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Looking for educational resources and personal coaching? Market Rebellion was founded in 2016 by the co-founders of optionMONSTER and tradeMONSTER to help individual investors and traders learn to trade and invest. Market Rebellion’s principal goal is to provide you with in-depth market training exactly like what a professional floor trader would receive. Most trader education courses are created with a specific type of user in mind, so carefully decide which institute has the right product for you.

Best For

  • Advanced and intermediate traders who want to expand their trading skills to include options
  • Option traders seeking new trade ideas
  • Novice traders who want to learn about options trading


  • Educational resources geared to every level of trader
  • A variety of market alerts published on several newsletters
  • Unusual Option Activity service
  • One-on-one trader mentoring and coaching
  • Great news section and blog featuring best possible options trades


  • Cost may exceed cost-savvy traders’ budgets
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Market Rebellion offers courses on how to trade options for every level. Its education programs range from basic options buying courses to complicated strategies involving put-call combinations. The company also offers one-on-one mentoring and other services tailored to each individual trader.

Who’s Market Rebellion for?

Both experienced traders looking for trade ideas and intermediate/beginning trader who seek professional coaching on how to trade options can benefit from Market Rebellion. You can get a series of specialized courses and one-on-one coaching from Market Rebellion’s team of seasoned options trading professionals.

Once you’ve completed the basic courses, you can continue with Market Rebellion’s more advanced options trading courses. Market Rebellion also offers several advanced trading and investing courses as well as excellent financial news sources.   

Market Rebellion’s Platform and Features

Market Rebellion is not a broker and does not offer a trading platform such as those found on brokerage websites. You should ideally already have or plan to open an account at your brokerage of choice.

Their homepage features options-related news that reviews recent options trades made by Market Rebellion’s traders and customers. It also features cryptocurrency news that covers the latest developments in the often-volatile world of digital money.

Market Rebellion releases its own news on cryptocurrencies and recent options trades daily at 9 p.m. EST.

Market Rebellion’s Premium Services are newsletters that offer trading ideas and include weekly webinars. The basic newsletter service for all traders is called TNT Options, while a more advanced version for active traders is called TNT Options Pro.

Another newsletter, called Time Bandit, is for identifying high option premium levels.  

TNT Options

This newsletter provides a weekly trade idea, an interactive webinar on Tuesdays, access to archived newsletters and webinars and access to the member’s forum, where traders can communicate with each other.

TNT Options Pro

This newsletter, designed for intermediate to advanced traders, provides multiple weekly trade ideas, 2 weekly interactive webinars on Monday and Thursday, access to the forum and archived newsletters and webinars and 10+ trade ideas.

Time Bandit Options

This newsletter is designed for traders at all skill levels and teaches traders how to collect options premiums in the market through a strategy known as the “Iron Condor” where you sell options premium for income.

The basic Time Bandit Option newsletter provides a weekly trade idea, a weekly webinar held on Wednesdays and access to the member’s forum.

Time Bandit Pro

This version gives traders 2 to 4 trade ideas, plus email updates throughout the week, a live webinar held on Wednesdays and access to the member’s forum.

Phoenix Portfolio

This portfolio management service is for members who would like to create their own hedge fund portfolio. The name Phoenix was chosen for the use of out-of-the-money puts to insure the portfolio in the event of a drastic downward move in the market.

Like a Phoenix, the portfolio comes back from the ashes in an extreme market decline. The service includes a weekly live webinar on Wednesdays and access to the member’s forum.

Unusual Option Activity

One of Market Rebellion’s most interesting features is its Unusual Option Activity service. You may be familiar with this – it’s often discussed by Jon and Pete Najarian on CNBC’s Halftime Report.

You can search for unusual options activity by ticker symbol, type of option, industry sector and time frame. Keep in mind that this tool is for advanced and professional traders and is not intended for beginning traders.

Knowing how to interpret a large options trade as bullish or bearish takes considerable experience and is not as simple as thinking that a large call purchase is bullish for a particular stock.

