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October 13, 2023
Noble Gold
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Noble Gold Investments provides a convenient platform for global investors to invest in and buy precious metals. It offers various gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rare coins. North American investors can transfer their qualified retirement accounts into a gold and silver individual retirement account (IRA).

Offshore investors can own precious metals in North America by purchasing various survival packs. Noble Gold’s buyback program enables investors to liquidate their gold efficiently, and the company offers secure storage and home delivery.

Signing up for an account is simple and free, and Noble Gold’s advisors contact you within 24 hours of your form submission to discuss your needs and determine the best investment strategy. The company provides a library of information about investing, precious metals and the latest news.

Noble Gold charges low annual fees that include segregated storage of your precious metals, insurance and access to an online account. 

Best For
  • Investors seeking gold and silver IRAs
  • Investors wanting to buy platinum, palladium and rare coins
  • Low fees
  • Offers a buyback program
  • A low initial investment required
  • Survival packs for home delivery
  • The transfer process is simple
  • Provides a wealth of education
  • Precious metal prices not stipulated on the website

Noble Gold Ratings at a Glance

Gold IRA Options From Noble Gold

Noble Gold provides various investment options in precious metals and simplifies the process. Individuals can diversify their portfolios by investing in gold and silver IRAs. 

Investing in gold IRA with Noble Gold means acquiring physical gold to hedge against inflation and reduce the risk of a portfolio devaluation. Getting started is simple — open an account, transfer funds and choose your metals.

By investing in a gold IRA, you can take tax advantages. A traditional gold IRA enables you to take a tax break in the year you contribute, and you pay taxes when you liquidate. That enables you to use more money for investments.

A Roth gold IRA doesn’t provide a tax break in the year contributed, but you don’t pay taxes on gains realized when you liquidate. 

Noble Gold requests you to fill out a brief form. That information helps advisers determine if you hold a qualified account to transfer into a gold IRA. An adviser will contact you within 24 hours of completing the form to get outstanding information and answer your questions.

You can choose from various coins and bars for your IRA. The benefits of investing in a gold IRA are that gold is a global currency and loss may be minimized because of its intrinsic value, unlike owning a share of a company that goes bankrupt. It also doesn’t have counterparty risk — the probability that the other party in a transaction may not fulfill its part of the deal and may default on the contractual obligation.

Your funds get moved via a transfer or a rollover. The transfer doesn’t require you to do anything because you don’t take receipt of the funds; they move from one custodian to another. With a rollover, you take receipt of the funds and reinvest them into the gold IRA within 60 days to avoid tax penalties.

Only certain retirement investment accounts are eligible for a gold IRA. Noble Gold Investments helps you to open a gold IRA account efficiently. If your current account prevents you from buying gold, Noble Gold assists with a rollover or a transfer.

Noble Gold offers a buyback program to help you liquidate your gold easily by buying it from you. It provides safe storage for gold and silver IRAs.

Alternatively, you can purchase precious metals from Noble Gold and receive discreet delivery to your home. Investors can purchase gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rare coins.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents located abroad can also purchase rare coins and other precious metals, but Noble Gold ships and stores them in U.S. vaults. Investors can choose from several survival packs ranging from $10,000 to $500,000. Offshore clients can choose the noble ambassador pack, enabling them to hold precious metals in North America by paying in Bitcoin or dollars.

Noble Gold enables you to invest in a silver IRA. The process is the same as for a gold IRA, but a silver IRA has higher annual fees. For both IRAs, your custodian provides you online access to balances.

Noble Gold Customer Service

Noble Gold provides a wealth of information about investing in precious metals. Its FAQ should address most of your concerns, but you can contact the company via phone, email and social media.

Email support takes several hours to respond to queries, so calling a representative is the best option if you need a quick response. The consultants are knowledgeable about the products they sell, and they don’t use a hard sell to convince you to buy.

International clients would appreciate a 24/7 chat option on the website for real-time responses, but it’s not available.

Noble Gold Customer Pricing

The gold IRA has an $80 annual recurring fee. You’ll also pay $150 annually for storage in Texas or Delaware. That includes secure segregated storage of your precious metals, insurance and access to an online account.

Noble Gold doesn’t recommend commingled storage because it doesn’t give you full ownership of the metals.

A silver IRA has a $225 annual recurring fee and an additional $250 for storage in Texas and Delaware. Included in that cost are segregated storage of precious metals, insurance and access to an online account.

Noble Gold offers a flat fee structure for the sale of precious metals, but it hasn’t stipulated prices on the site. With rollovers, you won’t incur a cost or a tax penalty if you reinvest your funds into a new retirement account within 60 days of receiving it.

Noble Gold User Benefits

International investors can own precious metals in North America through a Noble Gold purchase. 

Noble Gold offers a buyback program so that you can immediately liquidate your precious metals. The biggest benefit the company offers is professional advisers that help you make the right investment and don’t force anything you don’t want.

You have the option of keeping your assets in a secured vault or at home. To get educated on precious metals and investing, you can access Noble Gold’s library to receive guides, articles and videos.

Noble Gold User Experience

Noble Gold’s site is user friendly and makes it easy for you to glean the necessary information about the most suitable investment option. If you decide to invest, you’ll fill out a simple form and wait for an adviser to contact you within 24 hours.

Most of the information you need is in the library or the FAQ section, but you can email or call a consultant for further information. Because opening an account is free and easy to do with Noble Gold, Benzinga would recommend it to others.

Noble Gold vs. Competitors

Although the market is saturated with brokers offering gold investments, finding a reputable one can be challenging. See how Noble Gold compares to similar platforms.

Noble Gold Overall

Noble Gold provides various investment options that are easy for beginner investors to understand and also benefit advanced investors. The platform allows you to choose gold, silver, platinum and rare coins you want to invest in or buy and the custodian who will hold the assets.

Opening an account is easy and free, and Noble Gold offers affordable investment packages. The company provides a service to offshore investors interested in owning precious metals in North America.

Because it offers an international service, Noble Gold should consider incorporating a 24/7 chat into its platform to provide investors with efficient feedback for them to avoid incurring international call charges.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who owns Noble Gold?


Collin Plume founded Noble Gold to make investing in precious metals convenient for investors. Plume is the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO).  Plume has more than 15 years of experience in property insurance, commercial real estate and precious metal investments. Before starting Noble Gold, Plume joined a precious metals firm and became one of the top brokers in the U.S.


Is it good to buy gold?


Diversifying is a good strategy to reduce the risk of your portfolio losing value by offsetting bad investments with profitable ones. Not only is gold a global currency, but its value cannot drop to zero like a stock of a company that goes bankrupt. Many investors buy gold as an alternative investment to hedge their money against inflation. Noble Gold makes gold purchases easy, and it offers an immediate download of a comprehensive gold investment guide.


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