Best Motorcycle Insurance in Missouri

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August 19, 2020

Rolling hills and winding country roads are hallmarks of the Show-Me State, making Missouri perfect for exploring by motorcycle. If you choose the right routes, you can have the roads to yourself for hours. However, accidents can still happen, and the right insurance for your bike can protect the investment you’ve made. Here’s what you’ll need to know before choosing the best motorcycle insurance in Missouri.

Missouri Motorcycle Insurance: An Overview

Nearly every state requires insurance for motorcycles, but minimum insurance requirements vary by state and some coverage types are optional. For example, Missouri requires liability insurance, but collision and comprehensive coverage, both of which are part of full coverage and address physical damage to your bike, aren’t required unless you have a loan (or lease) for your bike. 

Liability insurance refers to insurance to cover your financial obligations to others. As an example, if you damage someone’s vehicle in an accident, your property damage liability insurance can help cover the cost of repairing the damage.

State minimum insurance requirements

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability (per person)
  • $50,000 bodily injury (per accident)
  • $10,000 property damage liability

You’ll also see a shorthand version of this liability coverage structure expressed as 25/50/10. However, many riders choose higher liability insurance limits than those required by Missouri law. This choice can be a wise move because if your liability exceeds your coverage limit, the outstanding liability still exists, which can put your savings at risk, force the sale of assets or even threaten future earnings. If your budget allows, consider higher liability coverage limits.

Missouri also requires the same minimum coverage levels (25/50) for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This coverage protects you when injured by a driver who doesn’t have enough coverage or who is uninsured.

Average annual rate with a clean driving record: $722

We gathered quotes from 30 motorcycle insurance companies to compare prices. While prices ranged from under $400 annually to more than triple that amount, the average annual cost was just over $700 per year. However, we also learned that comparing policies on price alone isn’t always a fair comparison. Some policies provided better coverage for custom equipment. Others offered more flexibility to raise liability limits.

Missouri Motorcycle Insurance Law Explained

A motorcycle insurance policy works a lot like an auto insurance policy, but there are some key differences. Each state also governs insurance within its borders, so you’ll find Missouri may have a different policy structure than neighboring states. Here are the key coverage types that make up your motorcycle insurance policy in Missouri.

Liability Insurance

Your motorcycle insurance policy has only 2 types of coverage: coverage for you and coverage for others. Liability insurance is the latter and can pay for injuries caused to others or for damage caused to the property of others. Bodily injury liability claims may include medical expenses but can also include pain and suffering or lost wages. Property damage liability coverage can pay for damage to things you might bump into with your motorcycle. Often, these claims involve other vehicles, but can also include signs, fences and other types of property.

Consider liability limits carefully before finalizing your coverage. Injury-related expenses can add up quickly, possibly exceeding the limits of a low-cost policy, so a policy with higher liability coverage limits provides better protection. 

Physical Damage Insurance

Unlike liability insurance, physical damage coverage isn’t required by law in Missouri. However, most lenders or lessors require full coverage, which includes physical damage coverage as well as liability insurance coverage. 

Physical damage insurance includes 2 primary coverages.

  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage can help pay for damage to your bike due to contact with another vehicle, contact with a stationary object or contact with the road itself. 
  • Comprehensive coverage: Within limits, you can think of comprehensive coverage as physical damage coverage for causes other than collision. Comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle against a broad range of risks, including accidents with animals, theft, vandalism, fires, floods and more.

In most cases, physical damage coverage also requires a deductible. The deductible refers to the part of the claim you pay and will be “deducted” from a covered claim payout. This structure helps prevent frivolous claims and keeps coverage more affordable for everyone.

Custom Parts

Bike customization is common in the motorcycling community and the investment in custom parts that enhance performance or just make the bike look great can add up quickly. A standard policy insures the bike’s value assuming factory parts, although some policies provide a small allowance for customization. If you’ve made extensive modifications to your bike, however, you’ll want to insure your investment. Look for policies that offer more complete coverage for custom parts.

If you have a classic or collectible bike, ask about agreed value coverage or stated value coverage. A standard motorcycle insurance policy insures the bike using actual cash value (ACV), which adjusts the insured value due to depreciation. Agreed value or stated value policies allow you to insure your classic, custom or collectible bike to its full value. 