Source: Market Rebellion

Most professionals trading in large options amounts typically hedge opposing stock positions obtained from a client or spread them against positions taken in other options or indices. This means that not knowing what other activity is taking place can simultaneously give a deceptive buy or sell signal.

As a trader, however, you just cannot overstate the value of this useful market tool. The service also provides traders with additional research resources such as Technicals, Market Notes, Tools, TNT Options, Najarian Trades, Education and Help.


This is where you can use a search engine to find unusual options trades in particular stocks and see all unusual options trades in real-time. The page includes an online chat feature that allows you to comment on trades and chat live with other traders.


This gives daily insights and in-depth technical analysis for major U.S. stock indices such as the NASDAQ 100 (QQQ), S&P 500 (SPX) and the S&P 500 ETF (SPY).

Market Notes

This page features general market information, such as pre-market movers, an early market snapshot with international market results as well as commodities and foreign exchange trading information. You’ll also find stocks that report earnings, extensive analyst research with stock ratings and technical pivot points for the major indexes.


Tools features charting, an economic calendar, a market overview and a forex screener provided by TradingView.

TNT Options

TNT Options subscribers offer weekly trade alerts and other option news.

Najarian Trades

This page publishes all of founders Jon and Pete Najarian’s trades and positions in options and stock. You can see what options and stocks they are long or short, but not the amount or the options series they trade.


Before you can use the service or access the chat feature, Market Rebellion asks that you watch a Getting Started video that covers the Najarians’ trading rules and guidelines and how they use the Unusual Option Activity tool.

The company also asks that you read one of the Jon and Pete Najarian books, called “Follow the Smart Money.” The Education page also links to more educational resources and a form you can fill out to learn more about Market Rebellion’s educational services.


“Help” is for those who need technical support on the Unusual Option Activity page, such as problems with the chat feature or ideas for service offerings. You can use the live chat option or submit a form and get a response via email.


The Market Rebellion team offers one-on-one professional coaching for beginners and intermediate traders.

Market Rebellion offers over 120 educational resources that vary in cost depending on your subscription and experience level in addition to one-on-one coaching. For more information on the company’s professional coaching services and other educational resources, you can visit its website and request an interview with an agent.  

Market Rebellion’s Ease of Use

Market Rebellion’s website is fairly easy to navigate. You can peruse its services, education, market news and even cryptocurrency news while subscribers get access to the Unusual Option Activity page.

You can easily subscribe to Market Rebellion’s premium services, including Phoenix Portfolio or the Unusual Option Activity Page. Market Rebellion also screens potential clients to make sure they have sufficient financial means to trade options as well as the necessary market background and education to understand the risks.

Market Rebellion’s Pricing

Market Rebellion’s prices are rather high and aren’t for everyone, but considering the access to quality market information not otherwise readily available, the cost might be worth it to committed options traders.

  • Access to Market Rebellion’s TNT Options and Time Bandits newsletters and their webinars is $495 per year for each service.
  • For the enhanced Pro version of that service, the cost is $1,995 per year.
  • The cost for a subscription to the Unusual Option Activity service is $4,995 per year.
  • The cost is $300 per hour for one-on-one professional coaching with discounts available for 10 hours or more.  

Market Rebellion’s Customer Support

Market Rebellion’s customer service is excellent in responding to inquiries. A FAQ section on the Help page can also answer any questions you may have about services. In addition, the company has an online chat feature that automatically puts you in touch with an agent while you’re on the website.

You can also fill out a form on the site, email customer support or call the company directly.

Final Thoughts

Market Rebellion is one of the best educational trading resources for options trading on the internet, though it’s pricey for those on a budget.

The company also offers a significant amount of educational resources, professional coaching for beginning and intermediate traders and professional trading tools for more experienced traders.

In today’s trading world, information, education and self-discipline rule. To have any kind of edge in today’s markets, traders with those assets will generally show up in the 5% who make money in the market versus the other 95% who lose money.

If you can afford it, Market Rebellion can help you achieve success as you learn the ins and outs of options from professionals.