifiable on MyFxBook and MQL5 live signal
  • 14 days free trials and 30 days money back guarantee
  • Support for multiple currencies or forex pairs
  • Flexible customization with various filtering options
  • Volatility, momentum and trends filters using deep learning algorithms
  • Relatively costly
  • No phone support

Perceptrader AI Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Minimum Investment and Pricing
User Experience

Perceptrader AI Product Offering

As a reputable FX trading robot, Perceptrader AI sets a new standard for innovation in automated trading with forex EAs, enabling traders to maximize profits without lifting a finger. Once you provide and set up the requisite trading parameters on your chart in the MT4/MT5 platform, the robot manages all transactions, allowing you to focus on other important matters while retaining control over your investments. Perceptrader AI operates 24/7, continuously searching or scanning for profitable trade opportunities. You only miss a lucrative trading opportunity when you turn it off. 

If your trading platform is up and running, the EA will continue working. A practical solution to maintaining continuous operation without constantly running your PC is to explore Forex VPS. Forex VPS allows you to run multiple instances of the MetaTrader platform 24/7. Unlike humans, the Perceptrader AI operates without emotion, relying solely on a calculative environment for trading execution and decision-making. 

Perceptrader AI EA supports diverse currencies, encompassing major currency pairs (NZD/USD and USD/CAD) and cross currencies (AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, NZD/CAD and GBP/CHF). This diversity ensures ample trading opportunities, particularly for those who prefer frequent trading activity. Perceptrader AI works best in a 5-minute timeframe and offers an extensive range of adjustable settings as external inputs. Some of these settings include strategy, time, grid and forecast options, as well as news filters and stock market crash filtering settings. 

You can use it as-is or experiment with settings and create customized set files on your preferred currency pairs and timeframes. It encompasses all the essential features required to pass a funded account challenge with a forex prop firm, including maximum drawdown, hedging and maximum positions. Here's a constructive overview of its salient features. 

Robust AI Technology

Perceptrader leverages some of the most innovative and cutting-edge technology to improve trading performance. Besides machine learning or deep-learning techniques used in analyzing and identifying patterns in market behaviors and making accurate decisions based on historical data and real-time market conditions, other technologies employed by the AI for optimizing its trading capabilities include:

Perceptron technology: To improve its trading performance, Perceptrader AI trains a Perceptron network, a binary classifier algorithm, to differentiate between high-potential and low-potential trades. Using this approach, the AI learns to filter out less favorable trades and focus on identifying opportunities with more significant profit potential, enhancing its trading strategy.

Neural network: Neural network is a multi-layer Perceptron (a Perceptron is a single-layer neural network). Perceptrader AI employs artificial neuron networks to learn from and process market data to emulate the functioning of human brain cells. This feature enables the AI to adapt and make informed decisions, resembling human-like cognitive abilities (but devoid of emotion) in processing and responding to market dynamics.

Price prediction models: Perceptrader AI leverages price prediction models to study past currency rates, trading volume and current market trends to analyze historical patterns and correlations. By doing so, it can anticipate future prices and make informed predictions to guide its trading decisions.

Mathematical computing: Perceptrader AI employs mathematical models and algorithms to thoroughly analyze market data, enabling it to identify trends and patterns within the data. By developing data-driven trading strategies, Perceptrader AI uses these valuable insights to make informed and strategic decisions for optimal trading performance.

Big data: Perceptrader AI efficiently processes extensive historical data to reveal concealed patterns and trends, subsequently informing trading decisions. The AI gains valuable insights to enhance its overall trading performance by leveraging this data analysis.

Large Language Models (LLM) Integration

Perceptrader AI integrates with third-party AI systems, ChatGPT and Google's Bard. These algorithms correctly identify and skip trading during periods of high market volatility, ensuring more accurate forecasts and adding a safety measure by avoiding trades in potentially unpredictable market conditions. This feature enhances trading precision and reduces risk exposure for users.

Solid Backtesting and Live Performance 

Backtesting is a valuable method for assessing the historical performance of a forex robot using past market data. While it may not account for all real-world factors like liquidity and slippage, it still provides valuable insights into how a forex EA operates. Perceptrader's backtesting delivered impressive results under high-quality test conditions, using real tick data and incorporating a delay to account for slippage. Waka Waka, the record-breaking EA from which the AI is built, boasts a verified MyFxBook track record on live accounts, achieving +7000% account growth in 5+ years and 63 consecutive months of profitability.

Unique Trades

Perceptrader AI generates unique trades for each trader, ensuring that no two traders receive identical signals. This individualization prevents performance issues that arise from multiple users employing the same strategy, avoiding potential impacts from shared trading patterns. By offering distinct trade opportunities, Perceptrader AI maintains its effectiveness and adaptability for each user, enhancing overall trading performance and reducing the risk of performance degradation from shared usage.