OEM Endorsement

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) endorsement provides coverage for repairs done with original equipment parts rather than aftermarket parts. Expect to pay a bit more, but you’ll also get the assurance that your bike is 100% factory spec after claim damage repairs are complete.


As another optional coverage in Missouri, MedPay provides no-fault medical coverage for you if you get injured in a motorcycle accident. In many cases, MedPay can be a wise choice even if you already have health insurance coverage — especially if your health insurance requires a higher deductible. 

Missouri Motorcycle Traffic Laws You Should Know

Missouri provides a motorcycle operator manual filled with safety tips and ways to reduce risk while riding. But the state also has a few laws specific to motorcyclists.

Both motorcycle operators and passengers must wear an approved helmet when the bike is in motion. One interesting fact detailed in the motorcycle operator manual is that most motorcycle accidents happen at lower speeds, which is also when helmets are most effective.

  • You’ll also need a Class M motorcycle license, which requires both a knowledge test and an on-motorcycle skills test.
  • Lane splitting is allowed in Missouri, but the practice is generally regarded as unsafe, mainly because other motorists may not be able to see motorcyclists approaching the rear corners of the vehicle. 

Missouri Motorcycle Insurance Rates per Bike

Your motorcycle insurance rates reflect hundreds of different rating factors, but the type of bike you ride can play a big role. Your bike itself comes into play in several ways.

  1. Insured value: A bike with a higher insured value costs more to insure, assuming all other rating factors are equal.
  2. Claim and accident statistics: Types or models of bikes with a higher claim frequency can cost more to insure. For example, some types of sport bikes may be involved in accidents more frequently than touring bikes or a similar engine size and thus may cost more to insure.
  3. Repair costs: Some bikes can cost more to repair, particularly if parts are in short supply. Cost of repair plays a role in insurance rates.
  4. Safety features: Accident-avoidance features like anti-lock braking systems (ABS) make bikes safer. Bikes equipped with ABS can often earn a discount, reducing the overall cost of coverage.
  5. Theft rates: Bikes with higher theft rates can cost more to insure.

Insurance rating factors related to your bike itself can drive costs up or down — and sometimes both. Think of your insurance rate as an overall assessment of risk. While the bike you choose affects your rates, your own driving record and even where you live affect rates as well.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Missouri

We compared rates for a 35-year-old male rider. Our rider was married and had no accidents. Both of these factors can reduce rates with some insurers. Our rider has also had his motorcycle license for over 5 years. Rider experience can earn an extra discount with some insurers as well. The bike we collected quotes for is a 2017 Harley Davidson FLHTK Ultra Limited, insured for $21,000.

CompanyQuote for a 1-year policyPrice Rating
Liberty Mutual$7584

We also found several annual rates at over $900, including 2 quotes over $1,000. However, a higher premium may reflect a policy that offers better protection in certain areas, like custom parts coverage, for example.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Price is only one factor when choosing motorcycle insurance and often, with the right mix of discounts, you can bring high-flying insurance costs back down to earth.

CompanyDiscounts OfferedOverall Rating
USAAMultiple Bike Discount, Loyalty Discount, Military Discount, Claims-Free Discount, Safety Course Discount5.0
National GeneralMultiple Bike Discount, Homeowner Discount, Claims-Free Discount4.7
DairylandMultiple Bike Discount, Loyalty Discount, Homeowner Discount, Riding Group Discount, Safety Course Discount4.7
Country FinancialMultiple Bike Discount, Homeowner Discount4.0
AllstateTransfer Discount, Multiple Bike Discount, Homeowner Discount, Riding Group Discount, Claims-Free Discount, Rider Experience Discount, Anti-Lock Brake Discount, Safety Course Discount5.0

Best Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Missouri

Bikes are often as unique as their riders, so coverage needs vary from one rider to the next. To find the best motorcycle insurance for your needs, compare rates from multiple insurance providers in Missouri, but also compare policy features and consider liability limits as well.

Choose the Best Motorcycle Insurance in Missouri 

The best motorcycle insurance choice for you may be different than the best choice for your riding buddies. Look at the big picture when shopping for quotes. Remember, price is just 1 consideration. By taking the time to choose the best coverage, you can enjoy your rides that much more, knowing your motorcycle insurance is a perfect fit for the way you ride.

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