Best Motorcycle Insurance in Alabama

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August 18, 2020

Alabama boasts historical sites like Fort Payne and natural wonders like Dauphin Island. But before you can plan your next cruise to the big game in Tuscaloosa, you need to make sure you and your motorcycle are protected. Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Alabama, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Start with Benzinga’s guide to understand the laws governing bike insurance and find insurance carriers that can offer fast, free quotes.

Alabama Motorcycle Insurance: An Overview

The average annual rate of motorcycle insurance with a clean driving record in Alabama is $762.

The law requires that all riders carry liability insurance, which kicks in to cover other people’s injuries or property damage costs up to your limit. The minimum motorcycle insurance liability limits in Alabama are:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death to 1 person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death of 2 or more people
  • $25,000 for property damage or destruction

You may also establish financial responsibility when you buy a conventional liability policy or after obtaining any of the following:

  • A certificate of cash bond for $50,000 or more.
  • A motor vehicle liability bond for $50,000 or more.

Alabama Motorcycle Insurance Law Explained

The Alabama mandatory liability insurance law governs the state’s motorcycle insurance. You are required to carry a liability policy that at least offers coverage worth $25,000 for bodily injury to 1 person, $50,000 for bodily injury to 2 or more individuals and $25,000 for property damage.

Alabama is an at-fault state. You’ll easily expose yourself to lawsuits if found liable in the event of an accident. You face registration suspension if you’re caught without proof of financial responsibility or motorcycle insurance. Unfortunately, the state minimums only cover other people when you’re at fault. You should consider carrying more coverage – probably full coverage.

Here are coverages you may want to consider to protect yourself and other citizens:

  • Collision coverage. Collision coverage covers your motorbike in an accident whether you’re at fault or not.
  • Underinsured/Uninsured motorist. You’ll want to consider this coverage since over 18% of riders in Alabama are uninsured. This coverage protects you and your bike if you’re involved in an accident with a driver who’s uninsured or whose coverage is inadequate for damages incurred.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage protects your bike from causes other than an accident, including fire, theft, vandalism and flood.
  • Medical payment. Medical payment works similar to bodily injury, but it covers you. It covers items like dental care, prescription drug payments, medical deductibles and copays from other health insurance policies.
  • Accessories coverage. An accessory policy insures any add-ons on your custom bike, including seats, backrests and chrome plates.

Alabama Motorcycle Traffic Laws You Should Know

You must have attained 16 years of age and acquired a class M driver’s license to legally operate a motorcycle in Alabama. You must have the license any time you’re operating a motorcycle and should produce it upon request.

The State of Alabama also encourages its riders to use appropriate eye protection and protective clothing for their own safety.

Other laws that apply to riders in the state include:

  • Helmet use. You are required to always wear approved protective gear when operating a motorcycle. The helmet should meet the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) and state standards, fit properly and have no defects.
  • Sitting position. You’re required to ride seated on the bike’s permanent and regular seat. You’re not allowed to carry another person unless your bike is designed and equipped with footrests to carry an extra person.
  • Load handling. The state law prohibits riders from operating motorcycles while carrying bundles, packages or other items that prevent you from keeping both hands on the handlebars.
  • Handlebars. You shouldn’t operate a bike whose handlebars are more than 15 inches above your seat.
  • Lane use. Every motorcycle is entitled to full use of the lane, and 2 riders can drive abreast in a single lane. You’re not allowed to ride your bike between rows of vehicles or lanes of traffic.
  • Headlight use. You’re required to keep your headlights on when riding for other road users to see your motorcycle.
  • Drunk driving. You’re considered intoxicated or drunk driving if you register a 0.08% or higher blood alcohol content. Conviction for riding under the influence of alcohol may attract penalties like license suspension, fines and an increase in your insurance rates.

Alabama Motorcycle Insurance Rates Per Bike

The average 1-year motorcycle insurance policy in the U.S. is $702. Multiple factors play into the equation, and the rates can fluctuate depending on your gender, where you live, driving history and the carrier.

The type of bike you plan to ride will also make a substantial difference to the final rate. You’ll pay more to insure a new Harley-Davidson bike than insure a used motorcycle. Similarly, the insurance premium for a single-seat bike will be lower than that of a 3-wheel bike with a sidecar. 

Insurance carriers will also consider the value of your bike, its specific model, crash rate, theft rate and the safety features fitted.

Your motorcycle liability insurance is designed to cover on-road mishaps, so it may not cover your dirt bike. You’ll need to look for coverage that best suits your riding situation. Your bike’s model will also affect the price of your policy. For instance, you’ll pay more to insure a SuperSport Ducati than a Yamaha V Star.

Theft rates and crash rates will also affect your premium. Bikes with higher theft or crash rates tend to attract a higher insurance cost. Insurers assume you’re more likely to file a claim if you own these bikes.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Alabama

Here are 1-year policy quotes from some of the best motorcycle insurance companies in Alabama.

CompanyQuote for a 1-year policyPrice Rating
American Modern$9023
State Farm$5984

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

You’ve probably shopped around and scored the most attractive rates on your motorcycle policy. Don’t stop at that. You can still save a substantial amount off the insurer’s quoted rates and your current premiums by taking advantage of the policy discounts available.

It’s up to you to seek these discounts since your insurance agent or provider may overlook it or forget to inform you. Some of the ways you can score save include:

  • New bike. Insurance carriers like Harley-Davidson will give you a new vehicle discount for ditching your used bike for a brand new one.
  • Motorcycle endorsement. You may qualify for an insurance discount if you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license.
  • Experienced rider. You may qualify for a policy discount based on your years of experience as a licensed driver.
  • Multi-cycle. You may qualify for a multi-bike discount if you insure more than 1 bike with your insurance company.
  • Loyalty. You can save money with loyalty discounts for adding a new bike to your collection or being an insurer’s customer for over a year.
  • Bundled protection. Get a discount when you buy additional insurance products from the same carrier, including auto or home.
  • Claims-free renewal. Insurance companies will give you a discount if you weren’t at fault for accidents during your previous policy period.
  • Home ownership. You may qualify for a home ownership discount on your ride for owning a home, townhouse or condo.
  • Rider group. Being part of a motorcycle association or riding club will score you some discounts. The association could be for specific types of bikes or based in a certain region.
  • Transferring a policy. Insurance companies will welcome you with insurance discounts for switching your motorcycle cover to them.
  • Military and law enforcement. Active or retired service personnel and law enforcement may qualify for discounts on their policies.

Here are money-saving motorcycle discounts from top carriers in Alabama.

CompanyDiscounts OfferedOverall Rating
American ModernTransfer discount, multiple bike discount, homeowner discount, claims-free discount and a safety course discount4.0
AmicaMultiple bike discount, homeowner discount, anti-lock brake discount and an anti-theft discount4.0
FarmersMultiple bike discount, loyalty discount, homeowner discount, riding group discount and an anti-lock brake discount4.3
ForemostMultiple bike discount, loyalty discount, homeowners discount, riding group discount, anti-lock brake discount, anti-theft discount and a safety course discount4.7
State FarmMultiple bike discount, homeowner discount, claims-free discount, anti-theft discount and a safety course discount4.7

Best Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Alabama

With a wide choice of carriers, comparing policy features and price is key to finding the right insurance company. Use the table below to compare Alabama’s top motorcycle insurers.

Start Your Free Motorcycle Insurance Quote

Getting a free, custom quote is the 1st step towards obtaining coverage for your motorcycle. Quote prices will vary depending on various factors, so be sure to compare a few from our recommended carriers. The right policy will protect your investment and shield you from unpredictable losses.

Money-saving Motorcycle Insurance

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