Flexible Lot-Sizing

Perceptrader AI offers flexible lot options, including Fixed Lot for a consistent initial trade size, a Dynamic Lot based on balance or equity per 0.01 lot and a Deposit Load % specifying the percentage of the deposit allocated for the initial trade. This methodology allows traders to tailor their trade sizes to their risk preferences and account size. For leverage of 1:30, the developer advises using low-risk settings for accounts with less than $6,000 to avoid potential issues with margin. However, with leverage of 1:100, you can use up to significant risk settings on a $1,000 account.

One Chart Setup 

With Perceptrader AI, a single chart setup allows you to trade all symbols efficiently. This streamlined approach simplifies trading activities and offers convenience by managing multiple symbols within a unified chart.

Perceptrader AI Customer Service

The developer offers customer support via email and the community Telegram channel. You can expect a response within 24 hours using email support. So it would be best to consider the Telegram channel for a faster response or immediate assistance. However, the FAQ contains a great deal of information. You may find answers to your potential questions there. The Valery Trading website offers an impressive collection of top-notch forex EAs that you should explore if you haven't already.

At the same time, the Guide and Youtube Tutorials can help you get started without hassle. ValeryTrading has a rating of 4.7/5 out of 106 reviewers on Trustpilot. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers showcases the developer's high-quality service. 

Perceptrader AI Security

Perceptrader AI is solely a provider of EA licenses and trading algorithms and charges accordingly for these services. Using a trading robot doesn't pose security risks that could compromise funds, except for the typical market risks associated with trading. To ensure the security of your assets, you should review your broker's reputation and regulatory obligations and agencies before signing up or creating an account. Your brokerage must support the MT4/MT5 trading platform as a prerequisite because you can only use the trading bot with these platforms.

Perceptrader AI Minimum Investment and Pricing

Perceptrader AI offers a transparent but relatively high pricing structure. The permanent license for the AI costs $1,500, but with the current 10% discount, it is available for $1,350. This license has numerous features, including 10 MT4/MT5 accounts, free updates, user dashboard access, 3 different trading sets and simplified "How to install" videos. Other features include Remote Desktop configuration, strategy and risk management guide, access to the exclusive telegram group or community and 1 on 1 support from Valeriia — the developer. 

You also get free volatility filter indicators, six months of ValeryVPS as bonuses and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Considering these features, the pricing becomes reasonable and aligns with the value provided. Multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bitcoin, are available. Once you post payment, you get everything delivered to your email on confirmation. If you're a beginner, consider starting with the free demo accounts.

Perceptrader AI User Experience

Perceptrader offers users a streamlined and efficient FX automated trading experience. Its AI-powered capabilities, customizable settings and access to various currency pairs facilitate data-driven decision-making and profit maximization. The platform's unique features, such as individualized trade signals and risk settings, enhance user control and flexibility in trading strategies. To use Perceptrader AI, you first need to register using your email and purchase the permanent license. This process involves a few clicks. 

On payment confirmation, you'll receive the MetaTrader files and the step-by-step guide on your email and user dashboard. Proceed to install the  Perceptrader AI on your MT4/5 terminal and activate your license. Then drag it into your trading charts and let the robot begin to try to automatically grow your account. This hassle-free setup or onboarding makes for an excellent user experience. Additionally, the inclusion of MyFxBook verified results and a 30-day money-back guarantee adds to the overall positive user experience, instilling confidence in the platform's performance and reliability.

Perceptrader AI vs. Competitors

Perceptrader AI has a few competitors like Forex Flex EA and Forex Fury, both of which are Forex EAs offering automated trading solutions to traders. Unlike these competitors, Perceptrader AI is powered by the latest and most advanced AI technology, enabling it to deliver excellent user experience, highly-optimized trade performance and the possibility of profitability. 

This level of quality is reflected in the MyFxBook verified result from multiple live accounts and is also evident from its rating of 4.7/5 from Trustpilot compared to Forex Fury and Forex Flex EA, both of which scored 4.0/5. Although these competitors offer more affordable pricing options, Perceptrader is ahead of both in various other aspects especially considering its numerous AI features, which more than compensate for the pricing. 


As an advanced and cutting-edge grid trading system that harnesses the power of AI, including deep learning algorithms and artificial neural networks, it stands out as a top-rated EA thanks to its innovative features. These features enable it to efficiently analyze vast market data to identify high-potential trading opportunities and make accurate decisions. 

Perceptrader AI’s backtesting under high-quality test conditions and real tick data showcases its commitment to accuracy and thoroughness. Traders benefit from its personalized approach, avoiding performance impacts from shared trading patterns. With user-friendly customization options, consistent profitability and a track record of impressive results, Perceptrader AI stands out as a powerful tool for traders seeking to maximize profitability and enhance their forex trading experience without hassles. However, it is relatively costly, and like most EAs, it doesn't guarantee profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is AI investing worth it?


AI investing can be a valuable tool for investors, as it uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to potentially improve investment decision-making and optimize returns.


Can you make money with an expert adviser?


Yes, making money with an expert adviser is possible, but success depends on various factors, including the EA’s effectiveness, market conditions and proper risk management.


Is automated trading easy to manage?


Automated trading can be easier to manage compared to manual trading, as it removes the need for constant monitoring and execution of trades, but proper setup, testing and periodic monitoring are still essential for optimal performance.

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